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PENGUINS By Courtney Deal.

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1 PENGUINS By Courtney Deal

2 Table of Contents Temperature Predators Diet Pastimes Catching Food
Penguins Are Birds Habitats Temperature Predators Diet Pastimes Catching Food Penguin Chicks Fasting Species Rookery

3 Penguins Are Birds Cannot fly 75% of time is spent underwater
Avg. speed under water- 15 mph Cannot breathe under water

4 Habitat South America Sub Antarctic Africa Antarctica Magellanic
Humboldt Gentoo Rockhopper Macaroni Galapogos King Royal Macaroni Gentoo Rockhopper Australia New Zealand African Emperor Adelie Gentoo Chinstrap Little (Blue) Fjordland Snares Island Erect-Crested Rockhopper Yellow-Eyed

5 Temperature Warm blooded Body temperature-100F
Blubber, down, waterproof feathers Huddle together for warmth

6 Predators Leopard Seals Sea lions Orcas Australian Sea Eagle Ferrets
Cats Snakes Lizards Foxes Rats

7 Pastimes Tobogganing Surfing Diving

8 Diet Krill, squid, fish Antarctic/Subantarctic species: krill & squid
Northern species: fish Different food preferences reduces competition krill

9 Catching Food At sea, 50-60 ft of surface Catch prey w/bills
Swallow whole while swimming Bioluminescence

10 Fasting During breeding season Annual molting period
Chicks shed juvenile feathers molting

11 Penguin Chicks Female leaves male w/ eggs
Female returns and male leaves After hatching, immediately calls Voice recognition

12 Boulders beach Penguin Rookery
“reproductive areas” Same mate Same spot Mate, nest, and raise chicks King pen. Rookery in S. Georgia Island in Antarctica South African Photos Boulders beach Penguin Rookery

13 Adelie Smallest of Antarctic Named after French expl. wife in 1830s
2 ft 8-9 lbs Fight over rocks ↑2.5 million breeding prs. Live in groups of 10,000

14 African 2 ft tall 7-11 lbs Coast of S. Africa Declined to 150,000
Protected species AKA Blackfoot

15 Blue Smallest 25cm high 1 kg Come ashore @night, live in burrows
Live at home all year

16 Chinstrap 2 ft 10 lbs Most common-13 million Live on large icebergs
Krill and fish

17 Emperor Largest-4ft 90 lbs Lay 1 egg Male cares for egg
Stands w/ egg on feet for 9 wks w/o food Female returns after egg hatches

18 Erect-Crested Total popul. 200,000 breeding pairs
Nest in shallow holes Can raise/lower feathers on crest “Sclater’s Penguin”

19 Fjordland 40 cm 4kg Yellow crest w/ white on cheeks
2nd egg hatches 1st 3,000 breeding pairs

20 Galapagos Galapagos Islands Humboldt Current
Smallest warm weather penguin 1,000 breeding pairs 19 in tall 6 lbs El Niño caused 70% mortality

21 Gentoo 3ft 13 lbs Wide white stripe on head
Nest in grasslands-stones, grass, sticks Fights over stones Pairs stay together throughout year

22 Humboldt Can swim at 7 kph Can sprint at 14 kph Humboldt Current
“inshore” feeders Both parents care for the chicks

23 King 2nd largest- 3ft 35 lbs Orange spots near ears & on neck
Fish, squid, crustaceans 1 egg

24 Macaroni Named after an English hairstyle
Largest of the Crested variety 70cm tall kg Total breeding pop.-12,000,000 2 eggs, 1 chick

25 Magellanic Named after Ferdinand Magellan 2ft 3in 9 lbs
Largest of warm weather species Form underground nesting colonies

26 Rockhopper Hop from rock to rock Able to hop 4-5 ft
While at sea, roam 100 miles from land Only penguins to enter water feet first

27 Royal Breed at Macquarie Island 500,000 pairs 1st egg is discarded
Chicks hatch in 30 days After molt, parents remain at sea

28 Snares 40 cm 3 kg Bare skin at base of bill Colonies of 1,500 pairs
Popul.-30,000 pairs Male guards, female forages

29 Yellow-Eyed Band of yellow feathers Coast of New Zealand
Rarest of all species Only estimated 1,500 breeding pairs

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