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ELECT Matthew A. Guerra For State Representative 46.

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1 ELECT Matthew A. Guerra For State Representative 46

2 Matthew A. Guerra’s résumé UCONN - Ph.D. in Statistics ‘14 Bryant University - MBA Accounting ‘05 Providence College - BA Mathematics ‘02 Lincoln High School ‘98 Shipping store owner 2006-2009 Statistics Tutor 2009 Real Estate Investor Property Investor Accountant

3 The New Republicans Assumptions: For the rich Don’t care about education Focus on big business Cut services to the elderly Reality: For the working class Our counterparts have cut school funding Focus on job creation Cut spending for special interest groups.

4 Create Jobs Rhode Island’s unemployment is 12.9% Ranks 3rd in the US With fewer people working, that’s fewer people paying taxes to the state.

5 Taxes Rhode Island is currently one of the top 10 most taxed states. Still have a budget shortfall Cannot tax residents anymore (should reduce tax burden) Assumptions: $70,000 taxable income, single, $18,000 subject to sales tax, live in $300k home, avg property tax, $20k value of car.

6 State Spending Nearly half of our expenditures is Human Services Continuous cuts in Education and Transportation are made to allow for more funds to be directed towards Human Services.

7 2011 FY Budget Overview 2011 Budget is for $7.8 billion 2010 Budget was $7.7 billion –Actual cost was closer to $8.0 billion New budget reduces pension costs, including COLA. Appearance of saving $200 million, Cutting $150 million from cities and towns ---->

8 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax RI House voted 54-15 to reduce the exemption from $6000 last year to $500. –This is a result of the new budget taking $150,000,000 from the city and town budgets. –Cities and towns can capture that money by taxing your vehicles more (costing you approximately $165 more a year). –Excise tax was supposed to be abolished, not expanded.

9 Recertify Public Assistance Recipients Ask everyone who is collecting from the state to appear in person Collect the following information from recipients: –Name- Date of birth –Address- Phone number –Why are you collecting? –How much are you collecting? –For how long have you been collecting? –What marketable skills do you have?

10 Benefits to Re-certification Removal of duplicate checks for persons Reduction in case load –Result of people not showing up or duplicates Database of Rhode Islanders in need Observe trends within our state population. –Today and over time. Competitive advantage to luring in business –We’d have the only sortable list of its kind.

11 Issues at General Assembly Soda tax Classifying some speech as a hate crime Discounts on liquor for seniors and veterans Taking “Providence Plantations” off the state’s official name Issues not heard at General Assembly E-verify Immigration bill

12 Campaign funding Awareness - I will need signs, Palm Cards, and advertisements to get my message out there. In a representative democracy is it important to have someone in the general assembly who shares your vision for the future of Rhode Island Together we can turn the tide!! Striving for a better Rhode Island!!

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