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Penguin Group (USA) Key Titles & Highlights September 2010 - December 2010.

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1 Penguin Group (USA) Key Titles & Highlights September 2010 - December 2010

2 Recent New York Times Bestsellers



5  This is the first book in a new series from New York Times bestselling author Clive Cussler.  Clive Cussler is the author of Skeleton Coast and The Chase, among others. September 2010 Berkley A-Format IE 978-0-425-23626-0 $7.99 TK pages Fiction 978-0-425-23348-1 978-0-425-23581-2

6  This is the latest addition in the series about a husband-and-wife treasure hunting team. Spartan Gold was the previous book. September 2010 Putnam C-Format IE 978-0-399-15693-9 $18.00 TK pages Fiction 978-0-425-23626-0 978-0-425-23582-9

7 Viking C-Format IE 978-0-670-02228-1 $18.00 400 pages Fiction  This is the sequel to the popular novel Waiting to Exhale.  Terry McMillan is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Interruption of Everything, How Stella Got her Groove Back, and Waiting to Exhale. September 2010 978-0-451-21745-5 978-0-451-20970-2

8 September 2010 Putnam C-Format IE 978-0-399-15694-6 $18.00 TK pages Fiction 978-0-451-23099-7 978-0-451-22445-3  This is the latest V.I. Warshawski novel from bestselling author Sara Paretsky.  Praise for Hardball, Paretsky’s latest Warshawski novel: “[E]xtraordinary…an ambitious novel layer in the grit of recent American racial history.” – Washington Post

9 September 2010 Riverhead C-Format IE 978-1-59448-778-1 $18.00 TK pages Fiction  Jed Rubenfeld is the author of The Interpretation of Murder, which was a #1 bestseller in the UK.  This is the follow-up to The Interpretation of Murder and takes place 10 years later.

10  This is book three in the Dreamlight Trilogy.  Jayne Castle is the pseudonym for author Jayne Ann Krentz, the author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers. September 2010 Jove A-Fomrat 978-0-515-14836-7 $7.99 320 pages Fiction 978-0-515-14689-9 978-0-399-15596-3

11  TK  Terry Goodkind is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. September 2010 Jove Premium Format 978-0-515-14748-3 $9.99 576 pages Fiction

12  Robert B. Parker is the author of over fifty books, including Night and Day, Brimstone, and Split Image. September 2010 Berkley Premium Format 978-0-425-23630-7 $9.99 352 pages Fiction 978-0-425-23299-6 978-0-425-23461-7

13  This is the latest Stone Barrington Novel from Stuart Woods.  Stuart Woods is the author of Mounting Fears and Hothouse Orchid, among others. September 2010 Signet Premium Format 978-0-451-229632 $9.99 400 pages Fiction 978-0-451-22775-1 978-0-451-22951-9

14  Nick Hornby is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slam, A Long Way Down, and About A Boy among others. September 2010 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-477-3 $15.00 416 pages Fiction 978-1-59448-345-5 978-1-59448-193-2

15  A film adaptation of Miral is currently in production with Julian Schnabel set to release in late 2010. Miral (movie tie-in) September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11619-6 $15.00 256 pages Fiction

16 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11839-8 $14.00 176 pages Fiction **NO EUROPE**  Francois Lelord studied medicine and psychology. This is his first novel.  Hector and the Search for Happiness is a huge success in France and a million-copy bestseller in Germany. Rights have been sold in over 20 countries. September 2010

17 **NO EUROPE**  Praise for Donna Leon and her Commissario Brunetti series: “Leon’s books shimmer in the grace of their setting and are warmed by the charm of their characters.” –The New York Times Book Review September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11758-2 $14.00 320 pages Mystery 978-0-143-11659-2 978-0-143-11561-8

18  Penelope Lively is an award-winning novelist and author of children’s literature. She received the Booker Prize for her novel Moon Tiger.  “ Family Album is compellingly readable, and often funny – the work of a novelist whose literary talents are of the highest order.” – Washington Times Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11787-2 $15.00 240 pages Fiction September 2010 978-0-143-11343-0 978-0-143-03784-2

19  This is the fifth adventure from Arturo Pérez- Reverte in the Captain Alatriste series.  Arturo Pérez Reverte is the internationally acclaimed author of The King’s Gold and The Sun Over Breda, among others. September 2010 978-0-452-29542-1 978-0-452-28974-1 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29650-3 $15.00 384 pages Fiction

20  Praise for John Shors and his novels: “An immense talent.” – Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club  John Shors is the author of Dragon House, Beside a Burning Sea, and Beneath a Marble Sky. September 2010 978-0-451-22785-0 978-0-451-22492-7 NAL B-Format 978-0-451-23113-0 $15.00 384 pages Fiction

21  William Trevor is the author of The Story of Lucy Gault and Cheating at Canasta, among others.  Praise for Love and Summer : “An archetypal Irish love story and a perfect novel – sweet, desperate, sad, unforgettable.” – Kirkus (starred review) September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11788-9 $15.00 224 pages Fiction 978-0-143-11406-2 978-0-143-03591-6

22  This is the latest Carpathian novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.  The Dark series continues to be Feehan’s most popular series. September 2010 Berkley Hardcover 978-0-425-23659-8 $25.95 TK pages Fiction 978-0-515-14699-8 978-0-515-14790-2

23  This is a definitive new translation of one of the greatest novels of all time.  Madame Bovary was hugely successful when it was first published in 1857, and still lives on as a classic today.  Lydia Davis is a National Book Award finalist and the author of one novel and seven story collections. This is her first translation in nearly a decade. September 2010 Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02207-6 $27.95 368 pages Fiction

24 September 2010 Putnam Hardcover 978-0-399-15682-3 $26.95 TK pages Fiction 978-0-425-22671-1 978-0-425-19868-1  William Gibson is the author of Spook Country was a New York Times bestseller peaking at #6.  This book features some of the characters who appeared in Spook Country and Pattern Recognition.

25  This is the latest Spenser novel from Robert B. Parker.  Robert B. Parker is the New York Times bestselling author of over 20 novels including The Professional and Rough Weather. September 2010 Putnam Hardcover 978-0-399-15685-4 $26.95 304 pages Fiction 978-0-399-15594-9 978-0-425-23017-6

26  John Sandford is the New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Prey and Rough Country, among others.  This is the latest Virgil Flowers novel from John Sandford. September 2010 Putnam Hardcover 978-0-399-15690-8 $27.95 400 pages Fiction 978-0-425-23533-1

27 September 2010 ACE Hardcover 978-0-441-01928-1 $24.95 384 pages Fiction  Dust is a new book about zombies that captures a more thoughtful side to the creatures.  Joan Frances Turner is at work on her next book following the human survivors of the zombie plague.

28  Ingrid Betencourt was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1961. For more than six and a half years, the FARC held Betancourt hostage in the Colombian jungle She was rescued in July 2008.  “When you are subject to extreme cruelty and violence, you are confronted with a choice: you can allow your inner beast to take control of you, or you can seek love and humility instead.” – Ingrid Betencourt September 2010 The Penguin Press C-Format IE 978-1-59420-275-9 $18.00 288 pages Biography

29  David Byrne is a musician, visual artist, and filmmaker. He is a co-founder of the musical group Talking Heads.  Byrne was recently commissioned by the New York City Department of Transportation to design new bicycle racks for the city which were installed in the summer of 2009. September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11796-4 $16.00 288 pages Memoir

30  This is a tale of modern warfare from a young man who formed a reading club with his fellow Junior Officers.  Patrick Hennessey joined the army in January 2004. On operational tours to Iraq in 2006 and Afghanistan in 2007, he became the army’s youngest captain. September 2010 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-479-7 $16.00 320 pages Memoir

31  Derek Lin is a Taoist master and the author of The Tao of Daily Life.  The Tao of Daily Life was a bestseller and there are now 13,000 copies in-print after four printings. September 2010 Tarcher B-Format 978-1-58542-815-1 $15.95 TK pages Spirituality 978-1-58542-583-9

32  Peter Matthiessen is the acclaimed author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction. His book The Snow Leopard won the National Book Award.  Includes an introduction by Jane Goodall  This title was originally published in 1972. September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-10624-1 $17.00 464 pages Nature

33  Nicholas Meyer is an author, screenwriter, and director.  “Many in the industry might benefit from the sage…approach to filmmaking revealed in [this] memoir… ‘Trek’ devotees will savor Meyer’s behind-the-scenes chronicle of the first three films…” - Post and Courier September 2010 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29653-4 $16.00 272 pages Film

34  Sue Monk Kidd is the author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair.  Praise for Traveling with Pomegranates : “A probing literary collaboration…theirs is a moving journey.” – Publishers Weekly September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11797-1 $15.00 304 pages Memoir 978-0-143-11455-0 978-0-143-03669-2

35  What French Women Know was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.  Debra Ollivier has lived on and off in France for decades. She was a frequent contributor to Salon and Le Monde. September 2010 Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23648-2 $15.00 TK pages Nonfiction

36  David Ploufee is the campaign manager who ran the organization responsible for getting Barack Obama elected president. He is generally considered to have run the “perfect” campaign.  The Audacity to Win was a #6 New York Times bestseller in hardcover September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11808-4 $16.00 400 pages Category

37  In Mess, Keri Smith shows readers how to abandon control, screw up, and make mess- terpieces.  Keri Smith is the author of This Is Not A Book and Wreck This Journal, among others. September 2010 Perigee B-Format 978-0-399-53600-7 $13.95 192 pages Creativity 978-0-399-53521-5 978-0-399-53346-4

38  Andrew Ross Sorkin is The New York Times’s chief mergers and acquisitions reporter and a columnist.  Praise for Too Big To Fail : “ Too Big To Fail is too good to put down…Told brilliantly.” – Economist  “The detail is comprehensive and chilling…” - Time September 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11824-4 $18.00 624 pages Business

39  Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook – “Dr. Sujay” – is one of the most distinguished pastors in the nation. She was the first black woman to serve as President of the 10,000 member Hampton University Ministers’ Conference.  Dr. Sujay has been described by The New York Times as “Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one.” September 2010 Tarcher Hardcover 978-1-58542-810-6 $22.95 256 pages Self-Help Becoming a Woman of Destiny

40  No spy agency has thrown its archives open to an outside researcher before, and the result is an unprecedented look at the roots of modern espionage.  Keith Jeffery is Professor of British History at Queen’s University, Belfast. September 2010 The Penguin Press Hardcover 978-1-59420-274-2 $35.00 512 pages History The Secret History of MI6

41  Koren Zailckas is the author of the New York Times bestseller Smashed.  Smashed spend 20 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.  Praise for Smashed : “A mortifyingly credible story.” – Janet Maslin, The New York Times Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02230-4 $25.95 320 pages Memoir September 2010 978-0-143-03647-0

42  This is the latest Carpathian novel from Christine Feehan.  Christine Feehan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of October 2010 Jove A-Format 978-0-515-14843-5 $7.99 512 pages Fiction 978-0-515-14790-2 978-0-515-14824-4

43  This is the third installment in the Bride Quartet by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.  Nora Roberts is the author of Vision in White and Bed of Roses, among others. 978-0-425-22751-0 978-0-425-23007-7 Jove A-Format IE 978-0-515-14886-2 $7.99 352 pages Fiction October 2010

44  Kate Bernheimer is the founder and editor of the literary journal Fairy Tale Review.  Authors in this collection include: John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates, and Michael Cunningham. The foreword is written by Gregory Maguire, the bestselling author of Wicked. October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11784-1 $17.00 352 pages Fiction

45 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143- $15.00 304 pages Fiction  Ake Edwardson has won three Swedish Academy of Crime Writers awards. His ten Erik Winter novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.  This is the second book in the Erik Winter series.  Praise for Frozen Tracks : “Piercing attention, anxiety wound tight – Edwardson is a master at this.” – Houston Chronicle October 2010 978-0-143-11358-4 978-0-143-11609-7

46  Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon are the illustrator/author of The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation.  “Riveting [an] incredible story in all its gory and gruesome detail.” – Stan Lee, former president and chairman of Marvel Comics October 2010 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29657-2 $16.00 128 pages Fiction

47  Garrison Keillor is the host of the radio show A Prairie Home Companion. He is the author of Liberty and Pontoon, among others.  “Laugh filled…An engaging, moving look at the true, daily heroics: people struggling to go ahead and love those they’re thrown in with…” –Steve Amick, Washington Post October 2010 978-0-143-11611-0 978-0-143-11410-9 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11785-8 $15.00 304 pages Fiction

48 Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23664-2 $15.00 368 pages Fiction  The Rhetoric of Death is Judith Rock’s first novel.  “Amazing…Ms. Rock takes you back to fascinating and dangerous 17 th century Paris so well that I suspect her of being a time-traveler who’s been there.” – Arianna Franklin, bestselling author of Mistress of the Art of Death October 2010

49 NAL B-Format 978-0-451-22868-0 $10.00 400pages Fiction  “Stoker gives us the most remarkable scenes of horror…Each is unforgettable, and no movie has quite done justice to any of them.” – Stephen King  Bram Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847. Dracula, his most famous work, was published in 1897. October 2010

50 Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02224-3 $27.95 304 pages Fiction  John le Carre is the pseudonym for David Cornwell. He is the author of 21 novels including The Constant Gardener, which was made into a major motion picture. October 2010

51  Ken Follett is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, among others. October 2010 978-0-451-16689-0 978-0-451-22446-0 Dutton Hardcover 978-0-525-95165-0 $36.00 TK pages Fiction

52 Dutton Hardcover 978-0-525-95184-1 $26.95 400 pages Fiction  This is the sequel to The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury.  Praise for The Last Templar : “Koury’s novel features age-old mysteries that play out in a modern setting.” – The New York Times October 2010 978-0-451-22756-0 978-0-451-21995-4

53  Dinaw Mengestu is the author of The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears.  Praise for The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears : “I was profoundly moved by this tale of an Ehtiopian immigrant’s search for acceptance, peace, and identity.” – Khaled Hosseini, New York Times bestselling author of The Kite Runner How to Read the Air October 2010 Riverhead Hardcover 978-1-59448-770-5 $25.95 TK pages Fiction 978-1-59448-285-4

54  Jason F. Wright is the New York Times bestselling author of The Wednesday Letters and The Cross Gardener.  Praise for The Cross Gardener : “Passionate, spiritual and thought-provoking. Jason F. Wright’s books never disappoint.” – Glenn Beck October 2010 Berkley Hardcover 978-0-425-23794-6 $22.95 TK pages Fiction 978-0-425-22347-5 978-0-425-23328-3

55 Dutton Hardcover 978-0-525-95185-8 $26.95 400 pages Fiction  Anthony E. Zuiker is the creator and executive producer of the most watched television show in the world, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  This is second book in the Level 26 trilogy. October 2010 978-0-525-95125-4

56  Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams are the authors of the New York Times bestselling Wikinomics.  Since it was originally released in December of 2006, Wikinomics has sold more than 150,000 copies. Portfolio C-Format IE 978-1-59184-372-6 $18.00 304 pages Business October 2010 978-1-59184-193-7

57  Caroline Alexander is the author of the international bestsellers The Bounty and The Endurance, among others.  “Spirited and provocative…a nobly bold even rousing venture…it would be hard to find a faster, livelier, more compact introduction to such a great range of recent Iliadic explorations.” – Steve Coates, The New York Times October 2010 978-0-142-00469-2 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11826-8 $16.00 320 pages History

58  Rare-book theft is even more widespread than fine-art theft. In an attempt to understand book thief John Charles Gilkey better, journalist Allison Hoover Bartlett plunged herself into the world of book lust and discovered just how dangerous it can be. October 2010 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-481-0 $15.00 288 pages Biography

59  Antony Beevor is the author of Inside the British Army and Stalingrad, among others.  This is the third installment in Beevor’s WWII trilogy  “Beevor excels in recounting…just what a bloody campaign the invasion was.” – The Wall Street Journal October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11818-3 $18.00 608 pages History

60  Michelle Cove is the co-author of the national bestselling self-help book I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!  Cove has also made a documentary on this subject with the same title. It will be screened at film festivals in 2010.  Praise for I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You! : “…offers solid ground when it may feel like things are falling apart.” - Booklist October 2010 Tarcher B-Format 978-1-58542-831-1 $16.95 240 pages Self-Help 978-0-140-28600-7

61  This is the ‘threequel’ the New York Times bestsellers I Can Haz Cheezburger? and How to Take Over Teh Wurld.  was founded in January 2007 and is now owned and administered by Ben Huh.  Praise for LOLcats: “Furry felines! Funny captions” – Los Angeles Times October 2010 Gotham B-Format 978-1-59240-590-9 $12.00 TK pages Humor 978-1-59240-409-4 978-1-59240-516-9

62 Discover A Richer Life 978-1-58542-812-0 $12.95 128 pages Living Without Fear 978-1-58542-813-7 $12.95 128 pages A New Design for Living 978-1-58542-814-4 $14.95 224 pages October 2010 Tarcher B-Format Self-Help 978-1-58542-608-9 978-1-58542-613-3

63  John Major Jenkins is a pioneer of the 2012 movement. He is credited by many with introducing the topic into the spiritual culture in his 1998 book, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.  “…. Jenkins has made an even greater impact by applying academic rigor to the theories of his contemporaries and exposing…their inconsistencies with established Mayanist scholarship.” – Benjamin Anastas, The New York Times Magazine October 2010 Tarcher B-Format 978-1-58542-823-6 $16.95 335 pages Prophecy

64  Robert Lacy is a British journalist and the author of the bestselling Majesty and Ford: The Men and the Machine, among others.  Praise for Inside the Kingdom : “It’s all here – Islam, the family tree, a sea of oil and money to match, palace intrigue…This is high drama and an epic tale – dazzling on ever level.” –Tom Brokaw October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11827-5 $16.00 432 pages History

65  Claudia O’Doherty is a leading pandologist.  This is a fully illustrated comic guide to pandas with photographs, drawings, and scientific diagrams. October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11806-0 $13.00 208 pages Humor

66  Daniel H. Pink is the New York Times bestselling author of A Whole New Mind. October 2010 978-1-59448-171-0 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-480-3 $16.00 256 pages Business

67  This book includes maps of each of the fifty remote islands covered in the text. Easter Island and Christmas Island are two of the examples included.  Judith Schalansky studied History of Art and Design and Communication. Her typographic compendium, Fraktur mon Amour, was published in 2006 and won several design prizes. October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11820-6 $28.00 144 pages Geography

68  Andy Williams has been one of the world’s best-loved vocalists since he began appearing professionally nearly 70 years ago.  Praise for Moon River and Me : “[A] well-crafted, most readable memoir…” – Washington Times October 2010 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29652-7 $16.00 320 pages Memoir

69  “A mixture of literary criticism, cultural history and just enough trivia.” – Publisher’s Weekly  Ben Yagoda is a journalism professor at the University of Delaware. October 2010 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-482-7 $16.00 304 pages Literary Criticism

70 Gotham Hardcover 978-1-592-40572-5 $28.00 356 pages Cooking  Colman Andrews was most recently the restaurant columnist and contributing editor for Gourmet magazine.  Andrews was granted exclusive access to chef Ferran Adria while researching this book.  Adria was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” and is recognized as the most influential and innovative chef cooking today. October 2010

71  Ron Chernow is the author of five previous books including the New York Times bestseller Alexander Hamilton.  Praise for Alexander Hamilton : “So there is no Hamilton monument in Washington, but at least we now have Ron Chernow’s moving and masterly Alexander Hamilton, which is by far the best biography ever written about the man.” – David Brooks, the New York Times Book Review The Penguin Press Hardcover 978-1-59420-266-7 $40.00 800 pages Biography October 2010 Washington 978-0-143-03475-9

72  Includes more than one hundred sumptuous recipes and full-color photographs.  Connie Green is the founder of Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms, the first wild foods business in the United States. Sarah Patterson Scott served as executive chef for Robert Mondavi Winery from 1993 through 2006. Viking Studio 978-0-670-02226-7 $40.00 368 pages Cookbook October 2010 The Wild Table

73  Steven Johnson is the author of the national bestsellers The Invention of Air, The Ghost Map, and Everything Bad Is Good for You, among others.  Praise for The Invention of Air : “Clear-sighted and intelligent.” – The New Yorker “Exhilerating.” – The Lost Angeles Times Where Good Ideas Come From October 2010 Riverhead Hardcover 978-1-59448-771-2 $26.95 336 pages Nonfiction 978-1-59448-401-8 978-1-59448-269-4

74 Dutton Hardcover 978-0-525-95186-5 $19.95 288 pages Memoir  Vicki Myron is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Dewey.  According to Publishers Weekly, Dewey was the #6 bestselling nonfiction book of 2008.  Praise for Dewey : “An orange kitten dumped into an after-hours book slot gives Marley a run for his money in the heartwarming department.” – The Miami Herald October 2010

75  Eduardo Porter has been on the staff of The New York Times since January 2004. This is his first book.  Some topics explored in the book: -Assigning an actual price tag to women and tracking their rising value as a function of economic growth -Explaining why McDonald’s burger menu pricing encourages irrational behavior Portfolio Hardcover 978-1-59184-362-7 $27.95 304 pages Business October 2010

76  This book includes maps of each of the fifty remote islands covered in the text. Easter Island and Christmas Island are two of the examples included.  Judith Schalansky studied History of Art and Design and Communication. Her typographic compendium, Fraktur mon Amour, was published in 2006 and won several design prizes. October 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11820-6 $30.00 144 pages Geography

77  Barbara Streisand is an award winning actress and singer. She has won Oscar, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy awards.  Streisand’s recently release album, Love is the Answer, debuted at #1 in the Billboard charts, beating out Mariah Carey.  This book will feature hundreds of color photographs of Streisand’s home and gardens Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02213-7 $60.00 288 pages Design October 2010

78  Claude Levi Strauss passed away in October 2009 at the age of 100.  Patrick Wilcken is the author of Empire Adrift: The Portuguese court in Rio De Janeiro, 1808- 1821. The Penguin Press Hardcover 978-1-59420-273-5 $29.95 368 pages Biography October 2010 Claude Levi-Strauss

79 Gotham Hardcover 978-1-592-40567-1 $30.00 256 pages Fashion  Joe Zee is the Creative Director for ELLE magazine and is widely acclaimed as one of the top stylists in the world.  ELLE recently beat Vogue for the top spot in total ad pages and is the only fashion magazine to show a net gain in newsstand sales during these trying times.  ELLE has a readership of 5.2 million October 2010

80  Harlan Coben is the #1 bestselling author of Long Lost and Hold Tight, among others.  Praise for Harlan Coben: “The modern master of the hook-and-twist.” – Dan Brown, Author of The Da Vinci Code November 2010 Signet A-Format IE 978-0-451-23286-1 $7.99 TK pages Fiction 978-0-525-95108-7 978-0-451-22447-7

81  Clive Cussler is the bestselling author of Medusa, Spartan Gold, and The Lost Empire. Berkley A-Format IE 978- $7.99 TK pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-425-23626-0 978-0-425-23582-9

82  Charlaine Harris is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Berkley A-Format 978-0-425-23751-9 $7.99 TK pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-425-23563-8 978-0-441-01947-2

83  This is a Dark Ones novel by Katie MacAlister.  Katie MacAlister is the author of Love in the Time of Dragons and Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang, among others. November 2010 Signet A-Format 978-0-451-23160-4 $7.99 352 pages Fiction 978-0-451-22971-7 978-0-451-22672-3 In the Company of Vampires

84  David Michaels is the author of Tom Clancy’s Hawx and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Endgame. Berkley Premium Format 978-0-425-23771-7 $9.99 TK pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-425-23319-1 Tom Clancy’s Endwar #2

85 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11793-3 $14.00 288 pages Fiction  Andrea Camilleri is the author of the popular “Montalbano” mystery series, which are bestsellers in Italy and Germany.  This is the 11 th book in the series November 2010 978-0-143-11660-8 978-0-143-11405-5

86 Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23677-2 $15.00 448 pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-425-23659-8 978-0-515-14824-4  This is the first Drake Sister’s story, reprinted here along with the novel about the 3 rd Drake sister, Sarah.  Christine Feehan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Burning Wild, Hidden Currents, and Murder Game, among others.

87 Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23676-5 $14.00 304 pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-425-23042-8 978-0-425-21909-6  This is the 3 rd book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series by Kate Jacobs.  Kate Jacobs is the author of The Friday Night Knitting Club, Comfort Food, and Knit Two.

88 Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-488-9 $16.00 TK pages Fiction  Mark Kurlansky is the New York Times bestselling author of Salt and Cod, among others.  Praise for The Last Fish Tale : “In The Last Fish Tale, Mark Kurlansky strikes a poignant chord…Beautifully written.” – The Boston Globe November 2010 978-1-59448-457-5 978-1-59448-374-5

89 NAL B-Format 978-0-451-23259-5 $9.99 368 pages Fiction  Two Katie MacAlister vampire novels – Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned – now back in print and together for the first time.  Katie Maxwell is the pseudonym for New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister. November 2010 Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend

90 Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23675-8 $16.00 320 pages Fiction November 2010 978-0-515-14886-2 978-0-425-23007-7  This is the 4 th and final book in the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet.  Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of Bed of Roses and Vision in White.

91  This is the final book in the Shadow trilogy by Tad Williams. November 2010 DAW B-Format 978-0-7564-0641-7 $25.95 304 pages Fiction 978-0-7564-0359-1 978-0-7564-0544-1

92 November 2010 ROC Hardcover 978-0-451-46365-4 $25.95 400 pages Fiction  This is a never before published collection of stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  Jim Butcher is the New York Times bestselling author of 978-0-451-46335-7 978-0-451-46317-3

93  This is the first book in a new middle grade series about four best friends who have been exposed to a top-secret virus.  Kathy Reichs is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Devil Bones. November 2010 Razorbill Hardcover 978-1-59514-342-6 $17.99 TK pages Fiction

94  J.D. Robb is the pseudonym for New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.  Praise for Fantasy in Death : “[Robb is] patented dangerous chills and passionate thrills.” - Booklist November 2010 Putnam Hardcover 978-0-399-15687-8 $26.95 368 pages Fiction 978-0-425-23589-8 978-0-425-23367-2

95  Ken Auletta has written a column for The New Yorker since 1992. He is the author of Backstory.  “…Auletta has provided the fullest account yet of the rise of one of the most profitable, most powerful and oddest businesses the world has ever seen.” – Nicholas Carr, The San Francisco Chronicle November 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11804-6 $16.00 288 pages Business 978-0-143-03463-6

96  “A beautiful, inspiring, and powerful book.” –Buzz Aldrin, astronaut, Apollo 11  Jim Bell is an associate professor in the Cornell University astronomy department. He is the lead scientist for the Pancam color imaging system on the NASA Mars Exploration Rover missions.  Over 150 full color process prints are included in this edition. November 2010 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29674-9 $30.00 208 pages Science

97  Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein are the authors of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar.  “…This little book is an entertaining and surprisingly informative survey of the Big D and its centrality in human life.” – Publishers Weekly November 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11825-1 $13.00 256 pages Philosophy 978-0-143-11387-4

98  Martin Jacques writes a regular column for the Guardian.  “A clear-eyed look at how China’s recent modernization will leapfrog Western ‘superiority’.” – Kirkus Reviews November 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11800-8 $17.00 576 pages Politics

99  Paul Johnson is an acclaimed historian. He writes a monthly column for Forbes and a weekly essay for The Spectator.  “In this enthusiastic yet first-rate biography…Johnson, always self-assured as well as scholarly, has written another highly opinionated, entertaining work.” – Publisher’s Weekly Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11799-5 $15.00 192 pages History November 2010 978-0-670-02159-8

100  “Turns conventional wisdom on its head and takes a clear-eyed look at what ‘green’ might truly mean.” – San Francisco Chronicle  David Owen is a staff writer for The New Yorker and the author of a dozen books. Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-484-1 $16.00 368 pages Environment November 2010

101  “ The Tao of Wu is unusually compelling…RZA has mixed world religion, music, chess, superhero comics, and kung-fu movies into his own idiosyncratic worldview.” – Rolling Stone  The RZA is the founder and leader of the Wu- Tang Clan, the platinum-selling hip-hop group. Riverhead B-Format 978-1-59448-485-8 $15.00 224 pages Music November 2010

102 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11815-2 $15.00 224 pages Religion  This is a graphic biography of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.  Tetsu Saiwai is a manga artist from Japan. November 2010

103 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11816-9 $15.00 192 pages Biography  Chie Shimano illustrates this biography of Che Guevara by Kiyoshi Konno.  Since his death, Che Guevara has become a legendary political figure whose name is often equated with rebellion, revolution, and socialism. November 2010

104 Viking Studio Hardcover 978- $45.00 240 pages Travel  Vicki Archer is the author of My French Life.  Features 4-color photography by Carla Coulson throughout the book November 2010 French Essence 978-0-670-01877-2

105  Pamela Keogh is the author of What Would Audrey Do? among other titles.  Praise for What Would Audrey Do? : “A delightful presentation of the life of this wonderful actress as well as a treasure trove of advice for becoming a woman of character and grace. We should all heed Hepburn’s lessons.” – Library Journal November 2010 Gotham Hardcover 978-1-592-40569-5 $22.50 256 pages Self-Help 978-1-592-40428-5

106 The Penguin Press Hardcover 978-1-59420-271-1 $29.95 400 pages History  Henry Kissinger received the 1973 Nobel Peace prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Medal of Liberty, among others. He served as Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.  Kissinger famously negotiated a rapprochement with China during the Nixon administration. November 2010

107  This major biography of one of the greatest civil rights leaders will feature a 16 page black and white illustrations insert.  Manning Marable is a professor of history and political science at Columbia University. He has been working on this project for over 20 years. Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02220-5 $30.00 608 pages History November 2010

108 The Penguin Press Hardcover 978-1-59420-268-1 $32.95 528 pages Cooking  Harold McGee writes a monthly column for The New York Times entitled “The Curious Cook.” He is the author of On Food and Cooking and The Curious Cook.  Praise for On Food and Cooking : “Harold McGee is ever food expert’s secret source.” - Newsweek November 2010 The Keys to Good Cooking

109  Bethany McLean is a writer for Vanity Fair. She is the co-author of The Smartest Guys in the Room Joe Nocera is a business columnist for The New York Times. He is the author of Good Guys and Bad Guys. Portfolio Hardcover 978-1-59184-363-4 $32.95 496 pages Business November 2010 978-1-59184-162-3

110 Dutton Hardcover 978-0-525-95191-9 $19.95 288 pages Humor  This is the sixth book in the popular Darwin Awards series by Wendy Northcutt.  Wendy Northcutt began collecting the stories that make up the Darwin Awards in 1993 and founded soon  The Darwin Awards book collection has sold over 1.5 million copies. November 2010 978-0-452-29563-6 978-0-452-28880-5

111  Robert Crais is the New York Times bestselling author of The Watchman. Berkley Premium Format 978-0-425-23812-7 $7.99 TK pages Fiction November 2010

112  Praise for The Kingdom of Ohio : “A compelling read, from riveting beginning to haunting end, a page-turner of substance…Flaming’s blending of real and invented history is a tour de force.” – Selden Edwards, author of The Little Book  This is Matthew Flaming’s first novel. Berkley B-Format 978-0-425-23694-9 $15.00 336 pages Fiction November 2010

113  Leslie Caron was the “It Girl” of her day and still acts today. She was most recently seen in Le Divorce and on Law & Order SUV, for which she won an Emmy.  Praise for Thank Heaven : “Caron provides countless dishy details about her exploits, which are sure to entertain film buffs, Caron fans and aspiring actors.” - Booklist December 2010 Plume B-Format 978-0-452-29662-6 $16.00 288 pages Biography

114  Greg Mortenson is the author of the #1 national bestseller Three Cups of Tea.  Praise for Three Cups of Tea : “Thrilling…proof that one ordinary person, with the right combination of character and determination, really can change the world.” – Tom Brokaw December 2010 Penguin B-Format 978-0-143-11823-7 $16.00 448 pages Politics 978-0-143-03825-2 978-0-8037-3058-8

115  Amanda Owen is a consultant-coach in the areas of spirituality, empowerment and self- improvement. She writes a column for  “ The Power of Receiving is brilliant, elegant, profound and enormously practical. This book will help you learn the fine art of receiving.” – New York Times bestselling author Christiane Northrup, M.D. December 2010 Tarcher B-Format 978-1-58542-817-5 $13.95 224 pages Self-Help

116  David Rohde is a reporter for the New York Times and former South Asia bureau chief. He has won two Pulitzer prizes for his reporting.  Rohde’s capture was kept out of the papers for security reasons, but his escape was front page news everywhere. Viking Hardcover 978-0-670-02223-6 $25.95 320 pages Nonfiction December 2010

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