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10+ Reasons to use… Rail advertising. Access to huge audience numbers Source: ATOC 2012, National Rail Travel survey, DfT 1.4 billion rail journeys were.

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1 10+ Reasons to use… Rail advertising

2 Access to huge audience numbers Source: ATOC 2012, National Rail Travel survey, DfT 1.4 billion rail journeys were made in 2011 500,000 people enter Central London during weekdays morning by train Rail delivers both business and leisure travellers: 76% of journeys are for business or commuting

3 Passenger growth continues to rise every year 2007 – 1.218 billion 2008 – 1.266 billion 2009 – 1.258 billion 2010 – 1.354 billion 2011 – 1.410 billion Fastest growing audience – forecast to rise by up to 18% by 2015 Source: DfT

4 Rail passengers are upmarket 34% of frequent rail travellers* are AB social grade ABC1s dominate most train journeys – i.e. 81% of Euston audience is ABC1 68% are smartphone users They are busy, light TV viewers with high disposable income Source: TGI 2012, *defined as use rail 5+ times a week for business, Vision Critical National Omnibus Survey Jan 2012

5 Frequent traveller index – where rail travellers score highly AB 34% (Index = 130) ABC1 75% (Index = 122) Average Family Income £39,971 (GB average £29,786 Index = 134) Average Personal Income £26,815 (GB average £18,899 Index = 142) Average Monthly Credit Card Spend £364 (GB average £307) Index = 119 Source: TGI 2012

6 Commuters are tech savvy Rail commuters* are 81% more likely to own a tablet compared to UK average Increasing levels of Smartphone users on trains Advertisers can extend creativity of ads on trains using Blippar, NFC, QR codes Rail commuters* are 46% more likely to have an e-book reader compared to the UK average Source: TGI 2012 * Use rail 5 or more for work / business

7 Rail offers high dwell time Chance for passengers to absorb the message, react to advertising and engage with the content Average time on a concourse is 13 minutes Average platform waiting time is 7 minutes Source: DfT

8 Advertise inside trains Smartphone users can use QR codes for more information from an advertisement Potential for local advertisers to influence daily commuters Opportunity to target the leisure audience affordably Digital screens now emerging

9 Advertisers can “own” stations through dominating different media Potential for advertisers to influence daily rail commuters Encourages brand recognition from the same passengers on a day to day basis Provides opportunity to target hard-to- reach audience at a time when they are open and receptive to messages

10 Digital continues to grow Digital screens are growing rapidly (+40% increase in 2011) Digital posters are viewed 60% longer than static equivalent Digital escalator panels can allow content to flow from screen to screen Campaigns can be tailored to the location and time of day. Digital offers advertisers choices of content to be updated frequently Offers opportunity to display latest news and upcoming events “They’re interactive, they catch your eye because they’re moving” – rail commuter Source: Kinetic Digital OOH Eyeball Tracking Study 2008, Land Rover Evoque Audience Research, VoxPops International

11 Ideal environment for finance ads 62% of rail commuters are always looking for ways to make money 34% of rail commuters think about their finances on their commute Rail commuters have £14,000 on average in savings compared with the typical £5,000 average in British households Younger rail commuters (those under 35) are +19% more likely than the average commuter to have over £500 of disposable income per month Source: JCDecaux Connected Commuter (Panel of 1500 regular rail commuters)

12 Great opportunities to advertise travel 30% of rail commuters spend at least £1,000 per person on a holiday On average, rail commuters take 10 weeks researching their main holiday But 57% of rail commuters have also booked a holiday on impulse within 2 weeks of travel Rail commuters tend to book short breaks 7 weeks in advance “I will always end up using the bigger names, such as BA or Emirates rather than cheapest price” – C1 Female, 25 Source: JCDecaux Connected Commuter (Panel of 1500 regular rail commuters)

13 Perfect place for retail ads 9 in 10 commuters make purchases in stations on impulse. For 1 in 6, station purchases are always on impulse 1 in 10 commuters have spent £500 or more on a single item of clothing 48% of commuters have browsed or purchased clothes using their mobile 51% of commuters will visit a shop on their way to or from their station 49% of commuters make a purchase in a station at least once a week Source: JCDecaux Connected Commuter (Panel of 1500 regular rail commuters)

14 Publishing loves rail commuters Well suited for rail commuters who read during travelling and waiting time Within the top ten rail spenders in 2011, five were from publishing advertisers Year on year increase in kindle ownership Source: NMR 2011

15 Opportunities for promotional activities Eye catching approachable stands can support distribution and sampling Advertisers can engage and interact with consumers Promotional displays can increase brand awareness Free incentives and merchandising to give away to commuters Point of sale promotions to stores

16 Rail attracting huge investment Continual investment into rail infrastructure and advancement New Javelin train for the Olympics, approved High Speed 2 train connecting London and Birmingham UK rail stations transforming into world class transport and retail hubs i.e. Kings Cross, Waterloo First Capital Connect reconstruction of Blackfriars

17 Leading advertisers in Rail Top 50 advertisers who invested in Rail outdoor 2011: (Average spend £286K) Coca Cola, Swiftcover, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Channel 4, Macmillan Publishing, Transworld Publishers, Random House Publishing, British Sky Broadcasting, Harper Collins, Natwest, Penguin Group, HTC Europe Co, Beiersdorf, Time Warner Books, Mars, Aka Promotion, Jupiter Unit Trust Managers, Barclays Bank, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Cadbury Trebor Bassett, E1 Entertainment, Hiscox, Innocent, BT, Eurostar, Barclaycard Services, Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent, Hewlett Packard, General Mills, Apple Computer, Optimum Releasing, Standard Life Bank, Lloyds TSB, Artemis Fund Managers, Vodafone, Nationwide, Cross Country Trains, BGL Grp, Everything Everywhere, Red Bull, McCain, Nokia, Henderson New Star, Park Inn, East Coast Main Line, American Airlines, Studiocanal, McDonald’s, Dyson Appliances Source: NMR 2011

18 Top product categories in Rail 2011 Entertainment, Finance and Food dominated the top three out of category spending 2011 High relative spend in publishing, computers, travel, media Source: NMR 2011

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