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Project Logistics in Oil & Gas industry. 2 Contents Agility – A brief A Macro Over view of the Logistics space Project Logistics Challenges & Common Issues.

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1 Project Logistics in Oil & Gas industry

2 2 Contents Agility – A brief A Macro Over view of the Logistics space Project Logistics Challenges & Common Issues HSE challenges Summary Question and Answers

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4 4 The Scale of Our Business 450+ offices 100+ countries $6.5 billion revenue (USD) 22,000+ employees Top ten logistics service providers Publicly traded 6000+ owned vehicles and transport assets 700,000 square meters of environment controlled warehousing 800,000 pallet positions

5 5 A Global Network with Seven Headquarters More than 450 locations In over 100 countries

6 6 Our Comprehensive Suite of Services Supply Chain Solutions Freight Management Defense & Government Services Project Logistics Fairs & Events Oil & Gas High Technology Retail

7 7 Project Logistics Services  International freight forwarding – Air and Sea  Inland transport  Heavy lift  Vessel / Air charters  Barging  Customs brokerage  Export packing  Turnkey project management  Marine, aviation, and port services  Warehousing

8 8 Total Logistics Planning  Identify scope of work  Review implementation schedule/30 day mobilization plan  Develop procedures, method statements and KPI’s  Overcoming geographical limitations  Prepare HSE/QA plan  Risk Assessments  Resource Planning

9 9 Specific EPC/Oil & Gas Clients  Baker Hughes24 Years  Fluor24 Years  BJ Services24 Years  Hunt Oil 22 Years  ABB22 Years  Chevron 20 Years  Conoco Phillips 19 Years  KBR 18 Years  Marathon Oil 16 Years Plus numerous others………….. that verify the consistent level of service provided by Agility Long Standing Clients – Agility Group

10 10 Mega O & G projects under execution by Agility Name of ProjectCountryEPC ContactorVolume (FRT) Woodside Phase V LNGAustraliaFoster Wheeler / Worley250,000 F/T Khursaniyah Gas Plant Project Saudi ArabiaBechtel / Technip500,000 F/T Pearl GTL ProjectQatarMW Kellogg / Shell1,500,000 F/T Kakinada KG-D6 Block Field Development IndiaReliance Industries120,000 F/T Pluto LNG ProjectAustraliaFoster Wheeler / Worley Parsons 500,000 F/T Yanbu Petrochemical Complex, Offsite & Utilities Saudi ArabiaFluor Arabia200,000 F/T Habshan Gas Export ProjectU.A.E.Fluor Mideast120,000 F/T SHARQ 3rd Expansion Ethylene Project Saudi ArabiaFoster Wheeler250,000 F/T

11 11 Agility India Operational Since 1998 Network : 26 Offices 43 Logistics Centers 2600+ Associates Turnover : 1000C International Freight Sea: 50000 TEU’s Air: 30000 Tons B/Bulk: 200,000 FRT 3.2 Mil. SFT Warehouse Space In House Customs Clearance Market Leading Integrated logistics Service Provider

12 12 Macro Over view of the Logistics Space

13 13

14 14

15 15 Energy Investments by Region

16 Logistics Market in Oil & Gas Sector Current Market Size Market Size 2030 $ 120 Billion $ 652 Billion Estimated Current Logistics Market Size $ 9 Billion Average Industry Logistics Spend 7.5 % Average Industry Growth Rate 8.0 % Estimated Logistics Market Size 2030 $ 49 Billion

17 17 India as a refining Hub

18 18 Logistics Challenges in India

19 19 Project Logistics – Some Challenges Challenges faced by various user groups / EPC contractors  Complex movement of cargo  Huge No. of PO’s placed with vendors based globally  Co-ordination & Expediting with various vendors located worldwide  Varying Processes & formalities with authorities at each countries  Hinter-land movement of ODC / HL cargo at origin point  Lack of Vessel chartering knowledge to cover financial risks  Warehouse and distribution facility & expertise  Shortage of trained manpower to cope up with concentrated logistics movement  Comprehensive IT tools to manage the process

20 20 Project logistics – Some common issues  Improper Route survey causing delay in hinter-land movement & additional cost  Vessel age – Violation of Insurance norms  Self – geared Vessel – Capacity of gear and HL package wt.  Synchronization of Sea & Road transportation  Availability of MHE at unloading point ( Port / site )  Communication gap with outsourced CHA – delay in Customs Clearances  Non-availability of Tracking system  Co-ordination with agencies tied up for global coverage  Lack of professional approach  Financial strength of project forwarder

21 21 Competent Forwarder – Key Role in Logistics Competent Forwarder, who has  Own global coverage  Pool of Experienced Personnel situated at each location  Track record of handling large projects worldwide  Own Customs Clearances team to avoid any interphase  Owned Transport asset / strategic alliance  Excellent chartering knowledge and carrier relationship  Visible track & trace IT tool for updation of progress  Senior management commitment to support project logistics

22 Selection of Project Forwarder - Transform Pre Qualification to Tender Tender Evaluation Sufficient time for review Detailed review of Functional capability – Access to IT systems and assets and subcontractors Financial strength of the company Past Experience Review of Credentials Global Coverage (Owned / Agents) HSE / Accreditations Review and Verify Shortage of Time Bidders consisting of various levels Detailed Technical review ??? Focus is on Pricing L-1 bidder in most cases failed in operations Incur additional cost or litigations HSE – Big concern High Indirect costs

23 23 Key factors in Project Logistics Movement Route Survey  Technical review of most heaviest and ODC Package of the project cargo  Technical survey covering all hurdles viz. overhead wire lines, bridges, railway crossing, overhead bridges, by-passes etc…  Requirement of permits from statutory authorities viz. PWD, Railways, Electricity board, local panchayats etc… Vessel Chartering  Availability of vessel meeting particular lay-can  Age of vessel and capacity of self-gear available  Credential / reputation of Carrier  Engagement of reputed Marine Surveyor at each stage of operation  Assessment of Safety check-list to ensure safe operation

24 24 Key factors in Project Logistics Movement Customs Clearances  Project registration formalities under particular scheme and process flow  Detailed review of customs requirement and respective documentation  Preparation of detailed process flow for customs formalities & time frame  Identification of dedicated pool of CC staff to handle the projects movements In-land Transportation  Deployment of suitable equipment to receive imported cargo considering weight & dimensions  Lashing and securing of cargo  Escorts arrangement to ensure safe & timely in-transit journey  Detailed journey management plan

25 25 HSE Challanges

26 26 Framework

27 27

28 28 Agility HSE Policy Agility Logistics, firmly believes that Health, Safety and Environment Protection are an essential and integral part of its business operations. It has a firm conviction that accidents and risk to health are preventable through continuous improvement in the working environment and compliance to relevant statutory requirements. Agility Logistics declares that: Its operations are conducted with the Utmost Regard for the Safety & Health of its Personnel, Machinery & the Environment at large. It is the best endeavor of the management to Follow & Sustain Standards & Procedures related to Health, Safety and Environment Protection. It endeavors to Support & Commit the Resources necessary to ensure adherence / compliance to various standards under relevant statutes. It strives to achieve a Conducive Work Environment facilitating active participation of its employees in maintaining safe & eco-friendly business operations. It assures to extend required organizational support & provide facilities for imparting Relevant Information, Instruction, Training, and Motivation & Encourage Involvement of its Employees, Onsite Contractors, Customers and Suppliers for implementation of this Safety, Health and Environmental Policy. It shall focus its efforts on Recycling, Resource Conservation and Management of Wastes, hazardous chemicals, emissions and emergencies to continually improve the quality, efficiency and environmental performance of the processes in the organization. It ensures Continual Improvement of its SHE management system through periodic review of its policy, objectives & targets for relevance, changing conditions & new information.

29 29 Summary and Question

30 30 Summary Logistics is key and challenging Transform from tender management mode and emphasis on pre qualification. Outsource complete logistics activities Look at Supply chain cost optimisation and not minimisation Transform from a Fragmented cost control model to a Outsourced solutions model Health & Safety in Logistics is NON NEGOCIABLE Look for Green Logistics Companies to outsource. Your vendor Partners should be able to comply with your own HSE policies.

31 31 Questions and Answers

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