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Photoshop Selection Tools Computer Information Technology Section 59.

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1 Photoshop Selection Tools Computer Information Technology Section 59

2 Objectives The student will 1.Understand the different selection tools and when to use them 2.Use selection tools to select part of an image and copy that image to another picture

3 Selection Tools  There are many tools for selection of parts of a picture:  Marquee tools  Lasso tools and Mask tools  Quick Selection tools  Pen Tools

4 Marquee Tools  The marquee tools select areas of different shapes  Hold down the ALT to select from the center of an object  Hold down the space bar to move the selection Car - ps0501

5 Lasso Tools  Lasso tools allow you custom surround any area. Give you a rough outline of the area.  You can then use the quick mask tool to refine your selection. (Duck-ps0504)

6 Quick Select Tools  Quick Select tools try to find the edges of objects. Once you have selected an object you can:  Hold the Shift key down and add to the selection  Hold the Alt key down and subtract from the selection  (Duck-ps0504, Penguins ps0505 and façade-ps0503)

7 Magic Wand Tool  The magic wand tool works like the magic eraser. It works by selecting a consistently colored area (e.g. a sky).  You set the tolerance for the changes in color.  Note: You can invert the selection (select everything except the sky) by clicking Select > Inverse (kite - ps0502)

8 Pen Tools  Pen tools are the most accurate of the tools but also can take the most time.  Connect the points around the figure you want to select.  Once you have defined your path, click on the “Load path as a selection” button  If you don’t have the path panel, click on Window > Paths Apples - ps0507

9 Summary  There are many ways to select parts of a picture.  Much depends on what is surrounding the image  Pick the method that works the best that situation

10 Rest of today  Find a picture that includes an animal/person/car/etc. on the web.  Cut that image from the picture and add it either to the farm picture from yesterday or the penguin picture (ps0505) from today. You can use any of the tools to select the image. Be as precise as possible.

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