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the amount of energy in an explosive power small column of high explosive between the detonator and the booster.

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2 the amount of energy in an explosive

3 power

4 small column of high explosive between the detonator and the booster

5 Lead

6 one of the many possible ways in which a thing can be assembled

7 Configuration

8 when a difference is noticeable

9 Discernible

10 liquid that seeps out of an explosive

11 Exudate

12 all the same mixture throughout the charge

13 Homogeneous

14 able to absorb moisture from the air

15 Hygroscopic

16 electric charge in dry air or when things rub together

17 Static

18 part of a rocket motor that supplies oxygen

19 Oxidant

20 low explosive that provides thrust for rocket motors or projectiles

21 Propellant

22 easily influenced or affected

23 Susceptible

24 when one explosion sets off another explosion nearby

25 Propagating explosion

26 a hole in a rocket motor grain

27 Perforation

28 burning action that provides a constant speed

29 Neutral

30 the small charge in or next to a fuze

31 Primer

32 burning action in which a rocket motor speeds up

33 Progressive

34 very powerful high explosive


36 category of explosives which includes those that detonate the entire amount even when just a small portion is set off

37 mass detonating explosives

38 explosion that results in some of the main charge remaining as unexploded

39 Low order detonation

40 category of those explosives that burn instead of detonate

41 Low explosives

42 device which amplifies the explosion of a primer in a fuze

43 Igniter

44 type of explosive that makes a long, hot burning fire

45 Incendiary

46 chemical substance that does not have carbon in it

47 Inorganic

48 this is used to help a heavy jet get off the ground


50 sequence of explosive charges in which the final component burns instead of detonates

51 Low explosive train

52 explosive devices that simulate grenades or make light and sound

53 Pyrotechnics

54 very powerful high explosive

55 RDX

56 high explosive discovered by Nobel

57 TNT

58 when a chemical is dangerous to your health

59 Toxic

60 temperature at which an explosive detonates by itself

61 Autoignition temperature

62 when an explosion has detonated to maximum power and all of the charge has exploded

63 High order detonation

64 device which is part electric and part explosive

65 Electroexplosive device

66 when you have a mixture of different chemical substances but there is no bond between the different molecules

67 Composite

68 when you have two or more chemical substances that have molecular bonds together

69 Compound

70 ordnance that use poisonous gases

71 Chemical munitions

72 a high explosive main charge in a metal case

73 Bursting charge

74 the way that a rocket motor burns

75 Burning action

76 the shattering effect of an explosive

77 Brisance

78 Traditional

79 Conventional

80 a chemical change in which the substances break down into simpler substances

81 Decomposition

82 the high explosive charge that sets off the booster

83 Detonator

84 potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal

85 Black powder

86 charge between the detonator and the main charge

87 Booster charge

88 burning action in which a rocket motor slows down

89 Degressive

90 when the quality of a substance is reduced over time

91 Deterioration

92 how you measure the quantity of explosives

93 Explosive weight

94 sequence of explosive components in which the final charge detonates

95 High explosive train

96 category of those explosives that detonate

97 High explosives

98 another word for detonating cord

99 primacord

100 to use the sunlight for making energy

101 Solar

102 to be able to read it

103 Legible

104 to cut off a person's arms or legs

105 Maim

106 initiating device that senses the presence of the target

107 Proximity fuze

108 stabilizing device on a bomb that slows it down

109 Retarding fin assembly

110 to fasten with small metal pins that press together

111 Riveted

112 the pipes inside a bomb

113 Plumbing

114 to use a template and spray paint to put numbers and letters on a box

115 Stencil

116 fastening device like the ones on a suitcase

117 Latch

118 a line that goes down the long part of something

119 Longitudinally

120 a platform made from wood on which ordnance is stored

121 Pallet

122 bomb used for training

123 Practice bomb

124 special wire that when broken tells the user that someone has tampered with the device

125 Seal wire

126 a stream of air that hits the two sides of a cluster bomb case and helps to separate them

127 Ram air

128 a cord, cable, or rope that when pulled, activates a switch

129 Lanyard

130 this is used to change a GP bomb into a GBU

131 KMU

132 bomb that contains propaganda on pieces of paper

133 Leaflet bomb

134 information in written form on paper

135 Literature

136 important and relevant

137 Pertinent

138 bomb used to conceal troops or limit visibility

139 Smoke bomb

140 one piece of a string, rope, cord, wire, hair, etc. ; used for anything long, skinny, and flexible

141 Strand

142 place on a fuze where you can look to see if it is armed or not

143 Warning window

144 label that tells you to be careful

145 Warning tag

146 permission to not do something that regulations say you must do

147 Waiver

148 to spread two ends of something like a wire across something else

149 Straddle

150 a small triangular block that you put behind a wheel to keep it from moving

151 Chock

152 a plastic or aluminum cover that has an aerodynamic shape

153 Fairing

154 the most commonly used type of bomb

155 GP bomb

156 to consist of sharp angles like pieces of broken glass

157 Jagged

158 having the shape of a cone

159 Conical

160 a pipe that has electric wires running through it

161 Conduit

162 the propeller-like device that arms a fuze on a bomb

163 Arming vane

164 an electric switch attached to a lanyard which arms a bomb

165 BFD

166 to slow down

167 Decelerate

168 chemical munition dropped from an aircraft

169 Gas bomb

170 weapon dropped from an aircraft that starts a fire; usually contains napalm

171 Firebomb

172 any device which follows a trajectory is said to be this

173 Ballistic

174 to have a shape that can go through the air easily

175 Aerodynamic

176 a fastening device that looks like a hairpin

177 Cotter pin

178 to have a perfect airtight seal

179 Hermetically

180 an arming device which rotates and holds the detonator either out of line or in line with the booster

181 Detonator safe

182 the desire for a moving object to continue moving

183 Inertia

184 a GP bomb with moveable fins and a guidance system

185 GBU

186 aircraft dropped ordnance that makes a fire and spatters liquid metal

187 Incendiary bomb

188 stabilization device on a bomb

189 Fin assembly

190 all necessary components to fire a weapon system

191 Complete round

192 marking painted on a projectile or bomb that indicates its contents

193 Colored band

194 device which allows you to fit a 2 inch fuze into a 3 inch fuze well

195 Adapter booster

196 unfavorable, not good for your plans

197 Adverse

198 type of bomb that dispenses chaff

199 C/M bomb

200 tiny bits of aluminum that when dispensed confuse the enemy's radar

201 Chaff

202 a sticker; label with adhesive on the back

203 decal

204 aerial dart loaded in some warheads

205 Flechette

206 mixture of two or more metals

207 Alloy

208 a cover around the outside of the fins of an FFAR which also serves as a shorting device

209 Fin protector

210 device in the guidance system of a missile that consists of rotating rings that sense movement

211 Gyroscope

212 radiation with long wavelengths like heat

213 Infrared

214 to be made by pushing liquid metal through a small opening

215 Extruded

216 a thin wall or membrane that is easy to break

217 Diaphragm

218 to make a sign illegible by scratching it or marring it

219 Deface

220 the rings of a gyroscope

221 Gimbals

222 when a fibrous substance has absorbed a liquid and the liquid then becomes hard thereby making the fiber stronger

223 Impregnated

224 proximity fuze for a missile

225 Influence fuze

226 impact fuze for a missile

227 Contact fuze

228 rockets launched from rocket launcher tubes

229 FFAR

230 plastic device that holds the folding fins closed on an FFAR

231 Fin retainer

232 missile that goes from aircraft to aircraft

233 AIM

234 missile that goes from the air to the ground

235 AGM

236 small piece of metal that fits into a female receptacle and then locks into place

237 Detent

238 lower than normal air pressure; almost a vacuum

239 Rarefied

240 when something which should be a perfect circle has been bent

241 Out of round

242 electric device that regulates the firing of FFARs from a rocket launcher

243 Intervalometer

244 an electric device which provides communication between two other electric devices

245 Interface

246 little wheels that spin on the wings of a missile to prevent the missile from spinning as it flies

247 Rollerons

248 towards the outer edges around something

249 Periphery

250 connecting wires by melting metal with a hot iron

251 Soldered

252 heavy piece of metal on the rotor in a detonator safe fuze

253 Setback weight

254 when the nozzle of a rocket is made at an angle to provide spin

255 Scarfed

256 explosive device that focuses its energy in one direction

257 Shaped charge

258 type of AIM missile

259 Sidewinder

260 type of AGM missile

261 Maverick

262 the conically shaped piece of metal tubing on the back of a rocket motor that lets the gases out

263 Nozzle

264 standard ARMY color

265 OD

266 type of material used for the bodies of some missiles

267 PMI

268 the way a rocket gets it power to fly

269 Rocket propulsion

270 device which creates a short circuit on an intervalometer so that the rockets won't accidentally fire

271 Shorting pin

272 refers to the study of how to employ your troops and equipment

273 Tactical

274 small arms ammo used by the military

275 Service ammunition

276 device that warns of enemy soldiers infiltrating your area when they pull a trip wire

277 Trip flare

278 highly sensitive powder used in pyrotechnic simulators and for nighttime photography

279 Photoflash

280 explosive device buried just beneath the ground

281 Landmine

282 a cartridge of ammunition

283 Round

284 pyrotechnic device that provides warning, signal, or illumination on the ground by producing light and heat

285 Surface flare

286 handgun from which a flare is fired

287 Pyrotechnic pistol

288 1000 of these are in a meter; used to measure caliber

289 Millimeter

290 small arms ammunition with a charge that produces light so that you can see the trajectory

291 TR

292 pyrotechnic device fired from the ground into the sky so that you can see the surrounding area at night

293 Ground illumination signal

294 kind of small arms ammo that makes a fire

295 INC

296 fake ammunition used for training in the classroom

297 Dummy

298 the diameter of the bore of a gun

299 Caliber

300 the measurement for shotgun shells

301 Gage

302 fake ammunition used in the field to simulate firing real ammo

303 Blank

304 system of colors used to identify pyrotechnics

305 Color code

306 pyrotechnic devices launched from planes or helicopters to give a signal or warning

307 Aircraft flares

308 type of small arms ammo that penetrates armor

309 AP

310 type of small arms ammo that has a solid bullet

311 Ball

312 hand launched explosive device

313 Grenade

314 type of small arms ammo that penetrates armor and makes fire

315 API

316 another word for round of ammo

317 Cartridge

318 in general, any type of pyrotechnic that produces heat and light to give a warning or signal

319 Flare

320 type of pyrotechnic device which not only produces light and heat, but also sound and smoke to help warn or identify areas

321 Signal

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