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Project Lead the Way GTT Gateway to Technology.

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1 Project Lead the Way GTT Gateway to Technology


3 GTT Units Design and Modeling (DM) Automation and Robotics (AR)
Energy and Environment (EE) Magic of Electrons (ME) Science of Technology (ST) Flight and Space (FS)

4 Design and Modeling Engineering notebook Problem solve Teamwork
Design and develop prototypes Sketch and dimension Design process Measure 3D Modeling software – Inventor

5 Lessons and Activities
What is Engineering? Design Process Measurement Sketching and Dimensioning Designing for Production Tools Orthographic Drawings Measuring Isometric Drawings Dragsters Inventor Perspective Sketching Mechanical Arm Skimmer

6 Activities Inventor Projects Scroll Saw Skimmer Drill Press
Building Blocks Dragster Track

7 Automation and Robotics
History, development, and influence of automation and robotics Fischertechniks (new materials – VEX) Mechanical systems – gears and joints Automated systems Design, build, and program solutions to existing problems

8 Lessons and Activities
What is Automation and Robotics? Mechanical Systems Automated Systems Input/Output Vex Fischertechniks History RoboPro Interface Controller Gears Gear Ratios Motion Pull Toys Robots

9 Activities Fishertechniks – Building Gears (all pictures)
Automated System working with RoboPro

10 Energy and Environment
Investigate impact of energy Design and model alternative energy sources Energy expo Energy efficiency and sustainability

11 Lessons and Activities
Investigating Energy Sustainable Energy Making an Impact Design the blades for a windmill Life Cycle of a Product Energy Expo Recycling a City Penguin Dwellings Heat Transfer

12 Magic of Electrons Hands-on projects Science of electricity
Behavior and parts of an atom Sensing devices Basic circuitry design Impact of electricity

13 Lessons and Activities
What is Electricity? Electronics Digital Electronics Static and Current Electricity Multi-meters Generators DC Motors Magnetism Soldering Switches Capacitors Light Emitting Diodes Diodes Ohm’s Law Circuit Boards Resistance Transistors

14 Activities Light Switch Soldering Electromagnetic

15 Science of Technology How has science affected technology throughout history? Physics Chemistry Nanotechnology STEM activities and projects

16 Lesson and Activities Applied Chemistry Nanotechnology Applied Physics
Make Yogurt Make Ice Cream Energy Nanotechnology Nano-Products Rube Goldberg Simple Machines Sub Systems Roller Coaster Mania

17 Activities Mag Lev Rube Goldberg

18 Flight and Space Hands-on activities Research Aeronautics
Design, build, test airfoil Experience space travel Custom-built simulation software a

19 Lessons and Activities
History of Flight and Space Aeronautics Traveling and Living in Space Flying Machines Science of Flight Traveling to Space Forces of Flight Aerospace Infomercial Newton’s Law Moon Rover Wind Tunnel Bernoulli’s Principle Milestones in Space Exploration Airfoils

20 Curricula website Day-by-day plan Standards and Benchmarks
Technology Literacy National Science Education Standards Middle School Standards English Math

21 High School Connection
Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) Principles of Engineering (POE) Digital Electronics (DE) Aerospace Engineering (AE) Biotechnical Engineering (BE) Civil Engineering and Architect (CEA) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Engineering Design and Development (EDD)

22 Who qualifies to take this class?
Anyone and everyone! May want to set criteria for entrance

23 The Piano




27 Activity

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