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North American Business and Political Environment Final Year Option - Outline.

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1 North American Business and Political Environment Final Year Option - Outline

2 Assessment Individual Assignment 20% - study of an MNE will demonstrate the business/political divide and the issues facing Obama, during the Credit Crunch. Individual Presentation 20% - opportunity to review a current issue/case study in more depth and debate outcomes. 3 hr written Examination 60% - demonstrate all you know!

3 North America (NAFTA) USA Canada Mexico

4 Teaching Style TEACHING STYLE IS DIFFERENT, hopefully stimulating!! Small Tutorial groups (no more than 20 students maximum) WEEKLY tutorials… not fortnightly! MORE FOR YOUR BUCKS !!! Teaching : lecture & tutorial - Wednesday morning dedicated “block.” An understanding of GCMB etc very useful. Note: You do NOT have to be well versed in Politics as this is NOT a political unit… we cover a lot of different areas. WEEKLY lectures, plus extra workshops as and when requested. A modern, quiet Conference room used for all tutorials. Everyone sits around one oval table. Cosy! Good way to get to know your fellow students. Students are actively encouraged to contribute. Everyone gets to know each other, a lively atmosphere prospers in Seminars!! Activities e.g. Discussions, videos, Thanksgiving Get-Together, Buffet lunches, coffee mornings,etc Remember - All marks awarded on this Elective are individual to each student.

5 Analysis of U.S. Political Economy SLEPT analysis SWOT analysis Historical, Ideological and Cultural perspectives Business/Economic/Political case studies

6 Course Construction Term One – ALL lectures focus upon an introduction to the subject area i.e. - “the building blocks” The lecture programme provides information on USA’s current “standing” in the world today: Business and the Credit Crunch, Govt intervention in business, Economic foreign policy, NAFTA, MNEs, the role of U.S. Entrepreneurial Capitalism, the importance of the American Media on the world stage, Government structure, the Economy in recession. What is meant by the term - American Exceptionalism. Why the USA is STILL the world’s no1. economy after 100 years…etc. Seminars will cover a number of topical subjects and student participation is vital because we can’t do it without you!

7 Course Construction Term Two – lectures focus upon the application of theory learnt in term one in order to enable students to develop their own viewpoints. Weekly Lectures – topics include USA relationship to neighbours, Trading blocs & NAFTA… relationship with Canada and Mexico and 21 st century world trade, threat of China, role of WTO, etc. Weekly Seminars – students will lead Presentations and discussions. Each week 2/3 students will be asked to “run the show” and topics are based upon pre-agreed subject areas. Marks are awarded individually. Popular with students.

8 Why choose North American Business and Politics? Learn about contemporary American government, entrepreneurial capitalism, business, culture and politics – thus gaining an understanding of the country’s sensitivity to its historical roots. How does USA interact with Canada and Mexico, etc? Understand the role of the USA as “global leader” in international business and its pivotal role in NAFTA. Analyse the complex interaction between US business affairs and American foreign policy.

9 Reading Core Text McKay D. American Politics & Society – 7 th ed. (2009) Wiley-Blackwell. (Good back up to this text is : *SINGH) Back Up Reading Micklethwait, J. & Wooldridge, A. (2004) The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America. London: Penguin. Bigsby, C. (2006) The Cambridge Companion to Modern American Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Brogan, H. (2001) The Penguin History of the United States. London: Penguin *Singh, (2003) Governing America, Politics of a Divided Democracy. Oxford University Press And finally… Read a quality newspaper daily e.g. Guardian, Telegraph and Independent; New York Times, Washington Post, Magazines e.g. Economist, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, etc

10 Tutor Details Ann Howe International Business Division (SEIB) Room: 808B Email: Tel: 0161 247 3870

11 Copy of these slides available If you wish to download more copies of these powerpoint slides (IF you are an International Business student) then please go to: The International Business Final Year WebCT site and check out -Study Area folder. You will find the slides under the title: Ann Howe’s Folder

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