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Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20021 CATIA Training Exercises Part Design Fundamentals Version 5 Release 10 December 2002 EDU-CAT-E-PDG-FX-V5R10.

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1 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20021 CATIA Training Exercises Part Design Fundamentals Version 5 Release 10 December 2002 EDU-CAT-E-PDG-FX-V5R10

2 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20022 Table of Contents 1.Lever: Building the Main Padp.3 2.Lever: Finishing the Partp.5 3.Connector Housing Presentationp.7 4.Connector Housing (1): Creating Featuresp.10 5.Connector Housing (2): Dressing-up the Connectorp.12 6.Connector Housing (3): Modifying the Partp.14

3 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20023 Exercise Lever: Building the Main Pad In this exercise you will: Practice the various Sketcher tools and Sketch-based features to continue the Lever 30 min.

4 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20024 Do It Yourself Create the lever using the provided profile Thickness = 5mm Load: CATPDG_EX_Lever1.CATPart

5 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20025 Exercise Lever: Finishing the Part In this exercise you will: Practice the various tools such as Pattern, Draft, Fillet, and Mirror, to finish the Lever 30 min.

6 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20026 Do It Yourself Pattern the hole Add the draft angles (5deg) Fillet the edges (1mm) Mirror the part Load: CATPDG_EX_Lever2.CATPart

7 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20027 Master Exercise Connector Housing: Presentation In this exercise you will build a housing connector from scratch following the recommended design process: Create and combine features, and modify the part using Sketcher and Part Design tools 70 min.

8 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20028 Design Intent: Connector Housing The connector housing is a molded part that is used in an assembly The part is not symmetrical The profile of the main pad is sketched on the YZ plane The catch is centered on the base Counterbored through holes with same radius The detent pocket and the clip are equally positioned Most surfaces are drafted Fillets radii are constant except for corners Wall thickness is constant Catch Detent Clip Standoffs Hole

9 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 20029 Extruding profiles to create main pad and other features Filleting, drafting, and shelling the part Editing features to modify the part Design Process: Connector Housing 1 2 3

10 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200210 Master Exercise Connector Housing (1) : Creating Features In this step you will: Create the 4 main features making up the connector: - the main pad - the Catch - the Detent Pocket - the Clip 15 min.

11 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200211 Create the four features of the connector: 1. Main pad: 70mm long from the connector profile 2. Catch: at 35mm from yz plane, 16mm centered on offset plane 3. Detent: 9.5mm long pocket 20mm forward of the back face of the main pad 4. Clip: 3mm long Main pad Detent Clip 1 2 3 4 1 2 4 3 Do It Yourself Load: CATPDG_Ex_Connector_Housing_Step1.CATPart

12 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200212 Exercise Connector Housing (2): Dressing-up the Connector In this step you will: Dress-up the Connector by: - Drafting surfaces - Filleting edges - Shelling the part - Patterning a hole You will also: - Add standoffs 30 min.

13 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200213 Do It Yourself Dress-up the connector: Drafts: 3deg Edge fillets: 1mm Corner variable fillets: top= 1mm, bottom= 2mm Connector shell (including the clip): 1mm inside thickness Complement the part: Hole: 3.5mm diameter, located at 15mm from right edge and 10mm from front edge on the upper face Pattern the second hole: 40mm from the first hole On the underside of the part: 4mm standoffs Vertical faces drafts= 3 deg. Edge fillets= 1mm Corner fillets: top=1mm / bottom= 2mm Shell= 1mm inside thickness 15mm 10mm Inside Clip Faces Right Edge Front Edge Hole location 4mm standoffs Load: CATPDG_Ex_Connector_Housing_Step2.CATPart

14 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200214 Master Exercise Connector Housing (3): Modifying the Part In this step you will: Modify the connector by: - Editing feature parameters - Editing a sketch - Editing fillets - Changing the hole type - Editing feature properties 30 min.

15 Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 200215 Do It Yourself Modify the following features so that: Main pad: width = 40mm Standoffs: include two tangent lines, perpendicular to each other with constraints Step fillets: radius from 1mm to 1.5mm Holes: Counterbored (5mm diameter and 1.5mm depth for the counterbore) Catch (Pad.2) color: red Counterbored hole 40mm width pad 1.5mm fillets Red catch standoffs Load: CATPDG_Ex_Connector_Housing_Step3.CATPart

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