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Peeping Penguins Presented by Gabriel St. Pierre.

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2 Peeping Penguins Presented by Gabriel St. Pierre

3  Penguins are flightless birds who like to swim.  They are warm blooded, and they spend half of their life in the water. What are Penguins?

4  Penguins eat squid, fish and krill.  They feed their babies by barfing out, or regurgitating, into their baby’s mouth. What do penguins eat?

5  Most penguins live in Antarctica, but some live in New Zeeland and places like that.  However, some penguins live in warm dry places. Where do penguins live?

6  Some animals that hunt penguins are birds like the skaus, sheathbills, and gulls. They take eggs and baby penguins.  Adult penguins are hunted by orca whales, sea lions, and leopard seals. What hunts penguins? Leopard Seal

7  Penguin babies are called chicks/hatchlings.  Penguins have about one or two babies each year.  It takes a few weeks for them to hatch. What are baby penguins like?

8  There are penguins with different shapes and sizes and colors.  Most penguins are black and white, but the emperor has some yellow feathers.  The emperor penguin is the biggest penguin of all with a size of four feet. What are some different types of penguins? Emperor Penguin

9  I chose penguins because they are my favorite animal, and they are interesting to learn about. Why did I Choose penguins?

10  Kalman, Bobbie. Penguins. New York: Crabtree Publishing Company, 1995. Print.  “Penguins.” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation INC. 5 March 2014. Web. 29 April 2014. Bibliography

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