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Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWinthropsSmithsPenns Scores can be changed manually in Slide Show mode. Complete all of Rounds 1 and 2 before going to the.

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3 Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWinthropsSmithsPenns Scores can be changed manually in Slide Show mode. Complete all of Rounds 1 and 2 before going to the Ultimate Question Click on “Round 1” to access categories and questions (in Slide Show mode). Round 2

4 Category #1Category #2Category #4Category #5Category #6 Founders Steps Toward Unity Steps Toward Unity Rebellions Democratic Landmarks Three Colonial Regions Three Colonial Regions Religion $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 Click on any of the top squares to return to the Scoreboard.

5 $100 This Quaker founded the colony of Pennsylvania. AnswerScoreboard

6 $100 Who is William Penn? Round 1

7 $200 This Catholic gentleman founded the colony of Maryland. ScoreboardAnswer

8 $200 Who is Lord Baltimore? (Sir George Calvert) Round 1

9 $300 James Oglethorp founded this colony as a haven for debtors. ScoreboardAnswer

10 $300 What is Georgia? Round 1

11 Place a bet between $100 to $1000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

12 $400 This early figure in Virginia led the colony to survive its “starving time.” ScoreboardAnswer

13 $400 Who is Captain John Smith? Round 1

14 $500 This Puritan dissenter founded Rhode Island based on the idea of “liberty of conscience.” ScoreboardAnswer

15 $500 Roger Williams Who is Roger Williams? Round 1

16 $100 During the French and Indian War, Benjamin Franklin proposed this idea for colonial unity. AnswerScoreboard

17 $100 Albany Plan for Union What is the Albany Plan for Union? Round 1

18 $200 During this period—1713 to 1763—the colonies were largely left alone to develop their own economic and political institutions. ScoreboardAnswer

19 $200 Salutary Neglect What is Salutary Neglect? Round 1

20 $300 This New England organization was created in 1643 for collective security against Native Americans. ScoreboardAnswer

21 $300 New England Confederation What is the New England Confederation? Round 1

22 $400 This organization led by Andros was overthrown by New Englanders in 1689, an event known as the “First American Revolution.” ScoreboardAnswer

23 $400 Dominion of New England What is the Dominion of New England? Round 1

24 $500 This Puritan agreement in 1648 sought to standardize the Congregational Church throughout New England. ScoreboardAnswer

25 $500 Cambridge Platform What is the Cambridge Platform? Round 1

26 $100 This 1676 rebellion in Virginia contributed to an increase in black slavery and decrease in white indentured servitude. AnswerScoreboard

27 $100 Bacon’s Rebellion What is Bacon’s Rebellion? Round 1

28 $200 This 1739 conflict was the first major slave rebellion in the South. It resulted in further restrictions on slaves. ScoreboardAnswer

29 $200 Stono Rebellion What is the Stono Rebellion? Round 1

30 $300 This 1691 rebellion in New York was led by frustrated poor men who had no prospects of owning land. ScoreboardAnswer

31 $300 Leisler’s Rebellion What is Leisler’s Rebellion? Round 1

32 $400 This 1764 rebellion of Scots-Irish on the Pennsylvania frontier was aimed at the Pennsylvania gov’t. ScoreboardAnswer

33 $400 Paxton Boys Rebellion What is the Paxton Boys Rebellion? Round 1

34 $500 This 1771 revolt in North Carolina was another “west vs. east” struggle. ScoreboardAnswer

35 $500 Carolina Regulator Movement What is the Carolina Regulator Movement? Round 1

36 $100 This type of meeting became a “seed of democracy” in early New England. AnswerScoreboard

37 $100 townhall meetings What are townhall meetings? Round 1

38 $200 This was the first colonial assembly in North America, created in Virginia in ScoreboardAnswer

39 $200 House of Burgesses What is the House of Burgesses? Round 1

40 $300 This 1736 court case set a trend for more freedom of the press in the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

41 $300 Zenger Case What is the Zenger Case? Round 1

42 $400 This 17 th -century document was the first written constitution in American colonial history. ScoreboardAnswer

43 $400 Fundamental Orders in Connecticut, 1639 What is the Fundamental Orders in Connecticut, 1639? Round 1

44 $500 Although technically not a constitution, this was a landmark agreement among Pilgrims and non- Pilgrims for majority rule. ScoreboardAnswer

45 $500 Mayflower Compact What is the Mayflower Compact? Round 1

46 $100 Rhode Island is located in this colonial region. AnswerScoreboard

47 $100 New England What is New England? Round 1

48 $200 Virginia is located in this colonial region. ScoreboardAnswer

49 $200 Round 1 South (Southern Colonies)? What is the South (Southern Colonies)?

50 $300 New York is located in this colonial region. ScoreboardAnswer

51 $300 Round 1 Middle Colonies (Mid-Atlantic Colonies)? What is the Middle Colonies (Mid-Atlantic Colonies)?

52 $400 Maryland is located in this region. ScoreboardAnswer

53 $400 Round 1 South (Southern Colonies)? What is the South (Southern Colonies)?

54 $500 This was the largest and most influential colony in New England. ScoreboardAnswer

55 $500 Massachusetts Bay Colony What is the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Round 1

56 $100 Calvinism was the foundation for this church in colonial America. AnswerScoreboard

57 $100 Congregational Church What is the Congregational Church? Round 1

58 $200 In 1649, this became the first law granting a degree of religious toleration in the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

59 $200 Maryland Act of Toleration What is the Maryland Act of Toleration? Round 1

60 $300 This was the dominant church in the southern colonies (and New York). ScoreboardAnswer

61 $300 Anglican Church (Church of England) What is the Anglican Church (Church of England)? Round 1

62 $400 This movement saw a struggle between “Old Lights” and “New Lights” in the 1730s and 1740s. ScoreboardAnswer

63 $400 Great Awakening What is the Great Awakening? Round 1

64 $500 These were the two most important figures of the Great Awakening. ScoreboardAnswer

65 $500 Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield Who are Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield? Round 2

66 Category #1Category #2Category #3Category #4Category #5Category #6 Spanish America Forced Labor Forced Labor Significant People Significant People Conflicts American Indians American Indians Colonial Roulette Colonial Roulette $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 Click on any of the top row squares to return to the Scoreboard.

67 $200 Answer Scoreboard This conquistador subdued the Aztecs in 1521.

68 $200 Round 2 Hernán Cortés? Who is Hernán Cortés?

69 $400 Scoreboard Answer This institution, run by Franciscans, served as conversion factories for Indians.

70 $400 Round 2 mission system? What is the mission system?

71 $600 Scoreboard Answer This was the first major Spanish settlement in New Mexico.

72 $600 Round 2 Santa Fe? What is Santa Fe?

73 $800 Scoreboard Answer This 1680 New Mexico conflict resulted in the expulsion of Spanish officials for about a decade.

74 $800 Round 2 Pope’s Rebellion? What is Pope’s Rebellion?

75 $1000 Scoreboard Answer This forced labor arrangement helped the Spanish build infrastructure in New Mexico by exploiting Native American people.

76 $1000 Round 2 encomienda system? What is the encomienda system?

77 $200 Answer Scoreboard This term refers to the tortuous journey millions of West African slaves were forced to take to the New World.

78 $200 Round 2 Middle Passage? What is the Middle Passage?

79 $400 Scoreboard Answer The slave codes that were eventually adopted in British North America originated from this British Caribbean sugar colony.

80 $400 Round 2 Barbados? What is Barbados?

81 $600 Scoreboard Answer These three crops were the most important grown in the southern colonies during the seventeenth century.

82 $600 Round 2 tobacco, rice, and indigo? What are tobacco, rice, and indigo?

83 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

84 $800 Scoreboard Answer In this arrangement, planters received 50 acres for every trans-Atlantic passage they paid on behalf of an indentured servant.

85 $800 Round 2 headright system? What is the headright system?

86 $1000 Scoreboard Answer The first Africans arrived in Virginia in this year.

87 $1000 Round ? What is 1619?

88 $200 Answer Scoreboard This Englishman introduced a tough strain of tobacco that saved the Virginia colony in its early years.

89 $200 Round 2 John Rolfe? Who is John Rolfe?

90 $400 Scoreboard Answer This reverend was the religious leader of the Pilgrims when they left Holland for the New World.

91 $400 Round 2 John Robinson? Who is John Robinson?

92 $600 Scoreboard Answer This American statesman was also one of the few first-rank scientists in America and founded its first secular college.

93 $600 Round 2 Benjamin Franklin? Who is Benjamin Franklin?

94 $800 Scoreboard Answer This Puritan leader was perhaps the most important in founding the colony of Connecticut.

95 $800 Round 2 Thomas Hooker? Who is Thomas Hooker?

96 $1000 Scoreboard Answer This African American slave was notable for her first-rate poetry during the colonial era.

97 $1000 Round 2 Phillis Wheatley? Who is Phillis Wheatley?

98 $200 Answer Scoreboard This mid-17 th century conflict was the decisive event in altering the balance of power between Europeans and Amerindians.

99 $200 Round 2 French and Indian War? What is the French and Indian War?

100 $400 Scoreboard Answer This 1692 conflict resulted in the decline of the Puritan clergy’s power due to several unfortunate executions.

101 $400 Round 2 Salem Witch Trials? What is the Salem Witch Trials?

102 $600 Scoreboard Answer This 1759 battle was the decisive conflict of the French and Indian War.

103 $600 Round 2 Battle of Quebec? What is the Battle of Quebec?

104 $800 Scoreboard Answer This 1636 New England conflict saw the MBC and Plymouth colonies (and their Indian allies) destroy a powerful Amerindian tribe.

105 $800 Round 2 Pequot War? What is the Pequot War?

106 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

107 $1000 Scoreboard Answer This conflict, the bloodiest in 17 th -century America, resulted in the New England Confederation’s victory over Metacom and his Narragansetts.

108 $1000 Round 2 King Philip’s War? What is King Philip’s War?

109 $200 Answer Scoreboard This southwestern group of Amerindians dominated what is today New Mexico, Arizona, and southwestern Colorado, before later being subdued by the Spanish.

110 $200 Round 2 Pueblo? What are the Pueblo?

111 $400 Scoreboard Answer This Amerindian confederation in upstate New York was allied with the British during the French and Indian War.

112 $400 Round 2 Iroquois Confederacy? What is the Iroquois Confederacy?

113 $600 Scoreboard Answer This tribe battled Virginians during the early years of the Jamestown colony.

114 $600 Round 2 Powhatan? Who are the Powhatan?

115 $800 Scoreboard Answer This tribe was a long-time ally of France in the St. Lawrence valley and helped fight the British and American colonists during the French and Indian War.

116 $800 Round 2 Huron? What is the Huron?

117 $1000 Scoreboard Answer This tribe, led by Massasoit, inhabited lands upon which the Pilgrims landed in They were enemies of the Narragansetts.

118 $1000 Round 2 Wampanoag What is the Wampanoag?

119 $200 Answer Scoreboard This treaty, that ended the French and Indian War, removed France entirely from North America.

120 $200 Round 2 Treaty of Paris (1763)? What is the Treaty of Paris (1763)?

121 $400 Scoreboard Answer This term refers to the large-scale Puritan immigration into New England in the years following 1629.

122 $400 Round 2 Great Migration? What is the Great Migration?

123 $600 Scoreboard Answer The Navigation Laws were meant to enforce this economic system.

124 $600 Round 2 mercantilism? What is mercantilism?

125 $800 Scoreboard Answer In the 1600s, this religious doctrine was the cornerstone of Calvinism, and therefore, the Congregational Church.

126 $800 Round 2 predestination? What is predestination?

127 $1000 Scoreboard Answer This officer began the French and Indian War in 1754 with his attack on Ft. Duquesne.

128 $1000 Round 2 George Washington? Who is George Washington?

129 Category: Puritans Scoreboard Make your wager!! Go to Ultimate Question

130 This Calvinist wrote, “We shall build a city upon a hill,” and became governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in Scoreboard Ultimate Question Answer

131 John Winthrop Who is John Winthrop? Scoreboard Ultimate Question Back to Ultimate Question

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