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Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift Transmission AMT-D, EPA’10 Engines Presented By: Jeff Denny, Volvo Trucks North America Chris Sanderson, TEC Equipment.

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1 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift Transmission AMT-D, EPA’10 Engines Presented By: Jeff Denny, Volvo Trucks North America Chris Sanderson, TEC Equipment

2 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift 12 Speed, 2 Pedal Automated Mechanical Transmission Overall Reduction 15.04:1 for OD, 14.94:1 for Direct Light Weight 597 to 611 lbs. 28% Gear Steps High Torque Capacity Single Countershaft

3 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift Objectives Provide a transmission that offers the following: Fuel economy - intelligent software, Performance - optimized shifting program Reliability – fourth generation of Volvo AMT Smooth operation Custom tailored to customer preferences with feature packages Light weight / increased payload Ease of operation / driver retention Many features that are exclusive to Volvo!

4 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) AT2612DATO2612D ATO3112D ATO3112D Used With D11 / D13 D16 Torque Capacity Any D11 / D13 Torque 1900 lb-ft Any D11 / D13 Torque 1900 lb-ft Any D16 Torque 2350 lb-ft Top Ratio Direct1.00:1Overdrive0.78:1Overdrive0.78:1 Operation Two Pedal Forward Speeds Overall Ratio 14.94:115.04:115.04:1 Weight, lbs (kg) 597 (275) 610 (281) Volvo I-Shift Specifications for EPA’10

5 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift Weight Benefits 915 – 995 lbs. 712 – 726 lbs. D13 + I-Shift = 3262 lbs ISX + Ultrashift PLUS = 3879 lbs

6 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) What Makes I-Shift So Intelligent? Teamwork. Integration. Information. I-Shift knows the engines’ efficiency map for each engine rating Only Volvo can integrate so well. Higher level of information Result: Maximum intelligence and efficiency WE TRUST THE TRANSMISSION TO CONTROL THE ENGINE!

7 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift Exclusive Features Innovative Shifting Strategy Six (6) Software Feature Packages Two Shifter Control Styles Available – Basic, Premium Economy / Performance Operating Modes w/ Premium Shifter Integrated Engine Brake Interface Volvo Driver Information Display Interface Accelerator Pedal With Kick-Down Switch Proprietary Engine-Transmission Protocol Transmission Enabled to Control the Engine Upgradeability to higher engine ratings at resale

8 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Six (6) Software Feature Packages

9 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift Two Control Styles Available Basic Shifter No E/P or Up/Down Buttons Minimum driver intervention Premium Shifter Full driver Control

10 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift Controls (Basic Shifter) Pistol Grip Shifter Reverse Neutral Drive Manual “Limp” Function (Button at Rear on both style shifters) Best for Max Fuel Economy

11 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo I-Shift Controls (Premium Shifter) Reverse Neutral Drive Manual Economy / Performance Mode Button Manual Shift Buttons Up / Down “Limp” Function (Button at Rear on both style shifters)

12 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) E / P Operating Modes Fuel Economy Mode In “E” mode, the transmission will select shift points and command engine parameters that maximize FUEL ECONOMY. Shift points are at low RPMs and gears are skipped to reduce languishing in lower gears. Performance Mode In “P/P+” mode, GRADABILITY is maximized. RPM in each gear is increased, more gears are taken, and more power is available. The “P” mode will default back to “E” after a while when no longer used. Even when the Premium Shifter is used, the E/P switch can be programmed out, if desired, and re-enabled at resale.

13 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Performance/P+ Additional Features Ability to Rock Free The I-Shift has the ability to rock the vehicle back and forth to maneuver out of a stuck situation. In most instances, the shifter doesn’t need to be changed between forward and reverse – simply pump the accelerator.

14 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) P+ Additional Features Power Launch If the vehicle becomes “really stuck” in sand or very soft soil and is equipped with the Performance software package, the I-Shift has the ability to use extra engine torque to get the vehicle moving once again.

15 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Premium Shifter Additional Features Avoid Shifts in Drive Mode Delay a downshift by pushing the plus (+) button on the shifter while the engine rpms are very low – useful when approaching the top of a hill when a downshift is not desired. Delay an upshift by pushing the plus (-) button on the shifter – useful when driving uphill with poor traction or when approaching a hill where higher engine rpms are needed for more efficient operation.

16 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Premium Shifter Additional Features Greatest Possible Downshift To evoke one large downshift instead of several smaller ones – useful when approaching a steep hill in off-road conditions when a higher engine speed is needed. The I-Shift uses its grade sensor and GCW calculations to determine the best gear to select.

17 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Volvo “DID” Driver Interface Selector Position Present Gear Possible Gears Up & Down Economy / Performance Mode If Eco-Roll is enabled Engine Brake Selection

18 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Engine Cruise Control, Engine Brake, & Transmission Integrated Together for Seamless Performance Integrated Engine Brake Interface Off “A” – Automatic Brake Cruise Control Enabled 1,2,3 – Manual I-VEB Engine Brake Control “B” – I-Shift Brake Program Shifts Down for Maximum Retardation Plus / Minus switch on end for Brake Cruise Control function

19 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Upgradeability I-Shift can accommodate upgrades to any available engine rating without requiring clutch or transmission changes. I-Shift can be upgraded from Basic to Premium Shifter at trade-in for higher residual value. I-Shift can be re-rated to any software package.

20 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift Clutch Package 17” Organic Faced Spring Dampened Clutch Clutch Warranty Normal Duty = 3 years / 300,000 miles / 7,500 hours Heavy Duty = 3 years / 250,000 miles / 6,250 hours Severe Duty = 1 year / 100,000 miles / 3,250 hours

21 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Accelerator Pedal With Kick-Down Switch Firm Detent Near Bottom In “Kickdown” mode, downshifts occur when possible and ACCELERATION is maximized

22 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Idle Driving Mode Facilitates driving slowly Lets the driver drive at engine idle speed in any of the lower range gears (1-6) A touch of the throttle (or + button on the Premium shifter) Increases to the next higher gear A slight press on the brake pedal (or – button on the Premium shifter) will downshift to a lower gear The clutch is not slipped and is only opened when the vehicle stops Works well in reverse backing a trailer

23 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Grade Sensor Allows I-Shift To “See” What’s Ahead Informed Technology I-Shift has a Grade Sensor, so it knows how steep the grade is and if it’s changing I-Shift continuously monitors the grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, weight, rolling and air resistance I-Shift continuously predicts and selects the most efficient utilization of the engine over the next rolling 30 second period.

24 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Hill Start Assist – OPTIONAL (Must also spec air ride suspension & Electronic Stability Control) Brake Pedal EngagedHill Start EngagedAccelerator PressedHill Start Released

25 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) Forced Lubrication Gear type oil pump (Similar to engine oil pump) Pumps lubricant through drilled passageways for superior lubrication Lube Oil Filter will remove any contaminants 500,000 mile oil change intervals with on-highway

26 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) PTO’s **Enhanced PTO Features or Multiple PTO’s – Needs a BBM

27 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift PTO Functions Basic – always included with I-Shift Pre-defined split positions – Low, High Stalk control Enhanced – optional, includes Basic functionality Ability to select split position when equipped with Premium Shifter Limit engine speed when PTO is engaged, additional rpm controls Auto neutral Reverse inhibit Park brake setting *Requires a Body Builder Module* - see BB Manual for additional info

28 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) I-Shift Application Guidelines MAKE TOUGH STARTS IN “P” On-Highway to 143,000 pounds beginning NOW (D16). VHD flat or partly hilly on-off highway to 110,000 beginning NOW. Strictly off-road (severe mining, etc.) still should use Allison As before, no mixers, no refuse. However, 6x4, 8x4, 10x4, 12x4 dump trucks, 105,500 chip trucks, 105,500 transfer dumps, block trucks, fire trucks, snowplows, line stripers, vac trucks, etc.

29 Volvo I-Shift (D-Series) What Does Volvo I-Shift NOT Do? I-Shift doesn’t get locked in gear if you shut it off in gear by mistake and the air pressure bleeds down. Instead, when you turn off the key with the selector in gear, the transmission shifts to neutral before it turns off the engine. I-Shift doesn’t tear up your dock or your ICC bumper backing up. Instead, when you back up and touch the brake, it de-clutches rapidly. I-Shift doesn’t “beep” at you to tell you it won’t shift. Instead I-Shift tells you if it CAN shift with arrows in the DID before you try. I-Shift doesn’t just sit there if you stop while in Manual Mode and try to take off in too high a gear. Instead, a pop-up message tells you to downshift or to put it in “D”.

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