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Reptiles Birds Mammals Fish Snakes Tree Frogs Lizards.

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2 Reptiles Birds Mammals Fish

3 Snakes Tree Frogs Lizards

4 Penguins Parrots Orioles

5 Monkeys Elephants Polar Bears

6 Starfish Sharks Clownfish


8 Tree frogs live in the rainforest. They use their bright colors to hide from predators.predators ACTIVITY REPTILES

9 Click on the tree frog.





14 PREDATOR Something that survives by killing other animals.


16 Penguins live near the water. They like cold weather. BIRDS

17 Parrots live in the rainforest. They have a lot of beautiful feathers. ACTIVITY BIRDS

18 Print the pictures of the parrots and color them in.

19 Orioles are the Maryland state bird. They like to eat caterpillars, spiders, and fruit. BIRDS




23 Sharks live underwater. Not all sharks are dangerous carnivores. Some sharks, like nurse sharks and whale sharks only eat plankton.carnivoresplankton FISH

24 CARNIVORE Something that eats meat

25 PLANKTON Tiny plants and animals that float around in water

26 Starfish live in salt water. If anything happens to one of their arms, they can regenerate a new one.regenerate FISH

27 Regenerate To make a new __________

28 Clownfish live in salt water. They hide in poisonous plants called anemones to stay safe from predators. FISH

29 By Mary Andrucyk and Meridith Gregory We can use this slide show as a vocabulary-enhancing lesson for lower level ESL students or elementary level students as they learn to read.

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