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Conservation of New Zealand’s Seabirds Alan Tennyson Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa.

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1 Conservation of New Zealand’s Seabirds Alan Tennyson Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa

2 NZ’s Seabirds c.300 seabirds worldwide 98 breed in NZ region Another 47 occur in NZ waters 15 penguins 79 albatrosses and petrels 23 pelicans, gannets, shags, darters, frigatebirds & tropicbirds 28 skuas, gulls, terns © A Tennyson

3 79 tubenoses = albatrosses and petrels 17 albatrosses 8 storm petrels 2 diving petrels 52 procellarids

4 Vast range © P Carey

5 Nesting - slow breeders © A Tennyson

6 Threat status Half NZ’s breeding species threatened

7 Threats to seabirds Introduced predators Pollution Fishing Climate change

8 Introduced mammals - 2 species extinct

9 Pollution @ IBRRC @ Greenpeace

10 Fisheries interactions By-catch –Longlining –Trawling –Gill-netting Food supplies

11 Longlining around Southern Ocean from Birdlife international Longliner map Green = grey-headed albatross; Blue = black-browed albatross; Purple = royal albatross; Dark grey = giant petrel; Buff = light- mantled sooty albatross Largest red circles = > 4 million hooks set per year

12 Longlining - 1-2,000 per year in NZ - Nearly half are albatrosses © N Brothers

13 Trawling

14 Trawler kills 1-2,000 per year in NZ © G Hutching Forest & Bird

15 White-capped albatross observed capture rate (birds/100 trawls) (Abraham 2009)

16 Gill-netting - ?numbers © R Greenaway

17 Food supplies

18 Climate change? - rockhopper penguin 95% decline Effects on southern seabirds poorly understood and variable Positives -little penguins in Australia enhanced breeding -increased bb molly in NZ region and Heard -king penguin incr at Heard -Ross Sea Adelies increases -Chinstraps incr and expanded south bcos more open water -Emperor hatching better in warmer conditions Negatives -short-tailed shearwaters travel further for food -W Ant Penin Adelies decreased -incr Emperor mortality -NZ crested penguin popns mainly decreasing as food moves further from shore -Increased GP predation on Antarctic petrels due to extra snow allowing petels better access to petrels at Casey Station

19 What’s been done? - Colony pests eradicated - Greater awareness, broader at-sea monitoring - Legal protection at sea - Unsafe fisheries eliminated or restricted - Mitigation techniques introduced/trialled - Fisheries levies allowing colony monitoring Drift-netting banned Trawler cable ban [photo bird on cable]

20 © N Brothers - More predator control - More awareness - More monitoring at sea and at colonies - More compulsory fishing technique mitigation - Unsafe techniques eliminated or restricted through area closures - Sustainable fisheries, including food supplies What needs doing?

21 © C Miskelly

22 Sooty shearwater migrations revealed by geolocation loggers

23 Photo Photo Angus Wilson Photo footed_Albatross footed_Albatross

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