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COEN 152/252 Computer Forensics Open Source Forensic Tools.

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1 COEN 152/252 Computer Forensics Open Source Forensic Tools

2 The Beginning The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT) collection of programs by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema for a post- mortem analysis of a UNIX system after break-in presented first in a Computer Forensics Analysis class in August 1999 Notable TCT components: graverobber - captures information ils & mactime - display access patterns of files dead or alive unrm and lazarus - recover deleted files findkey - recovers cryptographic keys from a running process or from files Warning TCT can spend a lot of time collecting data Good reference article: in-depth_651 in-depth_651

3 TCT Additional Info Installing The Coroner's Toolkit and using the mactime utility - Harvesting information with grave-robber - Rescuing files with lazarus -

4 TCT Successor – The Sleuth Kit (TSK) Allows examination of DOS, BSD, Mac, Sun, GPT partitions & disks. Includes the Autopsy Forensic Browser as a graphical analysis tool Supports integration with SQLite database Analyes: dd,.E01,.AFF disk images Can be run on live Windows systems for incident response

5 Penguin Sleuth Kit Base Package: Gentoo Linux 2.6 Kernel - Opyimized for Forensics Use XFCE - GUI Apache2 - Server Mysql PHP4 Open Office Gimp - Graphics Program KSnapshot - Screen Capture Program Mozilla Gnome CD Master K3b - CD Burner XMMS - media player Porthole - Gentoo Graphics Package Manager Karchiver - GZIp GUI

6 Penguin Sleuth Kit Forensics Tools: Sleuth Kit -Forensics Kit Py-Flag - Forensics Browser Autopsy - Forensics Browser for Sleuth Kit dcfldd - DD Imaging Tool command line tool and also works with AIR foremost - Data Carver command line tool Air - Forensics Imaging GUI md5deep - MD5 Hashing Program netcat - Command Line cryptcat - Command Line NTFS-Tools qtparted - GUI Partitioning Tool regviewer - Windows Registry Viewer

7 Penguin Sleuth Kit Security Tools: Etherape - GUI Network Traffic Monitor Clamv - Anti Virus snort - Command Line John the Ripper - Command Line password cracker rkhunter - Command Line Ethereal - Network Traffic Analyzer FWBuilder - GUI Firewall App nessus - network scanner

8 Knoppix compilation of GNU/Linux software, run completely from CD, DVD or flash disk automatically detects and supports a wide range of graphics adapters, sound cards, USB devices and other peripheral devices Included Software: CD Version LXDE as the standard desktop, LXDE Open Office, Open Office the Firefox WWW browser,Firefox WWW browser GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMP,GIMP MPlayer Multimedia System, MPlayer Multimedia System Internet-access software for (W)LAN, modem, isdn, umts/gprs, Tools for data rescue, network analysis and system repair.

9 Knoppix Included Software: DVD Version The DVD version contains additional software packages for office productivity as well as software development and engineering (various programming languages and development environments), education and gaming. More detail: reloaded-2004-screen.pdf reloaded-2004-screen.pdf

10 Helix Originally open source – older.iso images can still be located Current - Helix 3 Pro & Enterprise versions Tools: Sleuthkit LinEn Libewf + mount_ewf Carvfs cryptsetup Truecrypt lvm2 Scalpel Foremost LibPff Volatility plus many plugins moto4lin gmobilemedia gammu gnokii frag_find pythonraw ptfinder

11 Back Track 4 linux live distribution focused on penetration testing based on a Slackware linux distribution ( 300 different up-to-date tools which are logically structured according to the work flow of security professionals Wiki Tutorial: Tool List:

12 Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) based on the KNOPPIX Live CD version 4.02 by Klaus Knopper “The main purpose of the CD : help the forensic analyze of computers “ Selected Tool List: Forensic acquisition :  dd : tool to make bit to bit copies and backups  dd_rescue : more or less the same as dd but handles disk errors  dd_rhelp : a script to facilitate the use of dd_rescue  dcfldd : tool to make bit to bit copies  AFFLIB : Advanced Forensic Format tools  sdd : a dd clone specialized in tapes  AIR : A graphical frontend for dd and dcfldd

13 FCCU Tools – cont. Forensic analysis : Sleuthkit/Autopsy : tool to find deleted files (and many more features) Galetta : a ms-windows cookies analyzer Pasco : a ms-windows IExplorer cache analyzer Rifiuti : a ms-windows trashcan analyzer : perl script to read firefox history.dat : a tool to parse cookies : a tool to read m$ recycle bin files browser-history-viewer : as the name says

14 FCCU Tools – cont. Pictures tools : FBI : tool to view images in console mode exiftags : a tool to extract exif informations in jpeg files exif : another one metacam : a third one jhead : a fourth one dcraw : a tool to read raw photo images from digital cameras jpeginfo : a tool view jpeg files informations recoverPhotos : another image recovery tool exifprobe : another exif extractor

15 FCCU Tools – cont. Password cracker : cmospwd : a tool to recover cmos passwords pwl : a tool to crack win 9x pwl files John the ripper : a password cracker for unixes, and win nt,2k and xp passwords lcrack : lepton cracker chntpw : a tool to help cracking NT passwords crack : a password cracker samdump : a tool to extract password hashes from MS Windows registry files bkhive : a tool to extract Syskey bootkey from MS Windows system hive file pgpcrack : a pgp brute force attacker nasty : a tool to try to recover PGP or GPG passphrases fcrackzip : a zip file password cracker medussa : a distributed password cracker

16 FCCU Tools – cont. Crypto/Stegano tools : cryptcat : a encrypted version of netcat outguess : a stegano tool stegdetect : a tool to detect stegano bcrypt : crypto utility ccrypt : an encryption decryption tool Network : RIP and PXE boot : A complete system for large network keyword search sbd : a netcat like utility with encryption supprot smbc : samba commander p0f : A passive OS fingerprinting tool arping : a ping utility ngrep : grep utility for network packets netwox : a toolbox with more than 200 network tools sshfs : a filesystem client based on ssh lft : a traceroute tool socat : a netcat like tool netdiscover : a tool to discover networks mimms : download mms streams weplab : a wep security analyzer netsed : network srteam altering tool

17 FCCU Tools – cont. MS files tools : Galetta : a ms-windows cookies analyzer Pasco : a ms-windows IExplorer cache analyzer Rifiuti : a ms-windows trashcan analyzer readpst : a tools to read ms-Outlook pst files antiword : a tool to read ms-Word files mdbtools : playing with MS mdb access databases ripole : A tool to rip attachements from MS files tnef : A tool to decode MS encapsulation format fccu-docprop : a tool to read MS OLE files (mainly doc, xls) properties fccu.evtreader : a tool to parse MS evt log files reglookup : MS windows registry viewer grokevt : An MS win event log viewer with dll message import eindeutig : read and convert dbx files clit : convert MS e-books : a tool to parse cookies : a tool to read m$ recycle bin files mscompress : Decompress files compressed with compress.exe Tutorial

18 Operator Debian based Linux Installation Linux-Kernel 2.4.31 KDE V3.3.2-1 wine Windows Emulator (Binary Emulator) Konqueror and Mozilla Firebird Web Browsers Koffice which includes korganizer, kword, kspread and more X Multimedia System (xmms) an MPEG-video, MP3 Internet connection software kppp,pppoeconf (DSL) utilities for data recovery, system repairs, even for other operating systems network and security analysis tools for network administrators many programming languages, development tools in total more than 900 installed software packages with over 2000 executable user programs and utilities 100+ Unix/Windows Exploits and Tools ready to run

19 grml bootable live system (Live-CD) based on Debian collection of GNU/Linux software especially for system administrators and users of texttools use Grml as a: rescue system for analyzing systems/networks a working environment Contains: sysadmin's favourite tools security & network-related software data recovery & forensic-tools editors, shells, & many texttools Flavors: grml, grml-medium & grml-small x86 & amd64 versions

20 Additional Resources Blogs: Dancho Danchev's Blog Forensic Cop Forensic Focus Blog int for(ensic){blog;} ForensicKB SANS Institute Computer Forensic Blog

21 Additional Resources Wiki: Forensics Wiki Web sites: DFRWS - Digital Forensic Research Workshop - Security Focus - Scientific Literature Digital Library - KnujOn (nûj-ôn) - e-Discovery Team - The Dark Visitor - Acronym Finder - Bastard Sons of Dial-Up - Tor: anonymity online -

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