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Portal URL:

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1 Portal URL:
Registration Process Portal URL:


3 Click on “Next” button after reading Applicable registration fee and Terms & Conditions

4 Fill all the details and click on “Next” button.
See help manual (Right top corner)

5 After verification, click on “Next” button

6 Accept Terms & Conditions.
Click on “Agreed”.

7 Your registration request is completed
Your registration request is completed. Temporary ID allotted to you and automated will be delivered to your registered ID. For further details please follow that .

8 Please follow the instructions given in automated received by you from . Your registration will be accepted by TCIL within one working day after sending payment details to them. Then, you can login into TCIL portal with your User Name, Password, S-PIN. Portal url:

9 Registration process completed

Download ppt "Portal URL:"

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