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Bidder’s Conference CalCloud IFB # July 18, 2013

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1 Bidder’s Conference CalCloud IFB #12-136613 July 18, 2013
IFB , CalCloud

2 Conference Basics Cell Phones (Off/Silent Mode) Emergency Exits
Available Facilities Registration Sign-In IFB , CalCloud

3 Ground Rules Oral Responses will not be binding on the State
Not an open forum for Bidder Questions, section I.J All questions must be submitted in writing on the Index cards provided to you Question cards will be collected Written questions will be officially answered in Q&A Set IFB , CalCloud

4 General Information Read entire IFB Review Key Action Dates
Check BidSync site for updates Location: Information available on bidsync: IFB documents Question and Answer Sets Addenda IFB , CalCloud

5 Conference Purpose Overview of IFB
Provide information related to the IFB Opportunity to ask questions regarding the IFB All questions must be submitted in writing IFB , CalCloud

6 Project Overview IFB , CalCloud

7 Project Overview cont’d
Self Service business model (via the Portal) Standardized highly available virtual server environment Hosted at OTech’s Gold Camp & Vacaville Data Centers User Portal with ability to: Provision servers in hours, add resources within minutes Setup backup and IDR for servers Site) Monitor servers for capacity and performance Normalize service menu Monthly billing of service IFB , CalCloud

8 Project Overview cont’d
The self-service web portal will provide the user a “shopping cart” experience, where they select a server size and OS with a base monthly price and the add extra’s at an additional monthly cost. Bundle Size CCU* Memory (GB) Storage(GB) Small 2 4 90 Medium 8 Large 16 Extra-Large 32 IFB , CalCloud

9 Section I: Introduction
Procurement Official – Sole Point of contact, Section I.D IFB conducted under PCC 6611 5 year term additional 12-month options Bidder’s Library, Section I.G, located at: Key Action Dates IFB , CalCloud

10 Section I.E - Key Action Dates
Date/Time 1.     Release of IFB June 27, 2013 2.     Submission of Letter of Intent to Bid, and Signed Confidentiality Statement (Exhibit I-A and Exhibit I-B) July 9, 2013 3.     Bidder’s Conference July 18, 2003 4.     Last day to Submit Questions for Clarifications of IFB July 22, 2013 5.     State Responds to Bidder Questions for Clarifications of IFB Aug 6, 2013 6.     Last day to Protest Requirements Aug 8, 2013 7.     Submission of Final Bids Aug 26, 2013 8.   Evaluation Period 2 wks. after final bid submission 9.     Negotiation Period TBD 10.    Last Day to Submit Best and Final Offer (BAFO) 11.   Notification of Award 12. Agreement Award and Execution IFB , CalCloud

11 Section II: Rules Governing Competition
II.A. Identification and Classification II.A.1 Requirements Use of “shall”, “must” or “will” Mandatory Requirements (M) Mandatory scored Requirements (MS) II.A.2 Desirable Scorable (DS) Use of “should” or “may” IFB , CalCloud

12 Section III: Current Services
Provides a high level description of OTech’s current environment Section IV: Proposed Services Vision of the State’s CalCloud services IFB , CalCloud

13 Section V: Administrative
V.S. Qualifications (Bidder) V.S.1. Attach.12, Bidder Qualification Summary Form (M) V.S.2. Attach.13, Bidder Qualification Reference Form (M) V.S.3. Attach.16, Bidder Security Compliance Assessment (MS) V.S.4. Staff Qualifications V.S.4.1 Attach’s. 14A through 14C, Staff Qualification Summary Forms (M and DS) V.S.4.3. Attach’s. 15A through 15C, Staff Qualification Reference Forms (M) IFB , CalCloud

14 Section V: Admin cont’d
IFB , CalCloud

15 Section VI: Technical Table VI.1 CalCloud Technical Requirements
Contains “M”, “MS” and “DS” requirements Must comply “Yes” to be deemed responsive Must provide narratives where indicated Responses must address all elements listed in the requirement Do not include narratives if not required IFB , CalCloud

16 Section VI: Technical IFB , CalCloud

17 Section VII: Cost Cost is the primary evaluation criterion (50% of total points) Incomplete offers, different formats/pricing structures can lead to rejection of bid Cost must be submitted only in final bid Volume III VII.B. Cost Worksheets (MS) Attachment 18, Cost Worksheets Seven volume pricing levels and one Cost summary sheet Enter price per unit and the formula will calculate subtotals and evaluation totals IFB , CalCloud

18 Section VII: Cost cont’d
IFB , CalCloud Fill in Per Unit (VM) Price Column Only

19 Section VII: Cost cont’d
Complete Each Tab Auto Populated IFB , CalCloud

20 Section VIII: Bid Format
VIII.B.2 Volume I - Response to Admin. and Tech. Requirements Cover Letter Refer to Table VIII.1 for a list of the administrative documents Refer to Table VIII.2 for a list of the technical documents VIII.B.3 Volume II - Completed Contract Std. 213 Exhibit A No Cost data in Volumes I or II IFB , CalCloud

21 Section VIII: Bid Format, cont’d
Volume III must be in a separately sealed, marked envelope VIII.B.4 Volume III - Cost Data Attachment 18, Cost Worksheets IFB , CalCloud

22 Section IX: Evaluation
Cost will remain sealed until administrative and technical evaluations are complete Non-compliant bidders will not have cost opened Total points possible = 624 points Administrative points available: 50% points = 312 Cost points available: 50% points = 312 The five highest scored bids will be invited to participate in negotiations FB , CalCloud

23 Section IX: Evaluation cont’d
FB , CalCloud

24 10 Minute Break Submit index cards
FB , CalCloud

25 Thank you for attending
IFB , CalCloud

26 Contact Information Procurement Official: Mallie Stone Department of Technology Statewide Technology Procurement Division Telephone: (916) Sole Point of Contact Questions, Bid Submission, etc. IFB , CalCloud

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