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Draft RFP for Conducting Baseline Energy Audit of the Designated Consumers under the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) Scheme.

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2 Draft RFP for Conducting Baseline Energy Audit of the Designated Consumers under the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) Scheme

3 National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) and PAT The Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) are entrusted with the task of preparing the implementation for the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) under National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) is expected to save about 10 million metric tonne of oil equivalent (mMtoe) by 2013-14.

4 PAT Scheme Market based mechanism to improve the energy efficiency Facilities by certification of energy savings which could be traded. DCs will be required to achieve a reduction of Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) from their baseline SEC within 3 years time (2011-12 to 2013-14). BEE proposes to conduct the “Baseline Energy Audit” in each DC

5 About EESL Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) a company, promoted by 4 Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs), namely NTPC Limited, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC Limited) and Rural Electrification Corporation (REC). Authorised share capital of EESL is Rs. 190.00 crores


7 Scope of Work Review of the energy consumption and production data of last 5 years Study the process of the entire plant considering a gate-to-gate concept Identify major energy intensive processes, equipments etc inside the plant boundary Efficiency evaluation and assessment of energy performance of above major equipment Compare the performance data with design data

8 Cont… Observe and compile various Energy Conservation (ENCON) options implemented by the plant for the last 3 years. Evaluate the saving potential available in the plant Preparation of audit report containing the summary of savings, investment required etc. Preparation of future energy conservation plans

9 Sectors Covered Under PAT Sl. No.SectorNo of DCs No of Groups 1Alumunium 113 2Cement 928 3Chlor-Alkali 214 4Fertilizer 234 5Iron & Steel 11012 6Pulp and Paper 658 7Power Plant 15411 8Textile 19614

10 Audit Duration SectorNo. of days of audit Alumunium8 Cement8 Chlor-Alkali6 Fertilizer6 Iron & Steel10 Pulp and Paper6 Power Plant10 Textile6

11 Audit Team Composition Designation NumberQualification Team Leader1 Certified Energy Auditor Team Member2 Graduate Engineer Support Staff2Preferably Diploma Engineer

12 Eligible Bidder Firms Empanelled with EESL for Baseline Energy Audit Firms can bid only for the sector for which they are empanelled. Firm can bid for any number of group within a sector.

13 Empanelled Firms

14 Bid Evaluation Technical Proposal – 70% Price Proposal – 30% Total Score = (Technical Score x 0.70) + [(LP/FP) x 100] x 0.30.

15 Technical Weightage Technical EvaluationPoints Firm's Turnover25 Project Experience50 Man Power/ C.V25 Total100

16 Firm's Turnover in Firm's Turnover in (Lakhs)Marks (25) > 10025 >75_<=_10022.5 >50_<=_7517.5 < 5012.5

17 Project Experience Marks (50) Energy Audit Experience- Non DC5 Energy Audit Experience- DC15 Project Worth35

18 Worth of Project (Lakhs) Marks (35) < 420 >4_<=_825 >8_<=1030 >1035

19 Manpower/CV Qualification10 Experience in Years5 Relevant Experience 5 BEE Certification 5

20 Qualification Marks Technical Graduate10 Technical Diploma7.5 Other Graduate5 Other2.5

21 Experience Experience in YearsMarks > 105 >5_<=_104 >1_<=_52.5

22 Relevant Experience Marks Audit Experience > 5 Audits2 Audit Experience > 10 Audits4 Audit Experience > 20 Audits5

23 BEE Certification Marks Energy Auditor5 Energy Manager4

24 Financial Proposal Bidder can only for the sector for which it has empanelled Bidder can bid for all the groups within a sector Bidder will have to bid separately for all the bids

25 Financial Evaluation One group will be evaluated at a time. If a bidder is successful in a group within a sector its financial bid will not be considered for subsequent groups of that sector. If only one bid remains in group financial proposal of successful bidders will again be considered. Above mentioned procedure will be repeated till all the group in a sector gets evaluated.

26 Sample Group -Group Name: ALU-3 S. NoStateSectorName of IndustryAddress 1KarnatakaAlumuniumHindalco Industries Limited Hindalco Industries Limited Post Bag - 1, Belgaum - 590010 2KarnatakaAlumuniumJindal Aluminium Limited. Jindal Aluminium Limited. Aluminium Extension Plant, Jindal nagar, Tunkur Road, Bangalore 3Tamil Nadu AlumuniumSterlite Industries (India) Ltd., Tuticorin Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd., Madurai bypass Road T.V.Puram, Tuticorin - 628002

27 Group Name: CAL-1(Gujarat) S. NoStateSectorName of IndustryAddress 1GujaratChlor-Alkali Saurashtra Chemicals Limited Saurashtra Chemicals Limited P.O. Birlasagar Porbandar – 360 576 2GujaratChlor-AlkaliGHCL Ltd GHCL Ltd Sutrapada, Junagarh-362275 3GujaratChlor-Alkali Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd 12/A Dahej Industrial Estate P.O.Dahej, Tal : Vagra, Bharuch - 392130 4GujaratChlor-Alkali Gujarat Floro Chemicals Ltd Gujarat Floro Chemicals Ltd 12 / A Dahej Industrial Estste, Tal Vagra, Bharuch - 392130 5GujaratChlor-AlkaliShriram Alkali & Chemicals Shriram Alkali & Chemicals 749, GIDC Industrial Estate, Jhagadia, Bharuch - 393110 6GujaratChlor-Alkali Tata Chemicals Ltd, (Mithapur) Tata Chemicals Ltd, (Mithapur) Mithapur, Jamnagar - 361345

28 Bid Security and Performance Security Bid Security Rs. 50,000.00 (Rs. Fifty Thousand Only) per sector Performance Security 30% of the total contract value in form of Bank Guarantee

29 Terms Of Payment 20% of the order/ contract value- as mobilization charge against submission of requisite bank guarantee. 40% of the order/ contract value- on acceptance of final baseline energy audit report for 50% of the industries within a group 40% of the order/ contract value- on acceptance of final baseline energy audit report for 100% of the industries within a group

30 Liquidated damage 0.5% (half percent) per week To a maximum of 10%

31 Special Condition of this bid Mandatory project office Proposed team has to be deployed for actual implementation of this project. Any change of manpower will not be permitted. Primary source of communication would be e-mail. Email :

32 Formats Technical bid format Financial bid format

33 QUERIES ?????


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