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Preparation of Feasibility cum Masterplan for Development of Turf Club in Punjab PRE- BID CONFERENCE Date 15.06.2012.

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1 Preparation of Feasibility cum Masterplan for Development of Turf Club in Punjab PRE- BID CONFERENCE Date 15.06.2012

2 Background  Department of Animal Husbandry is administrative department of project.  Punjab Infrastructure Development Board (PIDB), a nodal agency set by Government of Punjab.  IL&FS IDC -as Project Development Advisor  The area allocated for the project is around 250 acre in Ludhiana District, Punjab.  The facility is expected to include Turf Club & other national and international level equestrian activities as well, viz. club house complex, horse riding club for children, etc.  The Project also envisages various related support infrastructure like five star hotel and Amusement park and other Leisure activities, etc. Pre Bid Conference


4 Selection Process TWO STAGE PROCESS TECHNICAL EVALUATION FINANCIAL EVALUATION SELECTED BIDDER Only those Applicants whose Technical Proposals score 70 marks or more out of 100 shall qualify. QUALITY- COST BASED SELECTION- 70:30 Pre Bid Conference

5 Eligibility Criteria TECHNICAL CRITERIA Over the past 15 (Fifteen) years preceding the PDD, undertaken a minimum of [2 (two)] Eligible Assignments. FINANCIAL CRITERIA The Applicant shall have received a minimum average annual income of [Rs. 7 (seven)] crore per annum from professional fees during the last 3 (three) financial years i.e. till March 2011 preceding the Proposal Due Date. Pre Bid Conference

6 Eligible Assignments  Turf Club  The Turf Club should have been registered in the turf authority/federation of respective countries.  Masterplan and Conceptual Design of the following Components:-  Race Tracks with minimum length of 1200 of meters  Grand Stand with minimum capacity of 3000 spectators  Stables for 500 Horses  Betting Arena]; or Pre Bid Conference

7 Eligible Assignments  [Upgradation of Turf Club  Project Cost of Upgradation should be more than 200 crores which will include Upgradation or redevelopment of the following components:-  Redevelopment of racecourse which involves extension and widening of the existing tracks.  Masterplan and Conceptual Design of the following Components:-  Redevelopment of Grand Stand with minimum capacity of 3000 spectators.  Redevelopment of Stables for 500 Horses.  Redevelopment of Betting Arena]; or Pre Bid Conference

8 Eligible Assignments- Cont…  Equestrian Sports Centre  Masterplan and conceptual design of equestrian Sports Complex of International Level.  Design of Grand Stand with minimum capacity of 3000 spectators.  Design of stable for 250 horses.  Design of show jumping arena Pre Bid Conference

9 Proposal Requirement Pre Bid Conference  Method of Selection : Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)  Quality Cost Ratio : 70 : 30  Bid Security: INR 2 Lakh.  Proposal Validity Period : 90 days  Proposal shall be submitted in English Language  Format of Technical Proposal : Full Technical Proposal

10 Evaluation Criteria Pre Bid Conference ParametersMax. Weight Relevant Experience of the Applicant25 Approach and Methodology5 Relevant Experience of Key Personnel70 Senior Architect-cum-Team Leader20 Project Manager15 IT Expert15 Equine Sports Expert10 Equine Veterinary Specialist10 Total Maximum Score100 Minimum Technical Score required to pass : 70%

11 Financial Score  Formula for Financial Score Sf = 100 * Fm/F Sf : Financial Score Fm : Lowest Price F : Price Proposal Under Consideration  Weights given to Technical and Financial Proposals are T = 70% and P = 30%  Combined and final evaluation  3.4.1 Proposals will finally be ranked according to their combined technical (ST) and financial  (SF) scores as follows:  S = ST x TW + SF x FW  Where S is the combined score, and TW and FW are weights assigned to Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal that shall be 0.70 and 0.30 respectively Pre Bid Conference

12 Issue of RFP Documents Submission of Technical & Financial Proposal Selection of Preferred Bidder and Issue of Notice of Award Pre –Bid Meeting 15 th June 2012 25 th May 2012 Release of NIT Opening of Technical Proposals 9 th July 2012 Opening of Financial Proposals of Technically Qualified Bidders Team Mobilization/ Commencement of Work 9 th July 2012 July 2012 25 th May 2012 July 2012 Bidding Process Pre Bid Conference

13 Objective  The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance to GoP in the development of a world class Turf club with all the facilities of international standards. Pre Bid Conference

14 Scope of Work- Cont… Assessment and analysis of existing site:  Selection of Site- The consultant will undertake a site suitability study for the two sites available near Ludhiana.  Assessment of land at the selected site and possibility for future expansion  Assessment of land requirement and land acquisition requirement if any  Assessment of Infrastructure facility like water supply, sewerage, drainage facility  Identification of external infrastructure development  Consultant shall list all the clearances required for the project  Consultant shall also assess the potential of proposed site for commercial development and identify and propose the type and size of commercial activities possible site Pre Bid Conference

15 Scope of Work  Prepare the conceptual plan and design for the entire turf club.  Standardizing - laying specifications as per their respective international & national federations for turf club support infrastructure & facilities.  Planning & standardizing entire operation/activity of racing in accordance to the guidelines of international horse racing federation. Pre Bid Conference

16 Scope of Work- Cont…  Providing technical inputs as per international/national guidelines, as & when required for designing facilities, equestrian sports, betting law, breeding & veterinary hospital till the award of final work order or signing of final agreement with the concessioner.  Assistance in preparation of tender documents/concession agreement and bid evaluation.  Conceptual design and specifications for water treatment plant, water reservoirs, water features, surface contouring of water features, irrigation and drainage.  Environmental impact assessment of the project and detailing measures required for mitigating adverse impacts if any. Pre Bid Conference

17 Scope of Work- Cont… Preliminary Design and Conceptual Masterplan:  The consultant shall carry out preliminary design and prepare alternative concept plan for Turf Club. Identification and listing of essential and desirable components in term of infrastructure, support infrastructure, amenities, etc and recommended components for the proposed project.  Outline design for Turf Club and components, their sizing, configuration and preliminary design structure. The design shall be in conformation with applicable norms, standards, guidelines. Pre Bid Conference

18 Scope of Work- Cont… Master Plan shall include:  Prevalent building regulation and developmental guidelines. This may include ground coverage, setbacks, maximum permissible built-up area, permissible building height, use of basement etc.  Site layout with plot boundary, setbacks and other applicable development control guidelines  Spatial arrangement of components including utilities and support infrastructure and sizing of components  Area statement for each proposed components  Parking arrangement  Circulation plan Pre Bid Conference

19 Scope of Work- Cont… Cost Estimations:  The consultant shall undertake cost estimate as per applicable Schedule of Rate for each and every component of the proposed facilities.  The consultant shall provide in detail a schedule of fixed and variable operating and maintenance cost of the facility at various stages of utilization These costs shall be used by GoP for estimation of landed project cost and all financial analysis and calculation. Pre Bid Conference

20 Proposed Team Structure Sr. No Team MemberEducational QualificationExperience of Eligible Projects 1Team Leader B. Arch with more than 10 years of experience He should have worked in atleast two of the eligible projects mentioned in clause 3.1.4 out of which one should have been in the capacity of a team leader. 2Project Manager B. Arch with more than 7 years of experience He should have worked as an architect in atleast one of the eligible projects mentioned in clause 3.1.4. 3IT Expert B.E/B.Tech in Computer/I.T Engineering with more than 7 years of experience He should have led the IT Team in atleast one of the eligible projects mentioned in clause 3.1.4. or should have been involved in designing the software which facilitates betting in Casinos or related projects. 4 Equestrian Sports Expert Graduate with more than 7 years of Experience He should have worked as an Equestrian Sports Expert in atleast one of the eligible projects mentioned in clause 3.1.4. 5Equine Veterinary Specialist P.G in Veterinary Science with more than 7 years of experience He should have been involved as an Equine Veterinary Specialist in atleast one of the eligible projects mentioned in Clause 3.1.4. Pre Bid Conference

21 Time Schedules and deliverables Pre Bid Conference Sr. No. Activity/ReportTime(in days from date of signing of consultancy agreement) Payment as a % of Total Fee 1Inception Report Action Plan and Methodology 7 days5 2Interim Report I Shall include the final site suitable for the Turf Club. It would also include the Concept plan including layout plans for Race Tracks, Grand Stand, Veterinary Hospital, and Stables for horses. The consultant shall also prepare a draft Master Plan for different amenities like amusement park, multiplex, hotel, residential, commercial etc feasible near the Turf Club. 30 Days25 3Interim Report II Based on the suggestions received from the Client on Inception Report, the Consultant shall submit Interim Report which would include: a)Preliminary Planning for the Turf Club and the Internal Infrastructure; and b)The Revised Master Plan for the different Amenities feasible near the Turf Club. 75 days30 4Final Report The final report would include: a)The preliminary design of the Turf Club and the Internal Infrastructure. b)Final Master Plan for the different Amenities and the Proposal for Key Attraction 120 days40

22 Sites In Punjab- Ladhowal and Mattewara Pre Bid Conference Ladhowal Mattewara Ludhiana

23 Location of Site- Mattewara Pre Bid Conference

24 Location of Site- Mattewara

25 Location of Site- Ladhowal Pre Bid Conference


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