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Adapt or Die: 5 Digital Marketing Strategies #sova17 Kent Lewis President & Founder Anvil Media, Inc.

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1 Adapt or Die: 5 Digital Marketing Strategies #sova17 Kent Lewis (@KentjLewis) President & Founder Anvil Media, Inc. (@AnvilMedia)

2 About Me

3 Penguin-proofing Media-maximization Mobilization Evangelism Automation Agenda: 5 Digital Strategies

4 1. Penguin-proofing: 3C’s of SEO Content Code Credibility

5 1. Penguin-proofing: Ranking Factors

6 1. Penguin-proofing: Future Ranking Factors

7 1. Panda vs. Penguin: Cliff Notes Version Panda targets low quality content, thin content, duplicate content, etc. Penguin targets spam (and at this point it’s heavily targeting unnatural inbound links).

8 Diagnose impact of Penguin & Panda Clean up your act Design for end users, not search engines Create compelling, unique & engaging content Optimize, syndicate & promote your content Focus on engagement metrics 1. Best Practices Post Penguin & Panda

9 2. Media-maximization: Video Content > HD Video > images, audio & text Storytelling > 30 second video = 1M words 2 nd Largest search engine by volume

10 2. Video By The Numbers 86% of the U.S. internet users viewed online video 183M users watched more than 37B videos The average length of videos viewed 6.1 minutes Video ad views reached nearly 11B Advertisers spend $2.9B on video ads in 2012

11 2. YouTube By The Numbers Over 800M unique users visit each month Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day 72 hours of video uploaded every minute 25% of views are mobile (3x in 2011)

12 2. Video Sales Cycle Build your own TV channel (not just commercials) Design content for all stages of the funnel Awareness & Interest: Interviews, news and trends Intent & Purchase: Demos, seminars & success stories Customer Service & Support: How-to’s, FAQs

13 2. Video Production Best Practices Target duration: 30-120 seconds You have 10 seconds to capture viewers Utilize text boxes & graphics for branding Include a CTA in video close

14 2. Video Maximization Best Practices Create text transcript for SEO (& ADA) Create podcast from audio (for iTunes) Create still images for Pinterest, Flickr, etc. Protect & track via watermarking, as appropriate

15 2. Video Optimization Best Practices Incorporate keywords throughout channel/profile Incorporate keywords in filename, title, description Include relevant URL in front of description Include a call-to-action in the description

16 2. Video Optimization Best Practices Add descriptive “tags” to videos if available Ensure videos are properly categorized Select a compelling thumbnail

17 2. Video Promotion Strategies Create a video sitemap (for SEO) Embed & promote videos across web properties Include surrounding text for context Incorporate links/QR codes in print collateral Promote channel/videos in electronic collateral Incorporate into advertising & PR campaigns

18 YouTube Metrics 1.Likes (per View) 2.Comments (per week) 3.Shares (per Video) 4.Subscribers (per week) 2. Measuring Video ROI

19 3. Mobilization Personal Targeted Scalable Immediate Actionable Portable Interactive Measurable

20 3. US Smartphone Usage & Spend

21 3. Mobile Search Queries by %

22 3. Mobile Website Optimization

23 3. Mobile Ad Spend Trending

24 3. Mobile Ads Work

25 Anvil Media 3. Develop a Mobile Marketing Plan Your Company  Provide background on current mobile advertising landscape  Evaluate the development of a mobile website versus an app  Detail mobile website best practices  Audit current mobile presence  Prioritize and recommend specific mobile optimization and advertising opportunities  Provide Anvil access to analytics platform  Be available for questions  Review Audit & Plan  Provide feedback to Anvil  Assist in setting up mobile sitemap  Provide list of mobile web and app developers  Setup mobile PPC campaigns  Prepare and launch mobile PPC landing pages  Organize and launch mobile SMS advertising program  Develop QR codes for specific content  Develop mobile specific organic landing pages  Utilize Anvil’s recommendations for mobile website best practices  Provide Anvil with mobile ad creative, if necessary  Develop mobile app, if needed  Provide monthly traffic reports and analysis on mobile traffic  Optimize mobile PPC campaigns  Recommend new mobile ad networks to expand into  Supervise and organize all mobile advertising  Ensure all pages have a mobile optimized version  Provide Anvil with details on upcoming ad campaigns to determine how best to utilize mobile

26 4. Evangelism: Social Media Trends


28 Gain industry and constituent insights Provide affordable customer service Create or extend brand awareness Build community & thought leadership Generate measurable top line revenue 4. Evangelism: Social Media Benefits

29 4. Evangelism: Consumer Expectations

30 4. Ten Essential Social Media Elements Philosophy Optimization Voice Content Generosity Velocity Administration Training Commitment Measurement

31 Manager vs. Evangelist Tactical vs. strategic Implement vs. manage Talk vs. Inspire Single voice vs. many voices Monitoring vs. training Social media vs. leadership experience 4. Evangelism: Manager vs. Evangelist

32 Conversions: leads or sales Engagement: conversations, sharing and sentiment Metrics: relative vs. absolute (ratios) 4. Evangelism: Social Media Measurement

33 Measure what moves your business Identify growth challenges & opportunities 4. Evangelism: Social Media Measurement

34 4. Evangelism: Thinking Ahead

35 5. Automation: Statistics 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non- nurtured leads.

36 5. Marketing Automation: Benefits Develop & analyze marketing campaigns & customers Lead management, scoring and nurturing Automated campaign management & reporting

37 5. Marketing Automation: Key Players

38 5. Marketing Automation Cheat Sheet

39 Penguin-proof your website Maximize video use Mobilize your marketing efforts Evangelize social media within your organization Automate your marketing via tools Conclusion

40 Five Hospitality Mobile and Social Learnings The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube 5 Digital Trends You Need to Embrace 6 Social Media Platforms at-a-glance How to be a Rock Star on 8 Social Media Platforms Resources: Related Articles

41 Questions? Hand me a card to receive a copy of this presentation Read articles & white papers in the Anvil Resources sectionAnvil Resources section Read our blog & follow us on Twitter (@AnvilMedia) Sign up for our monthly email newsletter Drop me a line for a free assessment @KentjLewis President & Founder Anvil Media, Inc. 503.260.6700

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