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One UP. One University. One Procurement System.

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1 One UP. One University. One Procurement System.
Isagani L. Bagus Acting Chief, UP System SPMO UP Manila 25 November 2014

2 House Rules Turn off or put in silent mode all mobile phones
Take phone calls outside the Conference Room Address questions/clarifications to the speaker Active participation is highly encouraged Stay awake

3 Training Objectives Train the UP Manila personnel on procurement process as per Republic Act 9184 Implementing Rules and Regulations; To have a uniform interpretation on the procurement process and procedures; and Gather feedback that shall serve as a guide to help UP improve the system on procurement in all aspects and improve the quality of service that University is providing.

4 Is Procurement a Problem in UP Manila?
Question? Is Procurement a Problem in UP Manila?

5 Answer proCUREment

6 Common Questions in all CUs
Why procurement process is very long? Why it took procurement more than a year? Why specifications is wrong? Why failed bid? Why wrong posting in PhilGEPS.Announcement? Why … Why …. Why

7 Solution to the Questions?
B. L. A. M. E. Bakit Lagi Ako ang Mali Eh di naman

8 P.B.B. on Procurement P Procurement Process B Best PRACTICE

9 P.B.B. on Procurement P Procurement Process B Bad PRACTICE

10 Q and A

11 Present Status on Procurement of UP: Policy Implementation

12 Constituent U’s of UP UP Min UP Cebu UP System UPD UPM UPLB UPV UPB

13 UP: One UP. One University. One Procurement System

14 Republic Act 9184? Procurement Law of the Philippines
Includes the following: Implementing Rules and Regulations on Procurement Procurement Policy and Procedures of the Philippines Executive Orders Govt. Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Resolutions PhilGEPS Requirements Others: COA, UP, DBM, Procurement Service

15 Nature of Procurement

16 Nature of Procurement Infra Services Goods
Example: equipment, furniture, stationery, materials for construction, or personal property of any kind, including non-personal or contractual services, such as repair and maintenance of equipment and furniture, as well as trucking, hauling, janitorial, security, procurement of supplies and materials, etc. Infra Example: construction, improvement, rehabilitation, demolition, repair, restoration or maintenance of roads and bridges, railways, airports, seaports, communication facilities, civil works components of information technology projects, irrigation, flood control and drainage, water supply, sanitation, etc. Services Example: requiring adequate external technical and professional expertise that are beyond the capability and/or capacity of the GOP to undertake such as, but not limited to: advisory and review services; pre-investment or feasibility studies; design; construction supervision; management and related services; and other technical services or special studies.

17 Q and A

18 Major Stakeholders of Procurement in UP

19 Major Stakeholders of Procurement
End-User Budget Officers SPMO/BAC Secretariat BAC Members TWG Members Accountant Internal Auditor Observers / Resource Persons H.O.P.E.

20 Functions of Stakeholders

21 End-User Prepare the following: PPMP Technical Specifications
Particulars Remarks Specifications - Consult the expert Complete and generic (No brand please/equivalent) Do not copy brochure/catalogue being issued by supplier Range for minimum and maximum After Sales Warranty Insurance Training of personnel Delivery period Be realistic

22 End-User Approved Budget Ceiling Particulars Remarks Cost
Do not copy the brochure/catalogue provided by supplier Value Added Tax Included 12% VAT Additional Warranty Request for a costing if there is additional warranty Bid Documents Cost of Bid documents might also consider in computing ABC Value for Money Do not delay payment to supplier/s

23 Budget Officer Issue Budget Clearance / Availability of Funds
DBM Funds, UP Funds, or other source of funds Expiration / End of Life of SARO / Budget Clearance

24 SPMO / BAC Secretariat Assist the BAC in the conduct of its functions
Serve as the main support unit of BAC Post the Invitation to Bid in PhilGEPS, Bulletin Board, Website, and Newspaper (if necessary) Receive suppliers queries/questions and other documents address to BAC Prepare the bidding documents (before and after procurement)

25 Members of the BAC Advertise and/or post the Invitation to Bid
Conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences Determine the eligibility of prospective bidders Receive bids Conduct the evaluation of bids Undertake post qualification proceedings Recommend award of contracts the event to the HOPE

26 Technical Working Group
Review the specifications submitted by end-user during pre-procurement conference Conduct evaluation on the specifications submitted by end-user Evaluate the proposal of supplier on technical specifications Conduct ocular inspection if necessary

27 Accountant Issued Availability of Funds
Evaluate the NFCC submitted by bidder/s Obligate the funds after delivery Prepare other COA requirements

28 Internal Auditor Serve as observer of the Public Bidding
Re-examined the procurement if compliant with Republic Act 1984 and COA provisions

29 Observers To enhance the Transparency of the procurement process, the BAC shall in all stages of the procurement process, invite, in addition to the representative of the COA at least two (2) observers to sit in procurement proceedings The observer should meet the criteria of observer as set forth in the IRR

30 Head of Procuring Entity
Approved or Disapprove the recommendation of the BAC Constitution of BAC members to award the contract to the winning bidder BAC Resolutions

31 Delineation of Authority
Delegated Approval Ceilings Board of Regents Construction and repair, including construction management services Purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, and services Above Php75M President Php75M Chancellors UPD, UPLB, UPM, UPV: Php25M UPB, UPMin, UPOU, and UP Cebu Php15M

32 Q and A

33 Mode of Procurement

34 AMP: Emergency Pucrhase
Mode of Procurement Shopping Public Bidding AMP: Negotiated AMP: Repeat Order AMP: Emergency Pucrhase AMP: Others

35 What is Small Value Procurement?
Where the procurement does not fall under Shopping in Section 52 of the IRR and the amount involved does not exceed the thresholds prescribed in IRR Requirements: Three (3) quotations from Bona fide Suppliers Thresholds: Below Php50, and below

36 Flow Chart for Small Value P50,000 and below
Purchase Request End-User Budget Clearance Budget Office Posting to PhilGEPS SPMO/BAC Sec. Delivery and Payment Preparation of Procurement Documents SPMO

37 NEW Flow Chart for Shopping P50,000 and below
Purchase Request End-User Budget Clearance Budget Office Posting to PhilGEPS SPMO/BAC Sec. Delivery and Payment Preparation of Procurement Documents SPMO Request for 3-Quotations

38 Q and A

39 Shopping Shopping is a method of procurement of goods whereby the procuring entity simply request for the submission of price quotations for readily available off the-self goods or ordinary/regular equipment to be procured directly from the supplier of know qualifications Requirements: at least three (3) price quotations from bona fide suppliers; Purchase Request, Budget Clearance, Complete specifications (note: no brand name, and lock-in to a certain brand/specifications)

40 Shopping PRESENT Flow Chart for P100,000 up to P499,999.99
Purchase Request End-User Budget Clearance End-User (at least 2 days) Posting to PhilGEPS SPMO (at least 7 – 9 days) Delivery and Payment Preparation of Procurement Documents SPMO (within 3 days)

41 Q and A

42 Public Bidding All procurement shall be done through competitive bidding, except as provided in Rule XVI of RA 9184 – IRR Amount subject to Public Bidding: Php500, and above Requirements: Budget Clearance (dont use catalogue price as much as possible, includes cost of bid documents, value added tax) Purchase Request (conduct intial canvass from bonafide supplier) Complete Specifications (dont copy the catalogue specifications, no lackin) If infrastructure/renovation: plans are needed, bill of quantities of materials, complete specifications) If services (Terms of Reference) PhilGEPS posting (Newspaper posting if Php2M and above)

43 Public Bidding: ABC Php500 to P2 Million
Purchase Request End-User Budget Clearance Budget Office Posting to Phil GEPS SPMO 1-day Public Bidding BAC (12 days) Pre-Bidding Conf. (7-days) Pre-Proc. Conf. SPMO 3-days

44 Public Bidding: ABC Php2 Million and Above
Purchase Request Specifications Proposed Budget Budget Clearance BUS/BUR Availability of Funds Pre-Proc. SPMO/BAC Sec. BAC PhilGEPS/ Newspaper/ Bulletin Board - SPMO/BAC Sec Pre-Bidding Conference TWG/E.U/Observer - BAC/BAC Sec. Public Bidding

45 Simple Question and Answer
Can we bid less than Php500,000.00? Answer: Yes Why? The Default of procurement is public bidding, when in doubt ….. Public bid

46 Q and A

47 Negotiated Procuring entity directly negotiates a contract with a technical. Legally and financially capable supplier, contractor or consultant Cases to undergo Negotiated: Two Failed Bidding Emergency cases Take-over of contracts Adjacent or contiguous Agency to Agency Procurement Agent Highly Technical Consultants

48 Repeat Order Procurement of goods from the previous winnig bidder
Unit price of the repeat order must be the same as or lower than those in the original contract Not result to splitting of contracts Within six (6) months from the effectivity of the contract stated in the NTP Not to exceed 25% of the quantity of each item in the original contract

49 Emergency Purchase In case of imminent danger to life or property during a state of calamity, or when the time is of the essence arising from natural or man-made calamities or other causes, where immediate action is necessary Actors in Emergency Purchase: Argentinian and Russian

50 Flow Chart End-User BAC Chair
Write a letter of Request for Emergency Purchase after purchasing of Goods, Transportation, And other expenses SPMO Recommend or not to recommend the request for emergency purchase BAC Chair Approve or dis-approve the request for emergency purchase Accounting

51 New Flow Chart: Emergency Purchase
End-User Prepare for Voucher with supporting documents Accounting Office Evaluate the reimbursement Cash Office Payment

52 Q and A

53 Annual Procurement Plan (APP) Procurement Planning and the Preparation of the Annual Procurement Program/Plan and Amendatory/Supplementary Program/Plan

54 Annual Procurement Plan
Procurement Planning is the first step in the procurement process. This may consist of the preparation of a procurement plan or procurement program. An APP refers to the itemized list prepared by the Head of the Agency showing the kind, estimated quantity, estimated cost, description of supplies together with the balance on hand, if any, required by the agency for the ensuing fiscal year.

55 Applicable Laws on APP Section 3.2 of the IRR of E.O No. 302 dated Feb. 19, (Procurement Planning) Procurement of goods shall be undertaken according to a procurement plan that the agency concerned shall formulate to ensure that the goods to be procured are available when needed. Section 424 of GAAM An Annual Procurement Program showing itemized quantity, description and estimated cost of supplies/materials/equipment required for a fiscal year shall be prepared by all agencies of the national government

56 The APP shall include provisions forforeseeable emergencies based on
The APP shall include provisions forforeseeable emergencies based on historical records No procurement shall be undertaken unless it is in accordance with the approved APP The end-user units shall prepare the respective Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) for the different programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) Updating of the PPMPs and the consolidated APP shall be undertaken every 6 mons or as often as may be required by the HOPE.

57 Forms of PPMP and APP PPMP PPMP.doc APP APP Format.xls

58 UP System APP and PPMP

59 UP System APP and PPMP

60 UP System APP and PPMP

61 UP System APP and PPMP

62 UP System APP and PPMP Php103,281,338.03 UPS Office Goods Service
Infra l TOTAL 72,752,671.33 3,528,666.70 27, Php103,281,338.03

63 Illustrative Case Nature: Purchase of medicines Annual
Procurement Program Decision No.: COA Decision No dated Dec. 1, 1992.

64 Illustrative Case Particulars: This is an appeal dated January 20, 1992 of the Executive Director, Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) to lift the disallowance on the purchase of medicines amounting to P4, The amount was disallowed by the Auditor for lack of legal basis for the charging of the expenditure to Fund 101 object codes 07(supplies) and 19(representation expenses). The Executive Director, in his appeal cited the provision of Occupational Safety and Health Standards Law which states that every employer including the government shall keep in the workplace a minimum medical facilities listed in Table 47 of the law.

65 Illustrative Case The facilities listed therein maybe substituted with other comparable medicines. The appeal was granted. The cost of the medicines/medicinal supplies purchased can be validly charged against the allotment for supplies and materials (07) under Fund 101 as long as these medicinal supplies are included in the Annual Procurement Program of the agency in support of the Work and Financial Plan of the agency as approved by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) or to the allotment for extraordinary and miscellaneous expenses (18) authorized under Section 26 of the 1991 General Appropriations Act.

66 Benefits of PPMP and APP
An effective plan saves time and money An effective plan serves as a conduit to achieving entity’s objectives An effective plan ensures compliance with regulatory policies An effective plan provides a framework to guide procurement officers in the achievement of their tasks and duties.

67 Q and A

68 Updates on the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9184

69 Guidelines on Ordering Agreement

70 Guidelines on Ordering Agreement
GPPB Resolution dated 27 January 2012 Expands the application of Ordering Agreements to the following: Expendable and Non-expendable Goods Services for Hotel Accomodation, Air Travel, and Repair and Maintenance

71 Guidelines on Ordering Agreement
Ordering Agreement – written agreement in the nature of an option contract between the PE and the winning bidder granting the PE the option to either place an order for any of the Goods identified in the Order Agreement List or not buy at all, within a given period of time. Order Agreement List (OAL) – list of Goods, and their corresponding technical specifications, scope of work, projected quantities, and fixed prices, subject of the Ordering Agreement.

72 Guidelines on Ordering Agreement
Delivery Order Contract – contract that authorizes and obligates a supplier/service provider to deliver certain quantity or render a particular service within an agreed period and at a fixed price per unit, item or identified service pursuant to an Ordering Agreement.

73 Guidelines on Ordering Agreement
PPMP APP Competitive Bidding Ordering Agreement Delivery Order Contract Termination

74 Policy relative to DOLE DO 18-A
DOLE DO 18-A (14 November 2011) Issued to address unscrupulous undercutting of contract rate by service providers (e.g., security and janitorial) Requires that administrative cost should not be less than 10% of the total contract cost

75 Sample STANDARD COMPUTATION Payable Directly to Servicemen: 6,500.00
a. Basic Salary b. Night Differential c. Emergency COLA d. 13th Month Pay e. Service Incentive Leave Pay Payable as Employee’s Share: 500.00 a. Social Security Premiums b. Philhealth Premiums c. ECC Insurance Premiums d. Pag-ibig Fund Contribution Total Cost 6,000.00 10% Administrative Cost 600.00 Possible Bid Price 6,600.00

76 Policy relative to DOLE DO 18-A
GPPB PM dated 30 November 2012 Section 9 (b) (ii) of DOLE DO 18-A prohibits bidders from offering bids lower than the sum of the Total Reimbursable Costs and 10% Administrative Cost. Scenario results in the imposition of floor in bid prices. Runs counter to Section 31 of RA 9184. GPPB is of the view that Section 9 (b) (ii) of DOLE DO 18-A should be considered INVALID, and thus, cannot be a source of any right, duty, obligation, or power. Reiterated in GPPB PM dated 11 April 2014

77 Bid Securing Declaration

78 Bid Securing Declaration
GPPB Resolution dated 27 January 2012 Adopts Bid Securing Declaration as an additional form of bid security A document/undertaking signed by the bidder committing to pay the corresponding fine and be suspended for a period of time from being qualified to participate in any government activity in the event of violation of any of the conditions stated therein as required by the GPPB Guidelines.

79 Bid Securing Declaration
Section 27, RA 9184 All Bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security, which shall serve as a guarantee that, after receipt of the Notice of Award, the winning bidder shall enter into contract with the Procuring Entity within the stipulated time and furnish the required performance security. The specific amounts and allowable forms of the Bid security shall be prescribed in the IRR.

80 Bid Securing Declaration
Existing forms Have substantial monetary value. Increases transactional costs and bid prices. Bid Securing Declaration Insignificant monetary value Increases bidder’s participation Decreases the transactional costs Reduces bid prices

81 Bid Securing Declaration
Period of Effectivity Reasonable period determined by the HOPE Not to exceed 120 calendar days from the date of opening of bids (unless duly extended by the bidder upon the request of the HOPE)

82 Bid Securing Declaration
Automatic Expiration Bid validity period or any extension expires All bidders are declared ineligible or post-disqualified (no request for reconsideration filed/waiver is filed) LCRB/HRRB furnishes the Performance Security and signs the contract

83 Bid Securing Declaration
Grounds for Enforcement Withdraws bid during bid validity period; or Fails or refuses to accept award and enter into contract or perform any and all acts necessary to the execution of the contract, in accordance with the bidding documents, after having been duly notified of the acceptance of its bid during the bid validity period

84 Bid Securing Declaration
Penalties Automatic blacklisting for 2 years in ALL government procurement activities, and Payment of fine For multiple bidders: difference between the evaluated bid prices of LCRB/HRB with the next LCRB/HRB. In case bidder is the LCRB/HRB, the amount shall be based on the difference between the evaluated bid price and ABC. For a single bidder: difference between the evaluated bid price and ABC.

85 Payment of Fine Approved Budget for the Contract
Penalty of 3rd Lowest or Single Third Lowest or Single Penalty of 2nd Lowest Second Lowest Penalty of Lowest Lowest PhP 10,300,000.00 PhP 700,000.00 PhP 9,600,000.00 PhP 400,000.00 PhP 9,200,000.00 PhP 99,001.00 PhP 9,100,999.00 Back

86 Sale of Bidding Documents

87 Sale of Bidding Documents
GPPB Resolution dated 24 February 2012 Provides standard rates for the sale of bidding documents Rationalizes the fees Regulates price of Bidding Documents Lessens the exercise of discretion of PEs Encourages market participation and competition

88 Sale of Bidding Documents
Approved Budget for the Contract Maximum Cost of Bidding Documents in PhP 500,000 and below 500.00 More than 500,000 up to 1 Million 1,000.00 More than 1 Million up to 5 Million 5,000.00 More than 5 Million up to 10 Million 10,000.00 More than 10 Million up to 50 Million 25,000.00 More than 50 Million up to 500 Million 50,000.00 More than 500 Million 75,000.00

89 Policy on TWG Membership

90 Policy on TWG Membership
GPPB Resolution dated 27 April 2012 Adopts an official position relative to HB 5366 HB 5366 seeks to amend RA 9184 by appointing a “third party” from either a recognized academic institution or from a government office that is not part of the organizational structure of the procuring entity as a BAC member with respect to the procurement of highly technical equipment by the AFP and the PNP “Third party” seen to help in evaluation of eligibility of bidders and technical specifications imposed by the bidding documents

91 Policy on TWG Membership
GPPB Circular dated 3 August 2012 Section 12.1 of the revised IRR of RA 9184 allows the BAC to create a TWG from a pool of technical, financial, and/or legal experts to assist in the procurement process TWG need not be limited to the employees or officials of the PE BAC may engage the assistance of other government personnel and officials, and consultants from the private sector and academe with proven expertise

92 Eligibility Criteria on Infrastructure Projects

93 Submission of Letter of Intent

94 Submission of Letter of Intent
GPPB Resolution dated 23 November 2012 Deletes Sections and of the Revised IRR of R.A. 9184 Provisions requiring the submission of a written LOI and/or application of eligibility together with the latest Class “A” Documents in case the procuring entity maintains a registry system using the PhilGEPS or its own electronic system. Rationale: Harmonize with the rules on the use of the GOP-OMR Prevent collusion among bidders

95 Submission of Statement of Ongoing and Completed Contracts

96 Submission of Statement of Ongoing and Completed Contracts
GPPB Resolution dated 23 November 2012 Amends Section 23.1(a)(iii) Statement of the prospective bidder of all its ongoing government and private contracts, including contracts awarded but not yet started, if any, whether similar or not similar in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid, within the relevant period as provided in the Bidding Documents Statement identifying the bidder’s single largest completed contract similar to the contract to be bid, except under the conditions provided for in Section of the IRR, within the relevant period as provided in the Bidding Documents in the case of goods.

97 Financial Eligibility Requirement

98 Financial Eligibility Requirement
GPPB Resolution dated 30 July 2013 Amends Secs. 23.1(a)(vi), , and of the GPRA IRR Credit line commitment (CLC) is NO longer an acceptable financial eligibility requirement ONLY the computation of the NFCC will now be accepted The values of the current assets and current liabilities shall be based on the data submitted by the bidder to the BIR through its EFPS

99 Submission of Tax Clearance

100 Submission of Tax Clearance
GPPB Resolution dated 30 July 2013 Amends Secs. 23.1(a) and 24.1(a) of the GPRA IRR, ITB Clause 12.1(a) of both the PBDs for Goods and Infrastructure Projects, and Eligibility Documents Clause 2.1 of the PBDs for Consulting Services Tax clearance per Executive Order 398, Series of 2005, as finally reviewed and approved by the BIR. Amends Sec of the GPRA IRR, ITB Clause 29.2 of the PBDs for Goods, ITB Clause 28.2 of PBDs for Infrastructure Projects, ITB Clause 27.2 of the PBDs for Consulting Services to delete the tax clearance requirement

101 Options for Bid Security

102 Options for Bid Security
GPPB Resolution dated 30 August 2013 Amends Secs. 27.2, 27.5 and 39.2 of the GPRA IRR and the corresponding Clauses in the PBDs The procuring entity shall indicate in the Bidding Documents the acceptable forms of bid security that bidders may opt to use, which shall include the Bid Securing Declaration provided in Section 27.5 of this IRR and at least one (1) other form, the amount of which shall be equal to a percentage of the ABC in accordance with the following schedule:

103 Maraming Salamat 25 November 2014

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