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| 866.460.0033 | ZAP Trader Overview Spring 2011.

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1 | 866.460.0033 | ZAP Trader Overview Spring 2011

2 2 Media Innovation Group (MIG) Streamlines the Complexity  MIG is a technology-driven digital marketing company designed to help marketers navigate the increasingly complex online display landscape.  MIG products and services improve the process of acquiring, optimizing and analyzing digital media for an ever-growing list of advertisers. 2

3 3 A Custom Approach for Improved Success  MIG has the experience and proprietary technology to help marketers navigate the digital marketing arena effectively  MIG solutions, tailored to clients’ needs, streamline the integration process to maximize the effectiveness of digital campaigns Advertiser Publisher Data TechNetwork Agency Select Partners for Engagement Exchange

4 4 Table of Contents  Zeus Advertising Platform (ZAP)  Real-Time Bidding (RTB)  ZAP Trader: Real-Time Audience Acquisition  Case Studies

5 5 Data-Driven Technology Company At the Core 00101011011010110110010100101101 Accounts for media performance as well as recency and frequency Outperforms last ad method by 2.5 times in predictive power Insights to strategically plan & optimize across digital channels Data-driven methodology with no arbitrary assumptions

6 6 ZAP: Integrated Management & Actionable Insight 3 rd party data 3 rd Party Research Verification Creative Optimization 3 rd party ad serving CRM Data DisplayTelevisionSearchVideoMobileSocialPrint Analytics

7 7 Table of Contents  Zeus Advertising Platform (ZAP)  Real-Time Bidding (RTB)  ZAP Trader: Real-Time Audience Acquisition  Case Studies

8 8 RTB Is Driving Display Ad Market Growth "Real-time bidding, which heated up the display ad market in 2010, will continue to gain share in 2011 and become an increasingly significant force for advertisers, publishers and ad networks.” – eMarketer, November 2010 of budgets advertisers expect to shift from networks to demand- side platforms (DSPs) in 2011 11.3% Source: eMarketer December 2010 And Econsultancy December 201016% Display 11% Rich Media 7% In-stream Video 6% Expandables of online ad spend predicted to be done via DSPs&RTB in 2011 30% 25% of inventory publishers expect to be available via RTB in 2011 % of 2010 Ad Inventory Available via RTB According to US Publishers

9 9 RTB Inventory Growing Internationally “Display growth and potential auction based buying is due to gain lots of traction over the next few years. The US currently has larger growth opportunities due to the availability of more inventory with the UK still showing potential for rapid growth.” - Econsultancy Dec. 2010 “Real-time bidding impression volume in Europe and the Middle East is up to billions per day. The United Kingdom is second in the world in RTB volume, after the United States.” - Stock Markets Review Sept. 2010 “Experts predict that the use of RTB is estimated to account for 3% of display ad spend [in 2010] and 15-20% in 2011.” - Econsultancy Dec. 2010

10 10 RTB: Reach the Right User at the Right Place in Real Time Purchase via segment buckets Purchase audiences at impression level Less Waste Increased Value $50 $0.4 $1.2 $0.5 $0.2 $0.7 $0.4 Reserve Model Content as a Proxy for Audience RTB Model Audience Regardless of Context

11 11 Real-Time Bidding: How it Works Exchange Site 1 Site 2Site 3 Sites place an exchange tag on their pages with available inventory 1 User types in a URL and browser renders webpage 2 Exchange federates bid request to all bidders for an auction 3 Bidder Bidders evaluate request (hold auction among their advertisers) and send bid responses to the exchange, including bid price and creative 4 Exchange evaluates all bid responses and selects winning bid 5 Winning bidder’s creative is served to the user. Bidder pays.01 more than 2 nd place 6

12 12 Ad Networks Yield Optimizers What is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)? Real-time bidding allows advertisers to:  Buy per impression  Target using key advertiser data points  Map to ROI goals  Eliminate waste like never before Ad Exchanges Publisher Advertiser Agency Publisher DSP Real-time biding

13 13 Table of Contents  Zeus Advertising Platform (ZAP)  Real-Time Bidding (RTB)  ZAP Trader: Real-Time Audience Acquisition  Case Studies

14 14 ZAP Trader: Real-Time Audience Acquisition Agency Zeus Data Warehouse Impressions Direct Publishers 3 rd Party Audience Data Exchanges

15 15 Benefits of ZAP Trader Unified cookie across reserve, bidded & search media Increased Transparency Algorithmic bidding & performance modeling Measureable Performance Data flexibility and scale for actionable user-level insights Deeper Insights Direct RTB inventory access & bid management across channels Greater Reach Proprietary client data with protection against data leakage Guaranteed Security In region global service and support team Global Service/Support

16 16 Performance Driven Bidding Strategy

17 17 ZAP Platform Increased Data-Based Audience Targeting Reporting Systems Brand Metrics Acct/Billing Systems Office Mgmt Tools EmailCRM RTB Inventory Sources Advertiser Data Silos Third-Party Data Sources

18 18 Cookie-level tracking across all media buys Integration with all display and search media Dynamic Budget Optimization Demographic and Reporting Analytics URL Reporting Predictive Bid Optimization Real-Time Reporting MIG Offers Advertisers Far More Than DSPs Can

19 19 Table of Contents  Zeus Advertising Platform (ZAP)  Real-Time Bidding (RTB)  ZAP Trader: Real-Time Audience Acquisition  Case Studies

20 20 Case Study: Real-Time Bidding - Leading Wireless Company Goals & Objectives Approach Results  Utilize ZAP Trader to acquire inventory via RTB exchanges  Apply 3 rd party partner data for sophisticated audience targeting  Inventory acquired cost effectively at scale  Optimized pool of inventory purchased based on insights; performance gains over time  Targeted performing inventory and eliminated under-performing sources  Achieved quarterly spend & CPO goals  Hit Cost Per Order and spend targets  Gain actionable insight into RTB market, DSP platforms and exchanges Key Exchange & RTB Learnings  Inventory prices drop cyclically quarterly  Exchange markets are highly inefficient -Hidden price floors and win %  Performance improves with experience  Adding ZAP tags to all campaign creative allows for true view-through

21 21 Case Study: Activision – Guitar Hero 6  Utilize ZAP Trader to acquire inventory via RTB exchanges  Apply 3 rd party partner data for advanced audience targeting -Cross Pixel Media, Media6Degrees, DataLogix  Employ advanced targeting techniques -Behavioral, look-alike targeting -Retargeting Music Fans, Gamers, and Guitar Hero Loyalists  Drive traffic to Guitar Hero 6 landing pages on retailer sites  Target users searching, shopping, consuming and sharing content relating to Guitar Hero, video games and featured music Goals & Objectives Approach Results  Delivered high level of click-through to retailer sites  Successfully applied 3rd party data in RTB environment to acquire target audience  Optimized pool of inventory purchased based on insights; performance gains over time

22 22 Appendix

23 23 Greater Transparency & Visibility  ZAP Trader’s easy to use interface maximizes efficiency and transparency Bid Management Advanced Reporting Pacing Control Custom Conversion Tagging Easy Tag Uploading

24 24 A launch pad from which all ZAP-branded products can be reached, ZAP Access is the gateway to effectively managing digital marketing initiatives. Reach your customers with precision and accuracy. Manage, traffic, serve, and optimize your online display campaigns. Build customer profiles with one user ID across multiple channels. Generate analytics tags with ease and efficiency. Manage your bidding across advertisers and media partners. Acquire and optimize inventory in real-time. Create segments based on profile data. Monitor reach and generate maximum response via precise user targeting. Plan, manage and optimize search campaigns globally across search engines. Connect search initiatives with other media channels. Generate insight from data. Monitor performance and extract intelligence via multi- channel attribution reporting. Monitor all media spend, evaluate effectiveness and optimize future campaigns with maximum data visibility in one place. Compute the impact of each exposure for increased predictive power. Obtain accurate and actionable conversion insights and assign credit beyond last ad. Close the loop between audience planning and optimization with third party data. Identify audiences with demonstrated brand affinity to maximize conversions. Leverage click-stream data from the Internet’s largest panel for accurate campaign planning. Powered by Compete. Communicate detailed buy specifications. Establish campaign goals and targets for clearer performance measurement. Share, collaborate, network, and communicate. Generate insight by accessing people and content across the ZAP community. Powered by Jive. ZAP Product Suite Overview

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