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GPA Renewable Energy Resource for Guam Power Authority

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1 GPA-027-11 Renewable Energy Resource for Guam Power Authority
Pre-Bid Conference February 1, 2011

2 Review GPA announced multi-step bid on January 4, 2011
Bid Fee is $250.00 Bid closing date is April 5, :00 PM

3 Agenda Bid Schedule Bid Scope Overview Multi-Step Bid Process
Qualification Step Price Bid Evaluation Bid Documents Review Reminders

4 Bid Schedule

5 Bid Scope & Contract Acceptable renewable energy sources include: biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave action and tidal action. The renewable resource will be available for commercial operation within 36 months from contract award. Proposed technologies shall have at least 1 year of commercial operations history in a utility environment. Energy will be delivered directly to the existing GPA transmission system.

6 Bid Scope & Contract (cont.)
The renewable resource will provide energy for a minimum contract term of 10 years. The Bidder’s renewable resource project will have a total minimum nameplate capacity of 5 MW; this may be the combination of several generation units at one site. The renewable resource will deliver energy on a unit-contingent basis, but will provide a minimum amount of energy each year, as described in “Volume III:  Draft Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement.”

7 Bid Scope & Contract (cont.)
In addition The bidders selected are responsible the system integration study and costs of their proposed project. This is a multi-step bid which requires bidders to be qualified based on non-priced proposals. Qualified bidders will proceed to the next step – Priced Bid Evaluation. GPA reserves the right to select bids from different technologies to meet generation diversification goals even if the bid is higher. GPA may select more than one vendor for total renewable resource capacity of up to 40 MW in this solicitation.

8 Bid Documents Review

9 BID Documents GPA-027-11 Bid Document.pdf
Special Reminders to Prospective Bidders Bid Invitation & Award Document Volume I – Commercial Terms & Conditions Volume II – Technical Requirements Volume III – Draft Renewable Power Purchase – Sales Agreement Volume IV – Bid Scoring Mechanism Volume V – Appendices Government of Guam General Terms & Conditions Government of Guam Sealed Bid Solicitation Instructions Qualitative Scoring Workbook.xls Priced Offer Workbook.xls Appendices Forms Folder

10 Volume I – T&C Bid Schedule
Lists standard procurement documents that are required for each bid submittal. Failure to include these will result in immediate disqualification. Submittal Process (Electronic or Manual) Standard GPA Commercial Terms & Conditions

11 Volume II – Tech. Functions
Production Description Defines Acceptable Renewable Sources Restricts any energy from non-renewable resources be acceptable for delivery under the proposed agreement. Discusses limits to “highly variable” resources (i.e. wind) Discusses Interconnection and System Integration study responsibilities of the bidder. Provides information on the scoring requirements for the bidder’s Technical Proposal. Highlights some of the contract requirements (NOTE: Contract will be final reference)

12 Volume III – Draft PPA Provides GPA’s Draft Purchase Power Agreement which includes: Contractor’s Annual Energy Guarantee Penalty provisions for delay in providing service (construction/commissioning) Penalty provisions for not meeting annual guarantee Provision for Interconnection Agreement

13 Volume IV – Scoring Mech.
Discusses the process for evaluating the Technical & Price Proposals This document will be used with provided excel spreadsheets

14 Volume V - Appendices Checklists
Procurement Forms as referenced in Volume I (also provided in Word file formats) Transmission PDF Additional Requirements for Grid Interconnection Solar Siting Study

15 Excel Workbooks Two (2) workbooks provided:
Qualitative Scoring Workbook Reference Technical Data Priced Offer Workbook

16 Multi-Step Bid Process
1. Qualification of Bidders 2. Price Bid Evaluation

17 Qualification of Bidders
Bidders will be “qualified” from a team of proposal evaluators based on the following: Volume I - lists standard procurement documents that are required for each bid submittal. Failure to include these will result in immediate disqualification. Volume II - describes bidders technical requirements and information required to evaluate the bidder and the proposed project. Volume IV & the Qualitative Scoring Workbook (excel file) - describe the necessary information for each proposed project and scoring method. Vendors must complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the Qualitative Scoring Workbook Note: GPA may need to further evaluate some proposals determined potentially acceptable

18 Price Offer Evaluation
Load Forecast “Lowest Cost” Power Fuel Possible Resources

19 Price Offer Evaluation
All successful “qualified” bidders will be allowed to participate in the Price Bid evaluation. Final selection of bidders will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the bidder’s cost and generation profile (hourly bid using an integrated resource planning software, Strategist®. Lowest Evaluated Utility Cost and Generation Diversification Goals

20 Strategist ® The Strategist® program was used to develop GPA’s 2008 Integrated Resource Plan. The program was created by New Energy Associates. The software capabilities include: New capacity additions (type, timing, amount) Power contract bid evaluation Demand-side program testing External market evaluation Capital project analysis Load segment or class analysis Rate impact analysis Business Unit Unbundling

21 Strategist Input GPA Load and Fuel Forecasts (Baseline)
GPA Resources & Costs Bidder Resource & Cost Hourly load projections $/KWH contract rate Evaluation Period

22 Strategist Output Total Utility Cost which includes
Fuel Costs O&M Costs Bidders will be selected by lowest evaluated cost

23 Approval & Award PUC approval is required for contract award(s) from this bid under the IRP Implementation MOU.

24 REMINDERS Note bid schedule deadlines for questions and bid submittal.
BOTH Non-Price Technical Proposal & Price Bid Offer are to be submitted on the closing date. (Refer to submittal instructions in bid documents) Note mandatory procurement documents required to avoid bid disqualification. Verify that you have all the bid documents.

25 END

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