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Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. 2014 RFI Bidders’ Conference April 4, 2014 Tempe, Arizona.

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1 Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. 2014 RFI Bidders’ Conference April 4, 2014 Tempe, Arizona

2 Agenda Introductions AEPCO & SWTC Burns & McDonnell RFI Information RFI Organization and Process Questions 2

3 Introductions AEPCO 2014 RFI Project Team Dick Kurtz: AEPCO Barry Brown: AEPCO Shane Sanders: SWTC Matt Lind: Burns & McDonnell Jon Summerville: Burns & McDonnell 3 3

4 AEPCO Rural generation and transmission cooperative Owns and operates the 605 MW Apache Generating Station in Cochise, Arizona AEPCO serves six distribution cooperatives with wholesale power, and provides additional resources, scheduling, trading, and ancillary services to other members and non-member customers. 4

5 Service Territory 5

6 Burns & McDonnell Internationally recognized engineering and consulting firm serving clients since 1898 Over 4,300 employees & 100% employee-owned firm Proud to be #14 on FORTUNE’s 2014 List of 100 Best Companies to Work For 6

7 RFI Information RFI Requirements Existing resources of up to 150 MWs beginning in 2015/2016 Proposals must be for a minimum block of 50 MWs PPA and TA preferred contract terms are for a minimum of 20 years; asset purchases must have a remaining asset life of at least 20 years Coal facilities should have current pollution control technology and meet or exceed all emission and other environmental requirements AEPCO’s share of the resource must be dispatchable by AEPCO 7

8 RFI Information RFI Requirements (continued) Capacity and energy must have firm transmission and deliverability to the Palo Verde, Westwing, or Mead hubs or to interconnections of these hubs, such as Winchester, Topock, and Greenlee that have available transmission capacity Proposals will be accepted for capacity and/or the associated dispatchable energy Due to the fact that AEPCO does not have any retail load any proposals for energy efficiency or demand side management (DSM) will be deemed unresponsive and will not be accepted 8 8

9 RFI Information AEPCO is primarily interested in purchasing for ownership a portion of an efficient natural gas-fired asset, but if no such product is available AEPCO will also consider a dispatchable call option PPA from: (1)such an asset for a 20 year term, (2)a coal asset for up to 10 years, or (3)a tolling arrangement for a period up to 20 years. 9 9

10 Organization and Process AEPCO 2014 RFI Schedule 10 EventAnticipated Date Release of RFIMarch 17, 2014 Bidder ConferenceApril 4, 2014 Notice of Intent to RespondApril 10, 2014 Proposal Submittal DeadlineApril 21, 2014 Selection of Short List and NotificationJune 30, 2014 Bidder Initial Contract Draft from Short ListJuly 15, 2014 Negotiated Terms and ConditionsEnd of 3 rd Quarter 2014 AEPCO Member ApprovalDecember 10, 2014 Contract ExecutionDecember 18, 2014

11 Organization and Process 11 Email Web site: Attachment A: Response Data Attachment B: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Notice of Intent to Respond – April 10, 2014

12 Organization and Process 12 Proposal Outline Executive Summary Overview of the proposal and project Proposal Limitations Time limits proposal is valid Technical Proposal & Cost Detail provided in Section C: PPA or TA Term Sheet located in Attachment A: Response Data. Company Data Experience and reference to web site for financials and reports

13 Organization and Process 13 Respondents are asked to submit (via email) a Notice of Intent to Bid by April 10, 2014. Respondents are required to submit three (3) hard copies of each proposal and a CD with the spreadsheets provided in Attachment A: Response Data to the address below. Burns & McDonnell Attn: Jon Summerville 9400 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO 64114 All proposals submitted in response to this RFI must be received by B&M no later than 5:00 PM EST April 21, 2014.

14 Organization and Process 14 Reservation of Rights AEPCO may not select any proposals AEPCO may extend or terminate this RFI at any time All proposals submitted to AEPCO may be used for any reasonable purpose by AEPCO. AEPCO and B&M shall consider materials provided by respondent in response to this RFI to be confidential. Proposal may be subject to discovery and disclosure in regulatory proceedings

15 Questions? 15 Relevant questions from Bidders’ Conference will be transcribed and posted to the website by Tuesday April 8 th

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