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The Library 2.0 Process Toolkit Internet Librarian 2007, Monterey Dean Frey, Director Red Deer Public Library.

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1 The Library 2.0 Process Toolkit Internet Librarian 2007, Monterey Dean Frey, Director Red Deer Public Library

2 The Process Toolkit Web 2.0 technologies: a new level of interactivity in the Virtual World At the same time that libraries embrace these technologies, they are embracing new ways to engage people in the Face- to-Face World

3 The Process Toolkit Processes borrowed from the worlds of sociology, adult education and political science, but also from the marketing perspective How can the new technology and process toolkits be brought together to improve library service in your community?

4 Red Deer: Proxy City Anytown, Canada The top 10 cities most closely resembling the country as a whole, according to Environics Analytics, July 20, 2007. 1.Red Deer, Alta. 2.Waterloo, Ont. 3.Guelph, Ont. 4.Kingston, Ont. 5.Kelowna, B.C. 6.Maple Ridge, B.C. 7.Grande Prairie, Alta. 8.London, Ont. 9.Calgary, Alta. 10.Langley, B.C.

5 Red Deer, Alberta Red Deer is half way between Edmonton & Calgary, in the middle of Canada’s most powerful economic region. “The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is in a unique position in Canada. Specifically, it is the only Canadian urban centre to amass a U.S.-level of wealth while preserving a Canadian-style quality of life.” (TD Economics)

6 Red Deer Public Library Serving Red Deer since 1914 2007 population of 85,705 Two branches 45 FTE staff $4 million annual budget

7 Role of technology RDPL won the 2005 Canadian Library Association / Information Today Award for Innovation in Technology Digital divide strategies: public Internet access, Computer Lending Program Potential to engage new communities of interest

8 Technology Toolkit A highly-wired library –60 staff workstations –45 public access workstations –Fibre-optic network connecting the two branches –Open wireless network –100 Mb/s Public Internet gateway

9 Technology Toolkit Open source tools: Drupal for web development The webmaster’s toolkit: RSS, PHP, XHTML Audio-visual tools: HD video / audio studio & tools for a/v production & podcasting

10 Technology Toolkit Wired staff Technical training Marketing / community development orientation

11 Community Development Toolkit Community Development –Community Engagement –Action Research –Appreciative Inquiry

12 Community Development “Community development is about building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect.” Based on values: –Social Justice –Participation –Equality –Learning –Cooperation

13 Community Development @ RDPL Focus on strengthening relationships between the Library and socially-excluded community members. Adding underserved market segments to our core market (middle-class kids + their parents)

14 Underserved Communities Began to seriously engage underserved market segments in the late 1990s Seniors – Teens – Aboriginal Population – Low-Income Families – New Canadians – Persons with Disabilities Using marketing tools & technology to reach each person in Red Deer

15 Community Development @ RDPL “The mandate of Red Deer Public Library is to provide library service to every person in the community of Red Deer.”

16 Community Development @ RDPL 1999 Family Literacy Program 2000 First Marketing Plan 2005 Community Development Consultant 2006 Adult Literacy Program 2006 Community Development Librarian

17 Community Development @ RDPL

18 artsparks Project Engaging persons with developmental disabilities (PDD) through library- based arts programming Involving the entire community through a community development approach to planning

19 artsparks Project Persons with Developmental Disabilities But also: –Their families –Their workers –Artists –Arts organizations –PDD organizations –Other social service providers –The general public

20 artsparks Project artsparks on the Boards: –a Library-based theatre company –Partnership with Treehouse Youth Theatre

21 artsparks Project artsparks at the Library: Performing & literary arts-based programming At the Library and in partners’ facilities



24 artsparks Project Integrates New Media and Internet technologies into its program delivery Video and audio from theatre and film- making projects on New artsparks web space at

25 Community Engagement In the UK, the MLA (Museums, Libraries & Archives) Council provides a broad range of Community Development tools on their website: Focus on planning, partnership development

26 Community Engagement David Wilcox’s Ladder of Participation: * Supporting independent community interests * Acting together * Deciding together * Consultation * Information

27 Election Forum Interactive online space for candidates in the October 15, 2007 Municipal Election Candidates for Mayor, Council, School Boards 2007 version more interactive than in 2004


29 Election Forum Blogs for each candidate Media blogs –Print –Radio –TV Moderator’s blog –“Play nice!”

30 Election Forum Blogs for selected community members, representing –Seniors –Arts community –Persons with Developmental Disabilities –Downtown Business Association –Archives (history of Red Deer elections) –Former School trustee

31 Election Forum Semi-moderated comments –At first anonymous –Then required emails, which were verified before posting comments Based on the premise that comments were about issues, not personalities But this is politics…

32 Election Forum fall-out Red Deer Advocate - Oct 03 2007 Election blog attacks anger Dawson By ANDREA MILLER Advocate staff Mayoralty candidate Jeffrey Dawson is accusing rival Morris Flewwelling of pestering him with annoying comments on his election blog. But Flewwelling denies he had anything to do with posting the anonymous remarks. Dawson said he was forced to block further comments on his blog at on Tuesday because of the nuisance. Dawson said he received about 50 troublesome comments and questions, most in the last few days. Some were seen as a personal attack.

33 Election Forum fall-out Red Deer Advocate - Oct 17 2007 “Stability” wins By LANA MICHELIN Advocate staff In a race pitched as “change versus the status quo,” Red Deer voters chose to give the mayor they know - incumbent Morris Flewwelling - a second term in office. Flewwelling handily won another three years as mayor on Monday with 7,019 votes compared with the 5,704 votes garnered by his closest rival, former city councillor and businessman Jeffrey Dawson. … Flewwelling believes that Dawson, who accused Flewwelling of tampering with his online blog during the campaign, was seen as being too aggressive and confrontational. “People don’t buy into that. The old hockey stick across the nose approach does not work.”

34 Community Engagement David Wilcox’s Ladder of Participation: * Supporting independent community interests * Acting together * Deciding together * Consultation * Information

35 Election Forum Pluses New friends on City Council, School Boards Community connections Mainly positive experience managing a civic forum High profile in the media

36 Election Forum Pluses Website hits

37 Action Research An iterative inquiry process that solves problems and gathers data at the same time Center for Collaborative Action Research -

38 Action Research @ RDPL Art Lending Program Engaging local artists (emerging and established) Has gone through a number of iterations Building a new circulating collection Building Real World and virtual collections & exhibits Partnership with Red Deer Regional Hospital

39 Action Research @ RDPL RDPL’s Art Lending Program in the online catalogue

40 Action Research @ RDPL RDPL’s visual arts exhibition program moves to the web Digital Red Deer – – a repository of media: audio, video, digital photography, digital exhibits Useful data for future projects Learning new processes (especially relating to evaluation) as we build new partnerships

41 Appreciative Inquiry Community development processes can inform internal planning as well as processes in the community AI is “…the cooperative search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them.”

42 Appreciative Inquiry RDPL Project undertaken in 2006-07 The project engaged all staff & Library Board members to find out what was best about our organization

43 Appreciative Inquiry @ RDPL Discovery: interviews with all Board members and staff – “the best of what is” Dream: a day to dream about “what we can become” Design: a team to co-create “what is our ideal” Delivery: planning on how we can empower, learn & improvise “innovating & sustaining”

44 Appreciative Inquiry @ RDPL Uses Drupal-based secure intranets to share information Board intranet at Staff intranet at



47 Culture Break… Monsier Jourdain: Yes. It’s prose? Oh, really? So when I say: “Nicole bring me my slippers and fetch me my nightcap,” is that prose? Well, what do you know about that! These forty years now, I've been speaking in prose without knowing it! How grateful am I to you for teaching me that! Philosopher Master: The way you speak? Prose. Decidedly. Most clearly. Timothy Mooney’s translation of Moliere’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme -

48 Doing things purposely “Sometimes it takes you a little while to realize what you did unconsciously, and then you can begin to do it purposely, and then it makes working very much simpler.” - Howard Hawks to Peter Bogdanovich, “The Cinema of Howard Hawks”, Movie, no. 5, December 1962.

49 Face-to-Face & Web Toolkits Face-to-FaceWeb tools Community DevelopmentInternet Protocol Action ResearchOpen Source Tools Appreciative InquiryWeb Toolkit Community Engagement2.0 Tools Web Processes Continuous Beta Pretty Good Practices Open Source Culture Rapid Prototype Development Crowdsourcing / Continuous Design

50 Face-to-Face & Web @ RDPL Face-to-FaceWeb Library programs & Library Conference Presentations,Web media: Programs, Visiting

51 Face-to-Face & Web @ RDPL Face-to-FaceWeb Internal [secure intranets] artsparks Arts [Red Deer’s Municipal Election]

52 A final thought “The main idea was to try and make every scene fun to look at….” - Howard Hawks, on “The Big Sleep”

53 For more information Contact Dean Frey at Visit Read the Library & the Community blog: Read Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1972.

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