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State of Kansas Strategic Sourcing January 2015

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1 State of Kansas Strategic Sourcing January 2015
Fit Gap Sessions State of Kansas Strategic Sourcing January 2015

2 Agenda Introductions Objectives Schedule Fit Gap Discussion
Global Enhancements with 9.2 Enterprise Search (Confirm the areas where it will be utilized) Business Process Deltas between 9.0 and 9.2 Online Review / Offline Review Confirm new functionality that should be explored for system design Workflow If applicable – Confirm whether AWE or Virtual Approver will be used Interfaces Retrofit / Eliminate Customizations Reports Security Batch Schedule Discussion

3 Introductions Name Functional Area Role

4 Objectives Analyze the deltas between current Business processes and version 9.2. Identify Gaps Confirm Inventory of Interfaces, Customizations and Reports. Facilitate the next stage – Design and Configuration A list of potential post upgrade improvements requiring new or changed configuration and business process that cannot be implemented now due to upgrade constraints.

5 Schedule Subject Date Time Topics ePro/Purchasing Part 1 Tuesday,
January 20, 2015 9: :00 Global Enhancements, Supplier Administration Center, Bidder Registration, Create/Modify Events, Event Workbench/Analyze Events, Award Events

6 Global Enhancements Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES)
Provides global search capabilities that enables the user to take action from search results without navigating through the menus thereby increasing productivity SES is implemented through the PeopleSoft Search Framework. The PeopleSoft Search Framework replaces the Verity search engine and provides a standard method to create search indexes for PeopleSoft applications SES indexing is available in these areas of PS FSCM Assets, Expenses, Journals, Payments, Procurement Contracts, Purchase Orders, Receiving in Purchasing, Requisitions in Purchasing and eProcurement, Strategic Sourcing Events, Suppliers, Supplier Conversations, Vouchers

7 Global Enhancements - SES

8 Global Enhancements - SES

9 Global Enhancements - SES

10 Global Enhancements Pivot Grids
Based on PS Query results that display results in an Excel-like pivot table, chart, or grid. Interactive analytical grids and charts Accessible through pagelets added to a users Home Page, Work Center and Dashboards

11 Global Enhancements Embedded Help Use Help Icon (?)
Explains how to perform a specific task Message modal window can be moved

12 Global Enhancements Accessible with Apple Ipad and other tablet devices Certified on Safari browser running IOS version 4.2 or later Enables view to virtually all of the PS application pages Use with mobile devices

13 Business Processes Supplier Administration Center and Registration Dashboard Consolidate and centralize access to relevant data based on user roles and permissions. For example, an administrator can review pending supplier, bidder, and user account registration requests and alerts that require action. The FSCM 9.2 WorkCenters will deliver four standard pagelets – My Work, My Links, Queries, and Reports and Processes Dashboard Analytics Introduces Dashboard Analytics for Live Events. Users are able to access bid history charts directly from the dashboard Author RFx Document Provides the ability to author and RFx document at during event creation Option to Suppress Creation of PDF Event File Delivers a new option to suppress the creation and submission of the PDF that is created during the Event Post process Line Defaults Provides the capability for line defaults enhancements during event creation to allow defining bid factors to be provided by default to all lines

14 Business Processes – Supplier Administration Center

15 Business Processes – Registration Dashboard

16 Business Processes Add RFx Document

17 Business Processes – Modify an Event

18 Business Processes – Line Defaults

19 Business Processes Bundle Discount Pricing
Enables bidders to provide bundled discount pricing by grouping multiple event lines. When an event line grouping is awarded to a vendor, the line grouping will be carried forward to the subsequent procurement contract or purchase order, providing full visibility into line grouping usage and pricing Centralized Event Documents and Attachments Provides a centralized page for viewing attachments and documents associated to an event, accessible to event creators and buyers Bid package files & header attachments are consolidated within one access link and all line attachments are consolidated within another, allowing for access to all attachments on one page. Improved Event Collaboration Security Introduces a new Event Collaboration menu item which controls access to events to which collaborators should have access New Bidding Home Page Provides a new Bidding Home Page that lists the most likely actions bidders take within the supply-side of Strategic Sourcing This page will be the first page bidders access after being invited to an event

20 Business Processes – View All Attachments

21 Business Processes – Collaboration Details
Event Collaboration – Select Collaborators and Routing Sequence

22 Business Processes – Line Grouping
Bundle Pricing

23 Business Processes Amount Only Requisitions (Pain Point when Awarding)
Create Event by copying requisition Sets the Bid Quantity Rule to “Not Applicable” thereby allowing multiple awards

24 Business Processes Bidder Contact Security
When buyers invite a bidder to bid on a sourcing event, the default contact is associated to that bidder on a invitation Buyers may manually choose to invite a different contact for the bidder Previously on supplier facing pages all bidder contacts could view the event Bidder Contact Security enhancement provides the capability to restrict access such that only the bidder contact specified on the invitation is able to view the event, place bids and view bidding activity Configurable Bidder Search Criteria Provides organizational search criteria which may include Supplier Master attributes such as Small Disadvantaged Business Program, Veteran Owned Small Business, HUB Zone Program, etc. Filter Criteria for Event Workbench Provides a new Only Show Active Events option in Event Workbench Option when selected filters out all events with a status of Awarded, Not Awarded or Canceled.

25 Business Processes – Event Workbench

26 Business Processes Offline Analysis
Provides capabilities for offline analysis by allowing offline event analysis and upload capabilities Usability & Performance Enhancements Provides several usability and performance enhancements to the analysis and awarding of events. More bids can be viewed on the analysis pages and the award and analysis pages have been separated to allow for separation of duties New Next Line & Previous Line Options in event Creation & Analyzing Events Components Segregation of Duties Split Bid Analysis introduces the ability to group bid factors separately to support the segregation of duties within an organization and can be enabled during Event Collaboration and Analysis Collaboration For example, organizations may want one bid factor group to contain item information that business users can review and another financial users bid factor group that can review price, supplier’s credit score, and shipping costs. Segregation of duties with the configurable bid factor groups prevents technical users from having access to financial data and vice versa, and it ensures that technical components are evaluated before cost components. Routing to collaborators can be either parallel or sequential

27 Business Processes Usability & Performance Enhancements – View more bids and Analysis page separated from Award page

28 Business Processes Collaborator Comments During Analysis
Collaborator comments during the analysis of header and line bid factors are viewable by the event owner Provides added benefit of capturing information that may be useful for the individuals who are determining final award allocation. Carry Configurable Profile Questions onto the Supplier Master Maintains the configurable profile question responses into the supplier master at the time of award. Having visibility and access to the configurable profile questions in the supplier master gives users the ability to track and report against the information and manually update the data for accuracy Restrict Award Transaction Types Provides a configuration option to restrict the award of different transaction types including purchase orders, PO contracts, or Release to Single PO Contract User preferences can be configured to award only certain types of transactions Supplier Creation/Approval before Award Provides organizations the option to allow the department that manages supplier maintenance, to create and approve the supplier before award Helps ensure policy compliance and controls within your organization.

29 Business Processes Supplier Approval Required before Award

30 Business Processes Self Service Registration for Bidders and Suppliers
Step-by-step registration process for new suppliers and bidders can be configured to be accessible on your organization’s public website for unsolicited requests so that any supplier or bidder can request to do business with SOK Can be configured for access by invitation only Send selected contacts an with a URL and registration code for accessing the registration pages Ability to route bidders and or suppliers through AWE approval workflow Employee Self Service Bidder Registration Similar to supplier facing registration pages and is configurable to capture the same type of information and approvals Supplier Approval Provides the ability to require approval for new suppliers that are created as a bidder is converted into a supplier at the time of award Bidder to Supplier Conversion Provides a tool that can automatically create a supplier master record based on a selected bidder New page gives buyers the advantage of leveraging existing bidders in the system without manually keying in the new supplier; and the system also automatically tracks that the bidder is now a supplier in the system

31 Business Processes – Employee Facing Bidder Registration Pages

32 Business Processes – Employee Facing Bidder Registration Pages - 2

33 Business Processes – Employee Facing Bidder Registration Pages - 3

34 Business Processes Bidder to Supplier Conversion Page

35 Workflow Notification Workflows Implemented
Role and User Id based – out of the box (documented in customizations) Analysis Collaboration Workflow Collaboration Notice Workflow Event Invitation Workflow Approval Workflow not implemented

36 Interfaces Inbound/ Outbound/Real Time Frequency Interface Flow Name
INF# PS Interface Job Process Name Functional Job Name/Description Retro-Fit (Y/N) Outbound Nightly SMRT.PS.N.PO.INF39.KS_BID_SUPP INF39 PS.N.PO.KS_BID_SUPP KS_BID_SUPP Existing Solicitation interface INF39 : (SS) To state Website Y

37 Customizations ID Description Business Reason Retro/Fit (Y/N) FD_PO004
Create Event Page Calendar Provides the event creator a warning message if the Event Start and or End Date falls on a weekend or holiday Y FD_PO014 Analysis Collaboration Workflow Role assignment & workflow configuration documentation FD_PO015 Collaboration Notice Workflow FD_PO016 Event Invitation Workflow FD_PO018 Commodity Code Description Increases the item category description field from 30 to 254 characters to support UNSPSC descriptions. Impacted SS pages: Event Details, Bidder Registration, Bidder Categorization Tree FD_PO020 Bidder/Vendor Changes Capture vendor/bidder characteristics such as small/minority owned business and ensures values are available during vendor creation FD_PO023 Add Category Code to Maintain Bidders page Allows the Bidder Categorization Information page to be accessible from the employee portal location and its delivered (supplier portal) location. The modification should allow the user to maintain the Bidder and Vendor category code from one page

38 Reports – Custom Report ID Description Delivered Type Retro-Fit (Y/N)
FD_AUCSUMM Sourcing Event Summary Yes SQR Y

39 Security Current State Security Changes
Custom Roles and Permission lists used Row Level Security Used – BU/Set ID (by Agency) User Preferences – Strategic Sourcing Requester and Buyer Setup Security Changes New permission lists for new features (Supplier Administration and Registration Center, SES, etc.) User Preferences – Award Types Security Design Changes will be needed This will be discussed with the SOK Security Team separately

40 Batch Schedule Frequency Functional Job Name PS Navigation Path
Run Control ID Suggested Change Nightly Existing Solicitation Interface INF39 Kansas > KS PO Batch > INF39-Solicitation Website N_PO_KS_BID_SUPP No

41 Open Discussion & Questions

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