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1 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Procurement Services What You Need to Know About the Procurement Process

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1 1 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Procurement Services What You Need to Know About the Procurement Process

2 2 Welcome This will cover the basics of procurement: An overview of Procurement Service’s role and responsibilities Effect of new policy changes on departments Requirements for departments If you have any questions about the purchasing process, please call us. Procurement Services 472-2126

3 3 Purchasing Thresholds New Limits Board approval required$400,000+ Sealed bids requiredIncludes written specifications, formal vendor bids, bidding timelines and deadlines. $150,000+ Informal bid process by UNL Procurement Services Verbal or written quotations conducted by UNL Procurement Services required. $25,000 - $149,999 Informal bid process by requesting unit Verbal or written quotations conducted by requesting unit $5,000 - $24,999 No bids requiredDepartment option.Less than $5,000

4 4 Board of Regents Policies & Procedures As a public institution, UNL’s day to day business operations follow the policies and procedures outlined by the Board of Regents. UNL’s purchasing activity must pass numerous audits and reviews, and therefore, must be conducted in an organized and business like manner.

5 5 Procurement Svcs Duties and Responsibilities  Insuring compliance with and enforcing the Board of Regents purchasing policies and procedures  Applying and enforcing standards and specifications  Obtaining maximum value for each dollar of expenditure  Granting all vendors/suppliers fair and equal consideration  Promoting fair, ethical and legal trade/business practices generally following the Uniform Commercial Code

6 6 Types of Procurement  On Campus Stock Purchases  Contract Procurement/Purchases  Competitive Sealed Bids and Request for Proposals (RFP)  Departmental Purchases  Sole Source

7 7 On Campus Stock Purchases Requisitions for stock purchases may be sent through SAP, campus mail, faxed, or hand carried to the designated UNL Department.  Information Services/Computer Sales – maintains an inventory of computers and computer related items.  Printing and Copy Services – makes name plates, signage and does printing and copy services.  University Bookstore – located in the Nebraska Unions

8 8 Contract Procurement  A contract established by Procurement Services for commonly used items or services.  Awarded to lowest responsive bidder and/or negotiated. Lowest responsive bidder: One who has submitted a bid or proposal which conforms in all material aspects to the bid request and has the capability to perform all requirements in a manner which will assure reliability and good performance in addition to the offered price.  Prime Vendor Contracts

9 9  Used when estimated cost exceeds $150,000  Solicited for a minimum of 15 days  Publicly opened at a specified opening time and date  Awarded to the lowest responsive bidder Competitive Sealed Bids/Request for Proposals

10 10  Purchases between $250,000 and $399,999 must be reported to the Board of Regents at the next Board meeting by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.  Before commitment of funds, purchases exceeding $400,000 must be submitted as a formal agenda item to the Board of Regents for their approval at the next scheduled meeting. Competitive Sealed Bids/Request for Proposals

11 11 Time frames on purchases requiring Board approval:  Agenda/Report Items must be received by the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance approximately 30 days prior to any scheduled Board Meeting.  Other time factors: Bid preparation Solicited for 15 days (minimum) The bidding/evaluation/selection/ approval process can take 45-120 days. Competitive Sealed Bids/Request for Proposals

12 12 The approval process may involve any or all of these levels:  Reporting Vice Chancellor  Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance  Chancellor  Vice President for Business & Finance - Central Administration  University Legal Counsel  President of the University  The Board of Regents Competitive Sealed Bids/Request for Proposals

13 13 Departmental Purchases Departmental purchases authorized by the University directly from the vendor Examples:  Procurement Cards ($0 - $4,999)  Framework Orders  Informal Competitive Bids

14 14 Informal Competitive Bids by Departments  Strongly suggested for purchases greater than $5,000 and less than $24,999.  Total dollars spent is total of entire order, not per item.  Obtain vendor pricing.  Award is made to the lowest responsive vendor.  Documented and filed.  Quotes attached to purchase order in SAP.

15 15 Request for Quotation (RFQ)  Request for Quotation and UNL Standard Terms and Conditions can be found in SAPPHIRE under “Business Forms”.  The UNL Standard Terms and Conditions should be included with your Request for Quotation.

16 16 What to Do Departments are responsible for purchases from $0 - $24,999.  Identify potential vendors/suppliers.  Provide written specifications.  Select a date for suppliers to submit pricing and allow them adequate time to respond.  Request written confirmation of quote.

17 17 What Not to Do  Don’t make specifications brand or company specific (possibly limiting competition). Be receptive to equals/alternates.  Don’t change specifications without notifying all potential suppliers.  Don’t do “Auction Pricing” – i.e., don’t use one vendor’s pricing to leverage additional price concessions from their competitor(s).  No pyramiding – multiple purchases/same item  Restricted Items for Purchase Orders can be found under Procurement Service’s Policies and Procedures

18 18 Signature Authority  With the new levels of signature authority, campus department heads have authority to sign professional services contracts (excluding Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects or Land Surveyors) for $1 – $4,999, not exceeding 1 year.  Use a “Contract Template for Individual” or “Contract Template for Company” consulting agreement form which can be found in SAPPHIRE under “Business Forms”.

19 19  Any purchase made from only a single contractor or vendor without competitive bidding. Single/Sole Source Purchases

20 20 Single/Sole Source Purchases  Single/Sole source purchases up to $24,999 are to be approved by Dean, Director or Department Chair.  Keep copies in your files (3 years plus current year and grants for the life of the grant plus 3 years).  Single/Sole Source Justification form can be found in SAPPHIRE under “Business Forms.”

21 21 Requirements in Dealing with Vendors  Plan ahead. Be realistic as to the expected delivery date.  If assistance is needed in locating vendors and developing a procurement plan, please contact Procurement Services (472-2126).  Contact more than one vendor (strongly suggest three) and retain pricing, terms, etc., and related contact information in departmental files.  Provide the same information and specifications to all vendors.

22 22 Requirements in Dealing with Vendors  Investigate all costs and aspects of product usage (maintenance, supplies, guarantees, warranty coverages, etc.).  NEVER accept gratuities of any kind from vendors.  Beware of vendor created crisis – “Price goes up after the first of the month,” or unrealistically low prices if we act immediately, etc.

23 23 Requirements in Dealing with Vendors  Beware of solicitations via phone calls, emails...  Maintain all documentation (written, email, etc.)  Give primary consideration to the objectives and policies of our institution.  All information relating to the procurement process is subject to public review.

24 24 Requirements in Dealing with Vendors  Conduct all business transactions in good faith.  Obtain prior consent of vendor before using designs, ideas, or drawings.

25 25 When Contacting a Vendor  Get the name of the person taking your order.  Give them relevant contact information (name, delivery address, phone, email, etc.)  Items to be purchased and specifications (catalog #, unit size, quantity, etc.)  Get unit cost of each item, shipping costs, payment terms and expected delivery date.

26 26 When Contacting a Vendor  Are there any special shipping and delivery instructions (regular, 1 day, 2 day, special packing, etc.)?  Does the vendor require a copy of the purchase order? (If yes, please secure the vendor’s mailing address or fax #).  Once a purchase order is created, Procurement Services will release the order. A purchase order is a binding contract.

27 27 When Contacting a Vendor Your billing and delivery address: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Name of Your Department Attn: Departmental Contact Room # and Name of Building City, State and Zip Code

28 28 Keep in Mind  A purchase order must be created for all equipment exceeding $5,000 to meet State guidelines.  Construction/renovation projects must involve Facilities Management and Planning.  Certificate of Insurance - always forward a copy to Procurement Services to include in database – for a list of current vendors go to under “Vendor Certificate of Insurance”  Performance Bond Requirements  Conflict of Interest

29 29 Certificates of Insurance * Whenever a Contractor, Vendor, Supplier, Consultant, or Engineer comes onto University property we need to be concerned about insurance coverage regardless of the cost of the goods or services being provided. * At a minimum we require $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance. *The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska MUST be named an additional insured.

30 30 Performance Bonds  Labor and Material performance bonds are required on any construction project exceeding $15,000.  Liens -- cannot be filed on University property, thus the reason for Labor and Material performance bonds.

31 31 Conflicts of Interest Board Policy 6.2.1 states:  Section 11: Financial or beneficial personal interest forbidden: gifts and rebates prohibited.  Section 12: Purchase involving University personnel: purchases for personal use are prohibited.

32 32 Section 11.a No officer or employee of the University involved in an advisory or decision-making capacity relating to any University purchase and no member of his or her other immediate family shall be financially interested, or have any beneficial personal interest, either directly or indirectly, in such a purchase, or in any bidder, contractor, lessor or vendor for such purchase. No such officer or employee or member of his or her family shall receive or accept, either directly or indirectly, by rebate, gift or otherwise, any money or other thing of value whatsoever, or any promise, obligation or contract for future reward or compensation from any person, firm, corporation or other entity which has submitted or intends to submit a bid or proposal in connection with any University purchase or which has otherwise been contacted by the University relating to a proposed University purchase.

33 33 Section 12.a No article or service shall be purchased from any University faculty or staff member without prior approval by the Principal Business Officer, and any such purchase approved by the Principal Business Officer shall comply fully with the requirements of the conflict of interest provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act.

34 34 Section 12.b University funds shall not be expended for articles or services which are for personal use of staff or faculty members.

35 35 Special Circumstances  Radioactive and Hazardous Materials  Lab Animals  Firearms and Ammunitions  Vehicles

36 36 Radioactive and Hazardous Materials You must contact Environmental Health & Safety for purchase or removal of radioactive materials and/or radiation producing devices. Environmental Health & Safety 3630 East Campus Loop 402-472-4925

37 37 Laboratory Animals All requests for the purchase of laboratory animals must be sent to the Animal Care Program, 110 Mussehl Hall, or fax to 472-5887, for approval before Procurement Services will process the requisition/order.

38 38 Firearms and Ammunitions Contact Procurement Services 472-2126

39 39 Purchase of Vehicles  Transportation Services is responsible for the procurement, licensing, titling, ownership, and assignment of all vehicles owned by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Only certain vehicle types may be purchased by Departments.  For questions concerning motor vehicles contact Transportation Services, 472-2422.

40 40 Definitions  Purchase Order: A purchase order is a legal document used by the University which authorizes a supplier to provide a product or service to the institution.  Solicitation: The process of notifying vendors/ suppliers that the University wishes to receive bids or proposals on a set of requirements. Solicitation may include public advertising, the mailing of Sealed Bids or RFQ's, letters inviting offers, and telephone calls to prospective vendors/suppliers.

41 41 Definitions  Offer: Technically, an offer is an "act of one person that gives another person the legal power to create a contract to which both of them are parties." In practice, the bid or proposal submitted by a supplier is an offer. Sealed Bids and Request for Quotations (RFQ’s) solicit offers. Acceptance of these creates a contract.  Lowest Responsive and Responsible Bidder: One who has submitted a bid or proposal which conforms in all material aspects to the bid request and has the capability to perform all requirements in a manner which will assure reliability and good performance in addition to the offered price.

42 42 Call Us For any questions regarding the purchasing process, please call: Procurement Services 402-472-2126

43 43

44 University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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