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Building A Modern CESU Reporting System Roland Duhaime University of Rhode Island June 12, 2013.

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1 Building A Modern CESU Reporting System Roland Duhaime University of Rhode Island June 12, 2013

2 People don’t like to write long reports – Create a system that allows for the entry of milestone descriptions throughout the project. – Final report synthesis. – Make it fun and efficient for the researchers! Connecting people, activity, tools. Keep CESU offices updated on what is happening. Random Insights / Goals

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5 Blogs WordPress BlogEngine.NET DasBlog Mayando Subtext AtomSite Content Management DotNetNuke® Community Edition Umbraco CMS Joomla mojoPortal Orchard CMS Drupal Kentico CMS Moodle SugarCRM SilverStripe CMS Sitefinity Community Edition N2 CMS tomSite Dropthings TangoCMS Umbraco CMS MonoX Kooboo CMS MODx CMS Composite C1 CMS SQLCMS Tiki Wiki CMS Forge CMS DotShoppingCart DotNetAge SplendidCRM ocPortal RakuCMS Tandem Server CMS MerchantTribe CMS ASP NET Baby Gekko CMS E-Commerce nopCommerce Kartris Core Ecommerce Lite DotShoppingCart Fishop.Net MerchantTribe Shopping Cart.NET Discussion Boards phpBB RedCritter Tracker YetAnotherForum.NET MonoX Nearforums CMS ASP NET Image Galleries Gallery Server Pro Mayando Composite C1 CMS Tools nService – is a help desk SugarCRM – is for managing customer interactions N2 CMS – ASP.NET MVC Templates Dropthings – Web 2.0 Personalizable widget powered Portal built using ASP.NET 3.5, jQuery and.NET 3.5. Piwik – is a web analytics platform Survey Project Wiki ScrewTurn Wiki Tiki Wiki Incentive List of Project Reporting Software


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17 CESU Network Project Database Fields Preferred Fields (if available) * CESU (e.g., Colorado Plateau [COPL], Great Rivers [GRRI], Gulf Coast [GUCO]) * Sponsoring Agency (e.g., USBR, NASA, USACE, USFS) * Federal Agency Lead/Key Official/Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) + Name + Fed Contact Information (email, phone number) * Partner Institution (e.g., U. Missouri, California Division of Fish and Game, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, National Aquarium) * Partner Institution Principal Investigator (PI) + Name + PI Contact Information (email, phone number) * Place of Performance (i.e., coarse location; we are not planning to post precise lat/long coordinates) + Political Division (e.g., State, County, Municipality) + Protected Area (e.g., Everglades National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Tongass National Forest) + Identifiable Geographic Location (e.g., Lake Powell, San Juan River Watershed, Chesapeake Bay) * Project Title * Project Description/Abstract/Scope of Work * Keywords (for database search) * Project type (i.e., Research, Technical Assistance, Education, Combination) * Disciplinary Focus (e.g., biological, physical, social, cultural, interdisciplinary) * Student Involvement + Yes/No + Number of Students * Project Outputs/Products (e.g., publications, conference presentations/posters, degrees conferred, websites, reports, other information resources) * Period of Performance (e.g., Start Date, End Date) * Cooperative Agreement Number/Task Agreement Number/Account Number * Federal Funding Fiscal Year (i.e., year funds obligated) * Amount of Funding * Secondary Funding Actions (e.g., cost/no-cost extension)

18 # Submitted User IP Address Project Title Project Description Project Type Disciplinary Focus Project Keywords Partner Institution Partner Institution University Partner Institution Contact Name Partner Institution Contact Email Partner Institution Contact Phone CESU Name Sponsoring Agency Sponsoring Agency Other Agreements Technical Representative Name Federal Contact Email Federal Contact Phone Place of Performance - State Place of Performance - County Place of Performance - Municipality Place of Performance - Protected Area Place of Performance - Geographic Location Start Date End Date Account Number Type Cooperative Agreement, Task, or Account Number Federal Funding Fiscal year Amount of Funding Secondary Funding Actions Student Involvement Number of Students Number of Undergraduate Students Names of Undergraduate Students and Departments Number of Graduate Students Names of Graduate Students and Departments Full Ph.D. and Masters Theses Citations In Progress Citations for Master's and Ph.D. Theses Posters and Oral Presentations Professional Citations Other Products Supporting Project Files Comments


20 End


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