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Review of Purchasing Guidelines. Purchasing Procedures Click on District Departments Click on Business Operations Click on.

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1 Review of Purchasing Guidelines

2 Purchasing Procedures Click on District Departments Click on Business Operations Click on Purchasing Click on Purchasing Manual

3 District Approved Vendors Available Online thru District Internet Page – – Click on “District” – Click on “Business Operations” – Click on “Purchasing Department” – Click on “Awarded Vendors by Category” or “Awarded Vendors by Alpha”

4 Purchase Order Required Do not order any goods or services without a purchase order or authorization from Purchasing Board Policy CH(Local) states “…Persons making unauthorized purchases shall assume full responsibility for all such debts.” “All purchase commitments shall be made by the Superintendent or designee on a properly drawn and issued purchase order, in accordance with administrative procedures.”

5 Purchase Order Process & Thresholds Identify goods/services Obtain pricing in accordance with thresholds – Under $5,000 purchase from primary vendor – $5,000 - $49,999 obtain three quotes from bids, interlocal agreements contracts – $50,000 or greater requires competitive bidding

6 Open Market Purchases Purchase orders for goods or services where the annual district aggregate does not exceed $50,000 may be purchased on the open market (one quote) Purchasing monitors expenditure levels – Total for that category of goods or service – Not total for vendor Quotes may be required if Purchasing determines threshold may be reached

7 Sole Source Only one source An item for which competition is precluded because of the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process, or monopoly Sole source letter required from vendor as backup – Contact Purchasing for sample letter

8 Obtaining Quotes Contact at least 3 vendors Provide them the specification and quantities – Brand – Model # – Description – Use or equal Give them a deadline by when to submit

9 Obtaining Quotes continued Transfer quote information on Quotation Tabulation Form Recommend awarded vendor Provide justification if you are not selecting low quote Obtain signature approvals Attach documentation from vendors Submit with your requisition Scanned image uploaded to Sungard PO system by person entering requisition

10 Catalog Bids Awarded on a Primary, Secondary, Qualified Vendor basis for a category of goods/services Primary Vendor was evaluated to provide the best overall pricing Secondary and Qualified Vendors used for comparing pricing through quotes If Primary can’t meet the needs, purchase from Secondary or Qualified

11 Why Do We Ask For Quotes? Sampling of items used to determine Primary, Secondary, Qualified Vendor status Quotes required for purchase orders over $5,000 – To ensure vendors are consistent with bid awards – To ensure pricing is still competitive – Catalog bids are not all-inclusive

12 Cooperative Purchasing BuyBoard TCPN TIPS Region One HGAC DIR

13 Consultant Procedures Obtain proposal from consultant – Ask for all-inclusive fee (to include all travel expenses) – If consultant insists on itemizing, they will be bound by approved rates with Texas Comptroller –

14 Consultant Procedures Enter requisition and process through workflow obtaining approval from the person overseeing the funding source. Purchasing reviews and processes into a purchase order. Initiating department schedules consultant ONLY after receiving approved purchase order. Procedure can also be found in the Purchasing website –

15 Approval of Contract District Fund Contracts can only be Signed by: – Superintendent – Board of Trustees Activity Fund Contracts – Signed by Principal

16 Senate Bill 9 Criminal Background Check In September 2007, Senate Bill 9 went into effect, codified as Section 22.0834 of the Texas Education Code. Affects both employees of districts and contractors of districts Important date: January 1, 2008 – For contractors hired prior to this date criminal background checks can be run by any law enforcement agency – For contractors hired after this date, fingerprints are required to be processed through the DPS criminal history clearinghouse 16

17 Criminal Background Checks Three Questions to Determine Whether a Criminal Background Check is Required: – Is there a direct contractual relationship Subcontractors are exempt – Are the duties to be performed by the contractor continuing in nature? More than one day? – Does, or will, the contractor have direct contact with students? 17

18 Workflow Approval Process Approval Access Granted only to Principals/Administrators Do Not Approve Requisitions on Behalf of Principal/Administrator To request changes to Workflow, follow new process in Accounting Manual

19 Blanket Purchase Orders – What is the maximum amount allowable for blanket? Typically $500, but exceptions can be made given circumstances. Contact Purchasing if you need a larger amount approved. – How long can Blanket POs stay Open? Maximum is six months Exception: Copiers, Leases, etc. – stay open until end of fiscal year or end of contract term, whichever occurs first. Exception: HEB – maximum is one month since statements are received monthly. – What vendors are approved for Blankets? HEB Copier companies Suppliers for Facilities, Transportation and Child Nutrition Departments

20 Item Descriptions – Need to be specific and not too general Consultant PRs: Date of Event, Topic, Audience, Location Include item numbers and not just the description of the item being purchased – Item Number followed by a brief description of item – Include pertinent information such as Board Approval Date, if known – If reimbursing an employee, state where items were purchased even if purchased at different locations.

21 Length of Time to Pay Include a statement that the district is on a Net 30 payment basis after receipt or goods/services or invoice, whichever occurs last! Texas Government Code Chapter 2251 Payment for Goods and Services dictates when a penalty can be assessed for late payment. Interest on late fees must be in accordance with Texas Government Code Chapter 2251.025, currently 1% plus prime rate. 21

22 Delinquent Taxpayer Vendors In accordance with law, the District shall not enter into a contract or other transaction with a person indebted to the District, nor shall the District award a contract to or enter into a transaction with an apparent low bidder or successful proposer indebted to the District.

23 Separate, Sequential, or Component Purchases Employee shall not make or authorize separate, sequential, or component purchases to avoid the purchasing requirements Violation of this provision is a Class B misdemeanor and an offense involving moral turpitude Conviction shall result in dismissal from employment.

24 Personal Purchases District employees shall not be permitted to purchase supplies or equipment for personal use through the District's business office.

25 Ethics Avoid conflict of interest situations – Accepting gifts, money, going out to lunch with vendors, etc. Avoid preferential treatment of vendors Do not offer unfair advantage to any one vendor Do not use your position to secure gifts, discounts or special treatment from vendors

26 Ethics continued Do not use restrictive specifications that inhibit competition Do not disclose a competitor’s price Vendors may tell you that they will give you a discount from the lowest price you get – Do not allow that – They should give you their best offer up front – If a vendor is allowed to re-price then all vendors should have a chance to re-price through a best and final offer

27 Conflict of Interest Disclose to your immediate supervisor a personal financial interest, a business interest, or any other obligation or relationship that in any way creates a potential conflict of interest – Relatives working for a vendor that you deal with regularly – Buying from a company you have a financial interest in

28 Gifts An employee shall not accept or solicit any gift, favor, service, or other benefit that could reasonably be construed to influence the employee’s discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities.

29 Warehouse/Fixed Assets Annual Division of Business Services Training

30 Central Warehouse/Fixed Assets District Operations Complex 4309 Warrior Drive Suite C Central Warehouse/Fixed Assets Entrance


32 Functions Central Receiving Fixed Assets Moving Crew Warehouse Stores Issues – General Supplies – Maintenance Supplies – Transportation Supplies – Custodial Supplies Mailroom

33 Central Receiving Items to be shipped to Warehouse, use PE ID S800 on purchase order. – Fixed Assets – High Pilferage – Items that require the use of a forklift, pallet jack or other materials handling equipment All other items can be shipped to your site/campus.

34 Tracking Packages Web page:

35 Login to Pitney Bowes

36 Once Logged in Click on Packages

37 Enter the Tracking # or PO #

38 Click on Details

39 Package Details Events will indicate: Date/Time Received, Routed, Receivers Name, and Delivered packages.

40 Fixed Assets – Capitalized Items Capitalized items are those with a per unit cost of $5,000 or more. – Use 6639 Account for furniture and equipment – Use 6641 for vehicles Ship to Central Receiving PEID S800

41 High Pilferage Items High-pilferage items are those that are likely to be stolen if a break-in occurs, and are generally of a “high tech” nature. Per-unit cost is not a factor in determining high-pilferage status.

42 High Pilferage Items Updated List Computers (CPU, Monitor, laptops, servers) Printers and Multi-function Printers Fax Machines Computer Scanners TV’s/Plasma Screens/LCD Panels DVD/VCR/Blueray players CD Players Camcorders Digital Cameras Photographic Cameras Scientific/Graphing Calculators Video/Computer Projectors Document Cameras PDA’s (iTouch, iPad, Palm Pilot, etc.) eReaders (Nook, Kindle, etc.) iPad’s, iTouch, iPod’s

43 For Add/Disposal, Vehicle, Transfer Go to Click on District Departments and select “Business Operations” Click on “Purchasing” Select “Central Warehouse/Fixed Assets” Click on the form you need

44 To Submit a Work Order Log on to the MISD KACE USER PORTAL https://kace.mcallenisd.n et/userui/welcome.php https://kace.mcallenisd.n et/userui/welcome.php Click on “Create a new Request” and “Select department area”

45 High Pilferage/Computer Disposal Form Disposal Form must be typed or it will be returned Attach form(s) to your KACE Work Order Retain copies for Campus/Department

46 Completing the HP-C Disposal Form 1.Enter the Campus or Department name. 2.Enter the site code of your Campus or Department. 3.Room number where the items are located. Enter a description if more appropriate, such as “Library”, “gym”, etc. 4.Date in which the form is being submitted. 5.Enter the work order number that was generated. 6.Enter the item number if the item is in the Fixed Assets Inventory. - This number will be on the McAllen ISD barcode. - Some older items have a “metal tag” or marked with a “permanent marker” with either the item or AV number. 7. Enter the purchase order number. - This number will be located in the barcode label.

47 Completing the HP-C Disposal Form 8.Enter an item description. 9.Check whether or not the property was purchased with Federal Funds. 10.Enter fund number. 11.Model/Brand name such as Canon, Dell, Gateway, etc. 12. Serial number if there is one. 13.Reason For Disposal. – Enter an explanation as to why the items need to be disposed of.  All items being disposed of will need an explanation.

48 Completing the HP-C Disposal Form Complete Section B: When requesting to dispose of property. In the “campus principal/central administrator” space, enter the name of the person that is initiating the request for disposal. – This may be a teacher, coach or supervisor as in the services department, i.e., Food Service, Plant Operations, etc. Forms need to be typed out. Hand writing at times is difficult to understand. Form will be rejected if handwritten.

49 Capitalized- Add/Disposal/Transfer Form Please type out form Enter work order using the Kace System Enter Transfer information “From-To”. Fill out Qty, Asset Tag #, Model, Serial, and Description of Equipment. Example: Marquee, Playground Eq. Equipment over $ 5,000. Obtain Administrators signature “Approval for Transfer”. Attach form to work order. Fixed Assets will schedule transfer

50 Disposal Form-Vehicles Disposal Form must be typed or it will be returned Attach form(s) to your KACE Work Order Retain copies for Campus/Department

51 Completing the Disposal Form-Vehicles Enter date Enter the Campus or Department name. Enter the site code of your Campus or Department. Enter vehicle information. Answer each line item. Enter reason for disposal. Answer each line item.

52 Completing the Disposal Form-Vehicles Answer Section C: Was vehicle determined beyond repair/was cost determined to repair. Can vehicle be used by another department? If “NO” write comments explaining why. Department Administrator signature of approval for disposal. Fixed Assets “finalizes” by determining method of disposal.

53 Other Disposals There is no disposal form required for the disposal of broken or damaged furniture, scrap metal, and tires. Broken furniture is to be disposed by custodian in dumpster. Simply submit a work order. On the work order give a detail description of what is to be picked up, “desks, chairs, file cabinets”. For additional information contact Javier Gallegos at 956-661-4442.

54 Moving Crew Work Requests The following are steps for requesting the assistance of the moving crew to transfer or permanently remove furniture and equipment. An Transfer form must also be completed and submitted.

55 Moving Crew Work Requests Log on to the MISD KACE USER PORTAL https://kace.mcallenisd.n et/userui/welcome.php https://kace.mcallenisd.n et/userui/welcome.php Click on “Create a new Request” and “Select department area”

56 Moving Crew Work Requests Click on “Summary” give a brief summary of job to be perform. Click on “Category” Click on “Priority” In the “Comment Space” enter a description of the work to be done. For Disposal forms, Click on “Browse” to attach Forms. Enter the work order number on the top right of the Add/Transfer/Disposal form.

57 Moving Crew Work Requests Computers Request should be submitted to the Technology Department Technology Department staff will mark the computers for disposal Technology Department will forward Work Order to Fixed Assets Department – No need to enter two work orders Submit Add/Transfer/Disposal form to the Fixed Assets Department.

58 Warehouse Stores Issues To place a Stores Issue, use SIOEUB Under SI – Stores Inventory, select OE and then UB. Click on the Add Mode symbol. Order ID – Click ellipse button to auto seed order number

59 Warehouse Stores Issues Description – Enter a general description for the entire order. Year – Will default Status – Will default to NW for New Order Primary Warehouse – Click the drop-down arrow and select WHS1 Central Warehouse or WHS 2 Maintenance Warehouse or WHS3 Transportation Warehouse Secondary Warehouse – Will default to user’s pre-defined security code. Requested By – Will default to user’s name. Requested Date – Will default to current date. Customer ID – Enter PEID for school or department. When all required fields are entered, press Enter to save the record.

60 Warehouse Stores Issues The items tab will automatically be selected. Qty Ordered – Enter quantity for item being ordered. Product ID – Use ellipse button to access lookup to find product code. Account – GL will default, enter the entire account number.

61 Warehouse Stores Issues When all required fields are entered press enter to save the record. Make sure you get the Record Accepted message.

62 New Classrooms Furniture Needs New Classroom additions requiring furniture. You are to submit a work order using the Log on to the MISD KACE USER PORTAL Click on “Create a new Request” and “Select department area” Attach the list of furniture to work order. List must include classroom #, grade level, and quantities.

63 Will Continue to Stock Bond paper, white Index paper Neon paper Receipt books

64 Receipt Books As campus receipt books run out, we will not reorder. Warehouse staff will start issuing receipt books from other campuses. If your stock number is depleted on the system, you will need to use another campus stock number to purchase receipt books for your campus.

65 Pitney Bowes

66 Mail Services Procedures District mailman services are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. All mail services are for school related business only and are done through Central Warehouse Department for proper postage and billing. Code all envelopes on the top left-hand side with your site number for proper billing.

67 NON PROFIT ORG. US POSTAGE PAID MCALLEN,TX 78501 PERMIT NO. 275 Purchasing Dept. 4309 Warrior Ave. McAllen, TX. 78501 Recipient’s Name 1234 Street Address City, State 1234 *New Option The mailroom will be able to print or pre-print the insignia on your envelopes for your campus/dept. for a fee of $0.10 cents per envelope. Bulk Mail Insignia

68  You must include PS form 3602-N with your mail and provide Central Warehouse with a “6299” account.  The following information MUST be filled: Name & Address of Campus/Department Exact number of pieces Signature of mailer and Telephone number  To qualify for standard mail rates, mail must contain the following type of information: Newsletters Announcements Booklets Procedures  You must have 200 pieces or more. Mail must be sealed and each piece must be identical in weight.  Standard mail must be delivered no later than 2:30pm.  If your mail qualifies for bulk rate, you will be required to process it as such. Standard Mail-Nonprofit Procedure

69 Design a Message Recipient’s Name 1002 Street Address City, State 1002 2000 N. 23 rd St. McAllen, TX. 78501 Examples of what the mailroom can print on the front/ back of envelopes.

70 Postage Rates DescriptionRates 1 st Class mail up to 1oz. Automated Rate (progress reports, report cards, etc.) $ 0.42 Post Cards$ 0.35 Standard Mail/Non-Profit Mail (Newsletters, Announcements, etc.) $ 0.26 Certified Mail with Return Receipt$ 5.75 Federal Express Services$ 10.00 & up Lone Star Services ( Service Area: Louisiana- New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas ONLY $ 6.99 & up DHL International Services$ 15.00 & up

71 For questions and assistance call (956) 632-3241 – Lorena Garcia, Director of Purchasing Services – Ercy Garcia, Secretary to the Director (956) 971-4468 – Javier Gallegos, Coordinator for Warehouse/Fixed Assets

72 4309 Warrior Drive, Bldg. C (Purchasing) McAllen, TX 78501 Ph: 956/971-4466 Fax: 956/632-8848 Instructional Materials and Student Records Department

73 Campus orders are thoroughly reviewed. Eligibility is determined on both student and teacher membership. Material is delivered either directly from our warehouse if in stock, or transferred campuses that has a surplus. If availability is limited due to growth in student/teacher membership supplemental material will be purchased with the IMA funds upon approval from the Instructional Services Department. Campuses with shortages due to losses will have to purchase with Campus funds. Changes in state funding have made it necessary to make the best use of funds for instructional material and to place extra emphasis on reducing textbook losses. To start off, we order instructional material according to district needs (i.e. workbooks, consumable workbooks, and student textbooks). 2012-2013 IM Allotment $1,942,941 YTD Balance $1,266,132 InstructionalMaterial Instructional Material

74 Surplus inventory will be collected from campuses and stored centrally Campuses will be allowed to retain a surplus of 3% over their enrollment. CAMPUSES ARE REQUIRED TO SCAN BOOKS WHEN ISSUING TO STUDENTS OR TEACHERS. All instructional material is bar-coded and added to TIPWeb, our district inventory system. CAMPUSES ARE REQUIRED TO SCAN BOOKS WHEN ISSUING TO STUDENTS OR TEACHERS. We highly encourage the use of “class-sets” rather then issuing one textbook per child. Campuses do have the option to issue by class set or per individual, BUT NOT BOTH. Digital resources be considered. Publishers now have most material available online or that which is compatible to use with iPads. While students are financially responsible for any lost or damaged textbooks, teachers still have a vital role in the care and custody of textbooks. TEXTBOOK CHECKS SHOULD BE HELD PERIODICALLY TO ENSURE THAT STUDENTS HAVE NOT LOST THEIR BOOKS. By doing this early in the year, students have time to find books they have misplaced.

75 Every textbook that have been bar-coded is physically counted during our Annual Audits, which are held towards the end of the school year. BOOKS THAT WERE NOT AT SIGHT TO BE PHYSICALLY COUNTED REFLECT AS SHORTAGES. Shortages are determined by comparing audit results to reconciled campus inventory. That is, to the ending inventory of the previous year after all losses have been recovered or paid for. Campuses are notified immediately of textbook shortages, this allows them time to report inaccuracies by locating books that were not at site to be counted. Invoices for confirmed losses not sent until the end of the following school year. Example: Losses for the audits held in summer of 2011-2012 will be invoiced in April/May of 2013, giving campuses more than ample time to recover material or to collect monies from students for confirmed losses. OUR GOAL IS TO RECOVER AS MANY BOOKS RATHER THAN COLLECTING MONIES TO REPLACE THEM. Refunds may be issued to students who have paid for a lost textbook and recover it after the fact, providing that the campus has not reimbursed the Instructional Materials Department. Textbook must also returned in usable condition and still within use by the district.

76 IM Disposal Form Removing material from your campus inventory without accounting for it will result in shortages and reflect as a loss to your campus. Be sure complete all fields, get authorized, and submit IM Department so that removal can be processed accordingly. If we do not receive the disposal form, we do not now you have material to dispose of. Disposal of Instructional Material

77 55 Books should be counted and stacked by grade level and title on pallets (or in boxes): 5 Spine-IN & 5 Spine-OUT  Do not over-stack pallets. They should be no more than 3 feet high for a safe transfer. Fax form to 632-8848  Do not over-stack pallets. They should be no more than 3 feet high for a safe transfer.

78 The Student Records Department is responsible to store official Academic Achievement Records for former McAllen ISD students who attended any MISD campus more than five (5) years ago. The Student Records Department is responsible to store official Academic Achievement Records (TEA form AAR-001 – High School Transcript) for former McAllen ISD students who attended any MISD campus more than five (5) years ago. STUDENT RECORDS OFFICE HOURS Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Closed from 12-1pm) Inactive Perm folders are kept at the campus for (5) years, therefore, recent graduates or withdrawals who attended MISD less than five (5) years should contact the last school they attended. Please be sure to ask the last year they were registered in MISD before referring to our office. The new “Dream Act” which gives undocumented youths “deferred action” to stay in the US and go to college or join the military has created high demands for student records. 32 Immigration requests in 2011-2012 yr vs. 50 Requests this month alone (8/27/12-9/27/12) Student Records

79 The recent updates made to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Retention Schedules (TSLAC) include: Student Academic Records (PK-8) Date of withdrawal + 5 years, no longer 7 Enrollment/Registration Forms Date of withdrawal + 5 years, no longer 7 Home Language Surveys Date of withdrawal + 5 years, no longer 7 By state law, these records may be destroyed once they reach their retention period. The academic achievement record (TEA form AAR-001/High School Transcript) or its former equivalent used to record academic achievement in grades 9-12 is required to be kept PERMANENTLY. Changes in Student Record Retention

80 Retention Schedules used by McAllen ISD include: Local Schedule SD – Records for Public School Districts Local Schedule GR – Records Common to All Governments Local Schedule EL – Records of Elections and Voter Registration Local Schedule TX – Records of Property Taxation MISD Adopted Retention Schedules Please contact our office for a full list of changes.

81 Complete and submit Records Storage Request. Records sent for storage must be neatly packed in approved storage boxes, properly labeled. Only send information in boxes that need to be stored; do not store miscellaneous documents or unnecessary copies. Refer to MISD Adopted Retention Schedules. Records stored at the warehouse must be destroyed when they reach the date of destruction in accordance with Federal and State records laws. Approved Storage Boxes FEL-9750301 Size: 12x10x15 or smaller Weight: Not to exceed 35 lbs Storage of Records

82 Contact our office with at least 1-2 days in advance so that we can locate box and allow you easy access. To speed up the process, have the following information ready: DEPARTMENTAL RECORDS Records School Year Content of Records (Series title, description, etc.) Box/Series Number (If applicable) PERM FOLDERS Student Name Last School and year attended (form available) Retrieval of Records and Inactive Perm Folders

83 Campuses or departments may have records destroyed at the McAllen City Recycling Center. The facility has the appropriate shredding/recycling equipment to destroy high volumes of expired records. Designated person must remain at the location to ensure all records containing sensitive information is destroyed properly. For business hours, you may contact: McAllen City Recycling Center 4101 N Bentsen Rd, McAllen, TX 78504 (956) 688-3266 Note: If you need assistance in moving material Recycling Center, submit a Work Order through Central Warehouse. Destruction of Records

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