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Mr. Popper’s Penguins By Richard and Florence Atwater.

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1 Mr. Popper’s Penguins By Richard and Florence Atwater

2 How did Mr. Popper know so much about the north and south pole? e A) he visited there when he was young e B) he read books and saw movies about them e C) he got on the internet

3 Captain Cook lived in the Popper’s refrigerator… eA) true eB) false

4 What are some things that Captain Cook puts into the icebox? e A) cards, candy & marbles e B) dominos, tinfoil, & a key e C) crayons, pencils, & stickers

5 Mr. Popper walked his penguin on a leash.. e A) true e B) false

6 What did Mr. Popper wear to look like a penguin? e A) white shirt, white tie & black tailcoat e B) black & white pajamas e C) black pants, white sweater and black scarf

7 What theater were Mr. Popper and the Penguins supposed to do their performance? eA) Broadway Theater eB) Royal Theater eC) Regal Theater eD) Baltimore Theater

8 People find penguins amusing.. e A) fact e B) opinion

9 Why did Captain Cook get ill? e A) he wasn’t with other penguins eB) he wasn’t getting enough sleep e he wasn’t used to Stillwater’s weather

10 Penguins live in Antarctica and the South Pole.. e A) fact e B) opinion

11 What does Mrs. Popper worry about? e A) health e B) children e C) money e D) groceries

12 What theater was Mr. Popper to take the penguins to perform in? e A) Regal theater e B) Broadway theater e C) Benedum Theater e D) Royal Theater

13 Father penguins watch over their babies eggs… eA) Fact eB)Opinion

14 Penguins are the cutest birds.. eA) Fact eB) Opinion

15 Why was Captain Cook interested in the shaving cream on the man’s face? eA) looked like ice cream eB) looked soft to touch eC) looked like snow eD) looked like Santa’s beard

16 What are the Popper’s children’s names eA) Janie and Bob eB) Janie and Bill eC) Jill and Jack eD) Jill and Bill

17 What are some ways Janie and Bill enjoy the penguins? e A) watch them spar e B) play fetch with them eC)slide with them on the floor eD) both A and C

18 If you were Mr. Popper would you… eA) make a movie with the penguins eB) take them back to the North Pole

19 Mr. Popper’s Penguins was written in: e A) 2011 e b) 1999 e C) 1983 e D) 1938 *How many years ago was that?

20 What was the setting of the story? e A) Waterford e B) Stillwater e C) North Pole e D) South Pole

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