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Reading Women New Hampshire Library Association Spring Conference May 5, 2011 Presenter, Nanci Milone Hill

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1 Reading Women New Hampshire Library Association Spring Conference May 5, 2011 Presenter, Nanci Milone Hill

2 Today’s Agenda What Is Women’s Fiction? What Is Chick Lit? What Is Romance Fiction? Statistics Discussing Women’s Fiction Title Suggestions Questions/Answers

3 What Is Women’s Fiction? Hard to define. Tends to be used to describe novels marketed to women, including mainstream novels, romance and chick lit. Centers around the key relationships in women’s lives, including friends, family, co-workers, lovers, etc. Mainstream women’s fiction generally features middle- aged women. Appeals to women on an emotional level. Most often written by, for, and about women.

4 What Is Chick Lit? The setting is usually urban (NYC, London). Features single, career-minded women in their 20s and 30s. Sometimes contains romantic elements. Often features women’s friendships. Often shorter, easy reads. Humorous. New trend in “Mommy Lit.”

5 What Is Romance Fiction? Features a central love story where two people fall in love. May have several sub-plot, but the relationship between the two main characters is the most important element. Has an emotionally satisfying ending. Series (category) or stand-alone titles. Many different sub-genres.

6 Market Share by Genre Source: 2009 Simba Information Estimates Accessed at RWA website

7 Sale Statistics from Baker & Taylor

8 Reader Statistics Women lead men in overall purchases, contributing 64% of sales. Even among detective and thriller genres, women top 60% of the sales. Where do men catch up? Fantasy titles are purchased evenly by men and women. report-for-book-industry-

9 Discussing Women’s Fiction How did you feel about the book? Did you love it? Hate it? What are the main themes of the book? Were the characters convincing/believable? Which character did you most relate to and why? How do the characters evolve over the course of the novel? What did you think about the choices the characters made? What emotions did the novel evoke for you? Was there anything about the story that made you feel uncomfortable? Why? Was there anything unique about the setting? How does the novel compare to other books by this author?

10 Titles for Discussion Elizabeth Adler It All Began in Monte Carlo New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2010

11 Sarah Addison Allen The Peach Keeper New York : Bantam Books, c2011

12 Stacey Ballis Good Enough to Eat New York : Berkley Books, c2010

13 Elizabeth Berg Once Upon a Time, There Was You New York : Random House, c2011

14 Juliette Fay Deep Down True New York : Penguin Books, c2011

15 Fannie Flagg I Still Dream About You New York : Random House, c2010

16 Dorothea Benton Frank Lowcountry Summer New York : William Morrow, c2010

17 Roberta Gately Lipstick in Afghanistan New York : Gallery Books, c2010

18 Emily Giffin Heart of the Matter New York : St. Martin’s Press, c2010

19 Lisa Verge Higgins The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship New York : 5 Spot, c2011

20 Elin Hilderbrand A Summer Affair New York : Little Brown, c2010

21 Cathy Lamb Such a Pretty Face New York : Kensington Books, c2010

22 Lorraine López The Realm of Hungry Spirits New York : Grand Central Pub, c2011

23 Sarah-Kate Lynch Dolci di Love New York : Plume, c2011

24 Debbie Macomber A Turn in the Road Don Mills, Ont. : Mira, c2011

25 Belva Plain Heartwood New York : Delecorte Press, c2011

26 Jane Porter She’s Gone Country New York : 5 Spot, c2010

27 Ruth Pennebaker Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough New York : Berkley Books, c2011

28 Resources Craig, Lisa. “Women’s Fiction vs. Romance: a Tale of Two Genres.” Writing- Last accessed on 4/20/11 at 5:08 pm. Romance Writers of America s/industry_statistics. Last accessed on 4/26/11 at 4:00 pm. s/industry_statistics Vnuk, Rebecca. Read On – Women’s Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO, c2009.

29 Shameless Self-Promotion Reading Women: A Book Club Guide for Women's Fiction by Nanci Milone Hill ABC-Clio. 2011. ISBN # 978-1-59158-802-3

30 More Shameless Self-Promotion The Book Hussy Reading Anything… Any Time… Anywhere

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