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Constituent Features of Dance

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1 Constituent Features of Dance
Physical Setting: Costume Design GCSE Area of Focus 2009 Section C: Essay Question

2 Example Essay Question
What should be considered when choosing costumes for dance works? You should make reference to Bird Song (Davies) and four other dance works in your answer Name each work and the choreographer

3 Approaching the Question
Provide a short introduction linking to question Ensure for each work you correctly name the title of the work and the choreographer Give a short insight into the dance you are discussing to show understanding of the piece Clearly state the point you want to raise but make sure you explain/justify your point giving relevant detail about the costume Where possible provide evaluative points Take care on the structure of your essay

4 Use Of Costume Possible Points for Discussion
Support/create character Associate with theme Enhance alignment of movement Define contrast of groups onstage Form a relationship to the set design Enhance the dancers’ dynamics Link to the era of the dance Enhance the lighting design Link to a cultural setting Define gender Suited to dance style Provide visual clue to narrative Evoke a particular mood

5 Additional Discussion Points
Adds realism/fantasy Enhances flow to movement Adds colour interest Indicates age Adds humour Indicate time of day Links to geographical setting Masks support characterisation Suggests season

6 Works Used for This Essay
Bird Song (Siobhan Davies 2004) Still Life at the Penguin Cafe (David Bintley) Stomp Out Loud (Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas) Rooster (Christopher Bruce) Swansong (Christopher Bruce)

7 Bird Song (Siobhan Davies) Costume Designer: Genevieve Bennett
1. Costumes create individualism within group whilst suggesting a sense of unity. Explain this drawing reference to the styles of the costume in this work 2. The costumes’ colour and texture enhance and relate to elements of the lighting used Expand on this giving an example from the dance Give an opinion on either of the points raised in terms of effect/ importance.

8 Bird Song (Davies)

9 Still Life at the Penguin Cafe (David Bintley)
1. The costume for this dance helps to enhance the character of each animal which in turn helps the audience to understand the dance idea Explain the design of some of the costumes e.g. the great auk (penguin) and the texan kangaroo rat – included use of mask 2. The costume also adds colour and interest to the dance – making it appealing the audience Evaluate how effective you think this is

10 Stomp Out Loud (Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas)
The costume helps to create reality e.g. everyday clothes/chefs outfit etc The costume links with theme of the dance and with the other elements (e.g real life lighting/set/accompaniment) Costume is also used to define different sections/themes throughout the piece e.g. kitchen scene very different to basketball scene Evaluate the effectiveness of either points raised or both?

11 Swansong (Christopher Bruce)
The costume for this piece helps to suggest the location e.g. prison guards and prisoner and therefore helps with the story/narrative of this piece Explain this point by detailing features of the costume that are typical of these roles Simple costumes allow the dancers to dance freely without worrying about heavy costumes/masks etc Evaluate this taking into account the issue with dancing in jeans

12 Rooster (Christopher Bruce)
The costumes of the men and women help to set the dance in an era (swinging sixties) Explain specific elements of the costumes and how this can be linked – women’s mini dresses fashionable. Men’s velvet shirts and matching ties reflect the ‘dandy’ phase that was popular in the 1960s. Reflect the style of the dance (Jazz shoes – help dance the style effectively) Also the costume helps to contribute to the overall atmosphere of the piece Evaluate the effectiveness of this costume

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