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Generation Business Line

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1 Generation Business Line
New pre-qualification process for Generation Operations Projects

2 CONTENTS Introduction Importance of pre-qualification
The importance of classification Major categories Flow chart of pre-qualification process Features of new pre-qualification procedures Registration on SEC’s website procedures How to Register with SEC Registration Guides Bidder Portal

To create appropriate & fair opportunities for all qualified contactors that are powered to be partners of our business through the pre-qualification gate, which help the company to select contractors with good experience and competence. Pre-qualification: Is a comprehensive process of technical evaluation for the contractor that carried out by generation business line specialists, in addition to a financial and commercial evaluation process done by the contracting sector.

4 The importance of pre-qualification
For Saudi Electricity Company: 1. Selection of contractors who can complete projects on time and required quality. 2. Reducing the duration of the projects bidding due to pre-qualification of contractors. For Contractors: 1. Equal opportunities for contractors who applies for company projects. 2. Giving sufficient time to the contractor to achieve the technical, financial and commercial requirements of the company before bidding.

5 The importance of Classification
Why do we need to classify contractors according to their specialties ? Due to the multiplicity of Saudi Electricity Company works in various fields and the varying capabilities of contractors and their specialties, it was necessary to develop a classification of the various generation works for the purpose of: Inviting only qualified contractors at tendering stage. Avoid assigning the project to non-specialists contractors or with limited capacity.

6 Major Categories Power stations. Gas turbine Blades & HGP parts.
Transformers (Xfmr). Generators Boilers Gas turbines and its auxiliaries Steam turbines and its auxiliaries HVAC systems Electronic control systems Water treatment and distillation Maintenance management & trouble analysis Mechanical works Electrical works Electronic works Tests, analysis and treatments for substances. Civil works Fire fighting systems Consultations. Technical service support. Manpower Long term services of operation & maint. Material Supply fuel transport Exhaust System Training Energy rental. Equipment rental Environment & pollution Different activities and not categorized Manufacturing and supply of mechanical part.

7 Flow Chart of Pre-qualification Process
OLD PROCESS CONTRACTOR Issuing letters for successful and failed qualification Contracting Sector (By Contracting Department SOA) Contracting Commercial Evaluation (By Contracting Department SOA) Generation Technical Evaluation (By Generation Operations Sectors)

8 Flow Chart of Prequalification Process
NEW PROCESS CONTRACTOR Issuing letters for failed qualification START : Through SEC website Issuing letters for successful qualification Generation Head Office (By Operational Excellence and Coordination Department) Generation Technical Evaluation (By Generation Operations Sectors) Fail Technical Evaluation Result Pass Contracting Commercial Evaluation (By Contracting Department)

9 Features of new qualification procedures
Save more than 10 days wasted in Correspondence. Better communication between technical teams and contractors. Better response to solve issue. Contractor will receive the prequalification letter with improved quality. Total time of prequalification will improved.

Step 1: Access to the company's site (, and click “More” below the “Business” tab as shown below.

Step 2: Click on “Contractors E-Bidding” logo.

Step 3: Click on “Contractor Registration” link as shown below.

Step 4: Follow the steps and complete the required data to get “Vendor No”.

14 Registration Guides To get all the registration guides and reference number of Generation Operations Projects, follow the below steps: 1 2 3

15 Registration Guides Guides Generation Operations Projects RFX No.

16 Registration Guides

17 Bidder Portal After registering, you are now ready to prequalify your company for SEC's projects. Please visit Bidder Portal to download the Prequalification documents depending on your field of expertise (the following picture). 1 2 3

18 Bidder Portal Note that the (User ID) is the “Vendor No.”
After login, use the reference number “RFx” for the required categories. Then, the qualification documents can be downloaded.

19 Thank you

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