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The Surprising Power of Optimization An Intro to Big Box Marketing.

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1 The Surprising Power of Optimization An Intro to Big Box Marketing

2 All Online Marketing is Auction Driven Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization The biggest marketing budget buys the way to the top Blogs Pages SEO Firms Backlinks Obvious (Direct) Less obvious (Indirect)

3 50% Net Conversion Rate $10.00 per click 52% Net Conversion Rate $10.40 per click Company ACompany B Why Optimization is Important? Let’s look at two companies that can spend $20 per product on marketing, before they begin to lose money. Company B has an advantage, but how big?

4 Auction Forces in Action An AdWords Scenario What Happens? Assume there are 1500 clicks per month for the search term “Buy Widgets” and that these 10 companies, each with $10k marketing budgets, are competing for these clicks. Companies CPC (cost-per-click) $10.00 $10.40 $9.90 $9.95

5 Google rewards the highest bidder An AdWords scenario, but SEO is really the same thing. Company B gets ~1000 clicks Company A gets ~500 clicks Everyone else gets ZERO Company A Company B Click Distribution One thrives. One survives. The rest struggle.

6 Takeaways 1.Nearly all digital marketing is auction driven. 2.It is extremely important that you are “efficient” with your marketing spend, meaning you should take every opportunity to optimize your conversion rates across your sales funnel. - $.50 can be the difference between 1,000 click and nothing at all. 1.Minor optimization improvements can lead to exponential results (not just incremental).

7 Who’s up for some Magic??

8 Optimize through Personalization An Intro to Marketing Automation

9 What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation refers to a suite of software designed to help marketers: 1. Drive more leads into a business with the same marketing dollars. 2. Convert more of those leads into sales. Full-featured marketing automation suites generally include the following: 1.Anonymous web visitor identification 2.Dynamic forms 3.Lead scoring 4.Email automation 5.Campaign tracking and ROI CRM vs. Marketing Automation – Marketing automation is for marketers.

10 1. Drive More Leads 2. Convert Leads to Sales Identify anonymous web visitors Optimize your campaigns SEO and PPC optimization tools Dynamic forms capture more leads Lead scoring – focus on the best leads Email automation – nurture & convert Life of The Lead – business intelligence Sales management tools and alerts How Marketing Automation Works 3. Automate & Streamline Your Workflow Comprehensive analytics Exportable graphs, charts and reports Automate repetitive tasks Prove ROI automatically Limited Time Limited Resources Limited Budget

11 Bad news… If you are not using marketing automation, 98% of your web traffic is going to waste. Why? Because only 2% of web visitors fill-out a form on your site and let you know who they are… Ok, but if they don’t fill out a form, aren’t they bad leads? They are early in the process and haven’t researched enough They don’t want to be spammed They don’t have the time

12 VisitorID Good News…. Anonymous Web Visitor Identification Double the leads from your site Visitor ID identifies full company profiles including: Names Emails Phone numbers Locations Employees Revenue Know exactly what your visitors want and why they came to you Capture names, numbers, & emails of your visitors View lead activity at a glance

13 Email Automation Choose a design from our collection of beautiful templates –- or upload your own Edit content and design with ease with our real-time WYSIWYG editor Upload images and attachments with our built-in media manager

14 Email Automation Set triggers and filter your leads with the Rules Engine Use workflows to build powerful chains of action. Assign users to lists Send an email Notify sales Increase conversions & sales with responsive marketing based on your lead’s behavior

15 Magic Trick Takeaways 1.You can create highly-personalized, near one-on-one communication with every lead automatically 1.Based entirely on the leads behaviors and interests. 2.Not viewed as spam because it’s relevant. 3.It is not about “Constant Contact” it is about relevant contact. 2.Bridge the gap between sales and marketing 1.Notify sales when a lead comes back to the site, downloads a white paper, attends a webinar, or does anything interesting. 2.Tell sales people exactly what the leads wants with sophisticated business intelligence delivered to their inbox.

16 Lead Scoring Focus on the leads that matter Completely customizable to your business Scores based on: Completeness Activity Fit Ensure every lead gets the attention they deserve Lead Scoring

17 Campaign Optimization SharpSpring lets you track any type of campaign Both online & traditional Automatically Campaign Optimization Monitor & compare all of your campaigns from a single dashboard Know at-a-glance what campaigns are converting and stop campaigns that aren’t Supports UTM codes, dedicated landing pages, and specific campaigns Easily export charts, graphs and leads

18 Business Intelligence Life of the Lead shows you: Forms filled out Calls madeEmails sent Pages visitedDeal progressionWhen the sale was made See what campaign brought in the lead

19 SEO Tools and Web Analytics Focus and create content that will drive more leads Know who’s sending the best traffic to your site Connect the dots between visitor clicks and leads Make optimized SEO decisions from your data SEO Tools and Web Analytics

20 Best Practices for B2B 1.Use dynamic forms and content to collect more leads. 2.Double your leads - Identify anonymous web visitors. 3.Set-up drip campaigns to nurture leads. 4.Create alerts when past customers return to the site. 5.Create alerts when leads in your pipeline doing anything interesting. 6.Provide sales with business intelligence about what you leads are most interested in. 7.Contact leads at exactly the right moment, with exactly the right information.

21 Best Practices for B2C 1.Stop sending generic promotions and newsletters. 2.Build product-specific automated campaigns. 3.Think like Amazon: 1.Suggest similar, complementary, or additional products. 4.REACT to your customer’s behavior. 1.Returning from an email? Send them similar content. 2.Doesn’t open? Try something different. 5.Mine your analytics for converting keywords. 6. Drive holiday and other promotions based on what your customers are interested in. 7. Automated customer satisfaction and other surveying. Segment consumers and personalize communication strategies

22 In closing… Even minor optimization/conversion improvements can lead to exponential results in certain situations Marketing Automation provides a platform for savvy marketers to make drastic improvements along the entire conversion funnel – driving more leads with the same marketing dollars, and converting more of those leads to sale.

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