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Indiana’s Outreach Best Practices: Looking Back and Progressing Forward.

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1 Indiana’s Outreach Best Practices: Looking Back and Progressing Forward

2 Call Information The call lines will be muted until the open Q&A Copies of today’s slides with answers to any questions will be made available on our website at Ask your questions through the chat box OR request that your phone line be unmuted.


4 Open Enrollment Session 2014 to 2015

5  Education is key ◦ Education for us ◦ Education for the consumer ◦ Knowing the plans well and where to go for information ◦ Not knowing how to schedule ◦ Having a schedule to follow for the 5 sites and communities we serve ◦ Spreading the word about what we do

6  Ensuring we have a plan in place for: ◦ Spreading the word for our uninsured patients as well as those who picked a marketplace plan who may need to make changes and see options  Post Cards ◦ Setting up with our contacts last year coffee talks for the months of October and November to be ready for November 15  Scheduling  Calendar for our staff to see  Coffee Talk flyers to promote within the local area, at location and with our patients  Media Advisories  Social Media

7  Created a Call Responsibility Chart and Call group to handle the load of incoming calls  Revamping our Coffee Talk presentation to include key items that we did not include much details on last year ◦ More info on fees to make them aware ◦ Who can qualify for an exemption and how we can help  Added trained navigators to our staff to answer basic questions

8  New ideas of how to reach out to our communities we serve: ◦ Super Saturday Blitzes  Teaming up with navigators in the St. Joseph and Elkhart county to reach out to those communities more  Health Fair and Enrollment Session in Lake County in January ◦ Ramping up coverage on the December 15 th and February 15 th deadlines with better plans in place ◦ Service Industry Night

9  Created new forms: ◦ Marketplace account information sheet ◦ What to bring to an appointment  One side marketplace  One side Medicaid ◦ Created our own comparison sheet ◦ Exemption Matrix

10 Questions??


12 Outreach Techniques

13 Marketplace Education All Staff meetings Provider meetings Local churches Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce Parke County Chamber of Commerce Local Businesses Lion’s Club Food Banks Public Libraries Renewal Letters


15 Insurance Folders Important Information Sheet Your roadmap to health Your insurance card PCP/ER Explanation Of Benefits 5 Steps to Staying Covered Prescriptions Reporting Life Changes Details on Health Plan Selected

16 Patches the Penguin Created for children outreach through CHIPRA grant Mascot Bookmarks Coloring pages Word searches

17 Certified Community Health Workers Meet With New Patients Prescription Assistance Local Food Banks Disability Applications Goal Setting Patient Education Case Management


19 Outreach Best Practices Beatriz “Gina” Grant-Toro Indiana Health Centers, INC. Outreach & Enrollment Assistant

20 OUR MISSION : To engage exclusively in charitable and educational programs and activities by improving the health status of the community at large with special emphasis on those who, because of their poverty, location in rural areas, or for other reasons, have health needs which are not being met. *Federally Qualified Health Center *Fee for Service *Coordination of Services *Several Locations Throughout Indiana Website: INDIANAHEALTHONLINE.ORG

21 Outreach Strategies

22  Traveled main artery of county.  Identified highly visible landmarks and marquees.  Established and maintained relationships with “Trusted Community Partners and Entities”.  Actively participated in community held events.  Backpack Deliveries, Food Pantries, Back to School Events etc  Participation in monthly community meetings.  Familiarity with resources and common goals.  Ongoing invitations to variety of events and grant opportunities  Use office voicemail as tool to keep consumers informed. Effective Strategies – Open Enrollment Year 1 (OE1)

23  Focused on heavily traveled roadways  Proper advertisement in partnerships offering similar services  Identified where basic needs are met  Pulled into grocery stores, medical facilities, religious organizations, restaurants, hotels and other like partners  Introduced the Marketplace, my purpose and mutual benefits Main Artery for County

24  Coordinate advertisement and presentations utilizing known logos and locations  Hotels  Restaurants  Social Service Agencies  Libraries  Religious Organizations  Other businesses that offer services to our target population Landmarks and Marquees

25  Location  Amenities  Internet  Computers  Phones  Bathrooms  Meeting space  Seating areas  Parking availability Approaching Hotels

26  Target low traffic times  May enhance customer traffic  Minimize interruption to entity’s already established workflow  Vendors have basic foods available  Helps rural businesses draw in additional customers Approaching Restaurants

27 Approaching Libraries  Amenities  WIFI Access  Computers  Free Advertisement  Marquee/ Bulletin Board/ Website  Free Location with Comfortable Space  With arrangements-leave instructions and directions to meet and enroll at nearby libraries after Presentation Events  Free Entertainment for household  Parking Availability

28 Why This Approach Worked?  Creative Networking is imperative  It empowers entities and partners to continue contributing to the community and meet their goals  Able to connect to multi–cultural individuals through available community partners and entities that individually, we might not meet.  Their established presence allows for ongoing voluntary assistance in this effort.  Must maintain relationship to tap into these

29 Questions Beatriz “Gina” Grant-Toro Indiana Health Centers, INC. Peru, IN (574)722-7407 X4620 Logansport, IN (765)472-2519 X4708


31 Off Season Goal: Reaching Eligible Populations Call all uninsured patients Children, prenatal patients, adults (effected by HIP reaching capacity in July) Education on SEPs, tax penalties, available insurance options Increase visibility

32 Open Enrollment Goal: Reaching All Patients & Mass Education Community wide efforts Calling all uninsured patients Coffee talks Direct mailing, fliers, cards at registration desk


34 Inreach Best Practices: ECHO Seeing patients in clinic, before or after doctor appointment Postcards for uninsured Signs in lobbies and exam rooms Doctors and nurses asking about insurance Enrollment number on discharge paperwork

35 Outreach Best Practices: ECHO Partnering with EVPL Going to homeless shelters, food banks, etc Presentations at different agencies – Results in referrals from the outside agency Advertising TBD Brochures/Flyers TBD Social media presence TBD

36 Questions? Chat Your Questions or Ask to be Unmuted!


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