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 Who We Are  Role of the Purchasing Department  What We Buy  Small Purchase Bid Limits  Types of Competitive Procurements  Illinois Higher Education.

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2  Who We Are  Role of the Purchasing Department  What We Buy  Small Purchase Bid Limits  Types of Competitive Procurements  Illinois Higher Education Procurement Bulletin  MAFBE  Things to Remember

3  UIC is the state’s primary educator of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other health professionals.  UIC’s College of Education is the primary supplier of new teachers for the Chicago Public School system.  UIC’s South Campus development has transformed the campus environment with new buildings such as the UIC Forum and the James Stukel Towers residence hall.  The UIC Flames consist of more than 300 student athletes competing in 18 varsity sports.  UIC consistently ranks among the top 50 out of more than 637 national universities in federal research funding.  UIC employs 11,637 full-time equivalent staff, including faculty, administrative staff and support staff.

4  Renowned public university that focuses on teaching, research, healthcare and public service  Nearly 70,000 students enrolled on three campuses  Awarded 18,586 degrees for the 2007/2008 academic year  2008-09 operating budget of $4.7 billion  We have more than 800 buildings on 2,554 acres plus additional holdings  Our annual research expenditures exceed $257.8 million on the UIC campus  Maintain three campuses in Urbana, Chicago and Springfield.

5 Represent the needs of the User Department Ensure the procurement process is fair and equitable

6  Professional & Artistic Services: artistic, entertainment, training, architectural, marketing, & consulting  Commodities & General Services: books, supplies, chemicals, furniture, lab equipment, uniforms, food service, & maintenance services  Construction and Construction Related Services: contracting & carpentry, plumbing, planning & HVAC

7  Procurement-card: Individual University departments can spend up to $4,999 using MasterCard TM  Purchase Orders/Contracts:  Regular Orders - one-time purchase of goods and services  Standing Orders  issued to cover a specific period (i.e. fiscal year)  for a specific item or need  Departments issue releases as goods/services are needed directly to supplier

8 CategoryFY09 Maximum Limit Professional Services$20,000 Commodities & General Services $50,000 Construction$70,000 On July 1 st of each year, the small purchase maximum (sealed bid limit) is adjusted to reflect the Consumer Price Index per the Illinois Procurement Code

9  Contract value can never exceed $19,999 for the life of the contract  Department will solicit vendors for services  Vendors submit the following to the department:  Well-defined proposals of what services they will perform including any milestones goals  Well-defined compensation schedule i.e. hourly rates  Insurance certificate  Vendors are encouraged to use the University standard contract to expedite the contract award

10  Invitation for Bid(IFB)  Request for Information (RFI)  Request for Proposals (RFP)

11  Explicit detailed specifications  Fairness and efficiency are maintained by awarding contracts to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  Based solely on the response to the criteria set forth in the bid documents.  Does not include discussions or negotiations.  Minimum public advertisement of 15 days.

12  A document which asks suppliers to provide information regarding their ability to provide a good or service.  Usually done when an exceptional amount of data is required to develop a complex specification.  Price is usually not included.  Does not obligate the University or supplier to one another.  Real Estate consultants or space is procured through an RFI. A lease agreement may result from an RFI.

13  Competitive procurement that allows the University to consider factors other than price (supplier qualifications, experience, project approach, innovation and creativity).  Invites suppliers to submit information on their qualifications and how they can best provide the services needed.  Low bid is not the sole determinant. Based on ‘best value’.  Principle outcome is a report, recommendation or a service.

14  An evaluation committee lead by the Purchasing Department reviews responses for technical merit and compliance with the scope of work.  Pricing proposals are reviewed separately.  University and proposer may enter into contract negotiations.  Award is made to best proposal received.

15 ActionBenefits You Register with the Bulletin Lists bid opportunities for all state universities, including U of I. Lists awards issued by state universities. Allows vendors to download bid documents. Allows buyers to send follow-up notices/amendments regarding requests you have downloaded. Perk! Provides e-mail notifications of new solicitations matching your chosen criteria as they become available.

16  If you do $50,000 worth of business annually with the State of Illinois, including the state universities, you are required to register with the State Board of Elections and obtain from them a certificate confirming your registration.  Responses to Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information, and all other types of procurement solicitations are included in the calculation of this $50,000 annual amount, whether you receive a resulting award or not.  Refer to Public Act 095-0971, which is available at and the State Board of Elections website ( for more specific information. Additional information, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available from the Department of Central Management Services at the Sell2Illinois website.  If you are required to register, you must do two things. ◦ Submit a copy of your Certificate of Registration (obtained from the State Board of Elections) to the Chief Procurement Officer for Higher Education. Copies are to be submitted by FAX to (217) 239-6788. ◦ Include a copy of your Certificate of Registration with each bid or proposal you submit to the University of Illinois. NEW!

17  Vendors must have a current Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) Bidder Eligibility Number to be eligible for award of public contracts.  If you do not currently have a number or your number is 89999-00-0 or lower, you must register or re-register in order to remain eligible.  To register or re-register, you must file an Employer Report Form (IDHR PC- 1) with IDHR. You can get a form in any of these ways: ◦ Download the vendor form at the website ◦ Telephone the IDHR Public Contracts Unit at 312-814-2431 between Monday and Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Central Time. (TDD: 312-263-1579) ◦ Write to the Illinois Department of Human Rights, Public Contracts Unit, 100 W. Randolph St, Suite 10-100, Chicago, IL 60601.

18 MAFBE PROGRAM A University of Illinois inclusion program created to promote business opportunities for firms owned by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities Encourage campus departments to work with qualified businesses owned by minorities, females and persons with disabilities. Provide business opportunities for community-based MAFBE businesses.

19  51% ownership by a minority, female or person with a disability  Has management and daily operation controlled by one or more of  the MAFBE-eligible owners  Has gross sales of less than $31.4 million  Certified by the CMS, WBDC, CMBDC, IDOT

20 CategoryGoal Female Caucasian Businesses9% Female Minority Businesses3% Male Minority Businesses5% Person with Disability Businesses 2%

21  Public universities are exempt from state sales tax.  Make sure you read all bid and RFP documents.  Submit questions regarding bids and RFPs to the contract coordinator in writing before the due date.  Make sure your bid/proposal is signed by your company’s president or authorized signatory.  Register for My Bulletin.  Keep your My Bulletin information current.  Submit your BOE Certificate at the time of bid.  Only accept contracts signed by U of I Comptroller, Walter K. Knorr, and Secretary of the Board, Michelle M. Thompson  Do not begin work until you have received a signed contract or received a Purchase Order number.

22 UIC – Academic and Facilities UIC - HealthcareUIUCUIS Lourdes Coss, CPPO Director (312)996-4248 Lourdes Coss, CPPO Director (312)996-4248 Phil Abruzzi Acting Director of Purchases (217)333-3582 Michael Bloechle Director (217)206-6653 Brandie Knazze, CPPO Assist. Director (312)996-2808 Kevin Fair Assist. Director (312)996-1925 Cathy Reisner Associate Director of Purchases (217)333-0019 Jill Menezes Purchasing Officer 217-206-6651 Nancy Dorsh, CPPB Sr. Contract Coordinator (312)996-2054 Ruth Rios Sr. Contract Coordinator (312)996-7074 Rachel Poratta, CPPB Sr. Contract Coordinator (312)996-3409 Arlene Shorter, CPPB Sr. Contract Coordinator (312)413-4068 Janice R. Thomas MAFBE Coordinator (312)996-2892 Janice R. Thomas MAFBE Coordinator (312)996-2892

23 Questions

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