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CLEANING HOUSE. Surplus…what next? Technology Bus Textbooks Band Uniforms.

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3 Surplus…what next? Technology Bus Textbooks Band Uniforms

4 Know your Policy MSBA DN-2-AP(1) Administrative Procedure: Surplus District Property - Equipment, Books and Materials (Personal Property)  Must report all surplus items (obsolete or otherwise unneeded items) to building administration.  Building administration must submit surplus list to superintendent or designee.  Can the items be used elsewhere within the district? If so, transfer the items to appropriate location.  List of surplus that cannot be used elsewhere within the district must be submitted to board for approval.  Sell everything that has been approved by board.  If it will NOT sell - dispose of items in an environmentally friendly manner.

5 Know your Policy MSBA Policies: Surplus District Property - Equipment, Books and Materials (Personal & Real Property) DN-AP.1C – Seven-Director Districts Not located Totally or Partially within St. Louis County relates to section 177.091.1 R.S. Mo DN-AP.2B – Urban and Metropolitan Districts and Districts located Totally or Partially within St. Louis County relates to section 177.073.1 R.S. Mo

6 Communication  Purchasing folks need to know what is available in surplus BEFORE they purchase. HOW DO WE MAKE THIS WORK?  Assign a District Surplus Contact. District Surplus Contact Responsibilities  Review the surplus items from each building.  Create the list of building surplus and send to entire district.  Determine if the surplus items that are not needed within the district are truly surplus.  Create the list of district surplus for board approval.  Post all items for sale.  Properly dispose of all items that do not sell.

7 Communication  Assign a Building Surplus Contact at each building. Building Surplus Contact Responsibilities  Create a list with pictures of all surplus in the building.  Send this list to the District surplus contact.  Work with other building surplus contacts to get the surplus from your building to the other buildings.  If too new to sell and no other building needs the items, store in your building for future use.  Compile all the surplus that will be sold in one central location in the building for the vendor to pick up.  Contact person for the vendor once they arrive to retrieve the surplus items.

8 GovDeals GovDeals is the most common way used to sell surplus items.  Sell items on an online auction that functions similar to eBay.  District pays a commission on all successful sales.  Buyer is responsible for pickup and shipment of items.

9 GovDeals GovDeals posting tips  Pack broken items with other sellable items.  If you have more than 1 of the same big or expensive item, do NOT pack then all together for a sale.  Charge the vendor for any packing they may ask you to do. MONEY  Make sure you have the money BEFORE they take the surplus items.  Types of payments that are safest:  U.S. Currency  Certified Cashiers Check  Money Order  Company Check (with Bank Letter guaranteeing funds – mandatory)

10 Technology BE CAREFUL  Wipe data off of hard drives – erasing is NOT enough.  Technology department.  Make sure to get a certificate from vendor proving that the hard drives have been wiped.  Check in your area for agencies that will dispose of your technology surplus without any cost to you.

11 Bus  Check with your bus company to see if they will allow a trade-in.  Even busses can be posted on GovDeals.

12 Textbooks CURRIUCLUM ADOPTION PROCESS  RFQ process  Send out a RFQ to the used textbook buyers.  Put all books in one central location (either per district or per building).  Boxing the books is the responsibility of the vendor who wins the bid.  Buyers get 4 days to view books.  Notify the awarded bidder the day the bid is due and they can then start the removal process.  After the bid is awarded, the awarded vendor has 1 week to remove all surplus books from the district.  Awarded vendor must remove all books from district. Not allowed to put anything in the districts dumpsters or recycle bins.

13 Band Uniforms Fund Raising Opportunity  Working with the band uniform vendor, old uniforms can be turned into pillows that can be sold to help raise money.  Students can purchase an old uniform.

14 THANK YOU! Vicky Frayne Purchased Services Francis Howell School District Marsha Caldwell Director of Purchasing Fort Zumwalt School District Mary Ann Brann Purchasing Agent Pattonville School District

15 Questions – Contact Information Kirk Sampson Director of Business Services Blue Springs R-IV School District Dawne Trokey Accounts Payable/P-Card Coordinator Meramec Valley R-III School District

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