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Berger Lahr IclA Intelligent compact drives. 2 Contents Motion Control with Berger Lahr What is IclA? – Integrated Intelligence Market trends (demands)

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1 Berger Lahr IclA Intelligent compact drives

2 2 Contents Motion Control with Berger Lahr What is IclA? – Integrated Intelligence Market trends (demands) Keyfactors: Compactness and Flexibility BL Answer: IclA - Product range Applications - References Questions and Conclusion

3 3 Motion Control with Berger Lahr

4 4 What’s IclA? – The concept of Integrated Intelligence Intelligence close to the application Electronic and Motor form a unit Reduction of components, reduced space in control cabinet, wiring and installation effort Flexible Integration to customer systems by: 3 different motor characteristics Manifold options as standard (variance) Fast Track Solution for individual demands Intelligent compact-line Actuator

5 5 IclA - Intelligent compact-line actuator Communication interface:  Profibus DP  CANopen  RS485  Pulse/Direction Motor:  AC Servomotor,  Stepper Motor,  DC brushless Electronic:  Positioning control  Power stage  Motor Feedback  Internal Power Supply > I/Os  Power Removal Additional options:  gearboxes  Holding brakes  Industrial connectors  PCB-connectors  24-V signal interface  Programmable I/Os  Power Removal interface  DIP-switches

6 6 Berger Lahr Experience 199920032000201020012002200420062005 D0xx – EC Motor IFS6x Stepper IFA6x AC-Servo IFE EC-Motor IFS9x Stepper IclA Ixx: IclA D/N0xx: N065 – EC-Motor

7 7 Market Trends Application demands: Decentralization Continuously Miniaturisation Optimisation of production (flexible product changes) Increasing Individuality Easy Integration IclA-Characteristic: Flexibility – easy and fast integration Compactness – size and integration of motor, electronics and functionalities Modularity – Project Planning, Installation, Set Up and operation Safety – integration and controlled

8 8 Increasing Individuality Flexible production of small series requests for new solutions in positioning and drive technology

9 9 Optimisation of production (flexible product changes) Increasing Process reliability by elimination of manual adjustments, >> ristk of wrong adjustments in machine change over

10 10 Fieldbus - Communication DC-Power 18-36 V De-Centralized solution: IclA – Decentralized Intelligence - Machine - Application Motion Controller Centralized solution: Electronic Control Cabinet: Motor Power Feedback

11 11 IclA Ixx - Product Portfolio The fantastic four: Motor Characteristics IFA AC Servo-Motor IFE EC-Motor (BL-DC) IFS Stepper-Motor (Fieldbus) IDS Stepper-Motor (Pulse/Direction) Common features: Various power ranges by different motor sizes and supply ranges Operating modes Communication interfaces Programmable signal interface Connection technologies Integrated Power Removal Holding brakes Gearbox options Commissioning Tool IclAeasy Accessory

12 12 IclA Ixx = Integrate it!

13 13 Flexibility – Communication Interfaces Field Bus interfaces:- CANopen Profibus DP RS 485 IDS (Stepper): Pulse/Direction interface Motion Controller or PLC Ethernet Pulse/Direction interfaces RS 485

14 14 Flexibility – Functionalities Application >> e.g. Pick and Place 500 mm 1.200 mm Absolut positioning 0 500 mm Relative positioning 0 700 mm Positioning mode (Point-to-Point) v t v1 v2 v3 Speed profile

15 15 Flexibility – Functionalities Application >> e.g. cutting material on a conveyor Electronic gear mode: NC: 200 Incr. 200 Incr. 300 Incr. 600 Incr. 1 : 1 3 : 2 3 : 1

16 16 IclA Ixx - Internal Power Supply Supply of max. four 24 V-Outputs by the power supply of the IclA (Standard from week 44!) Supply V DC: 24 +- 10% Switching current mA< 200 Energy recovery safe Alternative (Option) as known – Supplied by an external (separate) Power supply unit 24V - I/0s (4x) Signal interface: 24V DC power amplifier control electronics 24V... 36V DC Power Supply Unit

17 17 IclA Ixx – Integrated Power Removal Standard in all IclA Ixx Power Removal (=Safe Standstill) integrated safety function Emergency Stop (EN 60204-1) for Category 0 stop and Category 1 stop Safety levels in accordance with the standards of functional safety: SIL 2; IEC 61508 (Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems.) SIL 2; pr IEC 62061 Category 3; EN 954-1 Category 3; pr EN 13849-1

18 18 IclA Ixx – Category 0 Stop Category 0 stop (EN60204-1) Standstill by immediate power shutdown to the machine drive elements (i.e. an uncontrolled stop).

19 19 IclA Ixx – Category 1 Stop Category 1 stop (EN60204-1) A controlled stop in which the machine drive elements are retained to effect the standstill. Power feed is only interrupted when everything has come to a standstill.

20 20 Integrated Power Removal Benefits Emergency safety Control function acc. EN 60204-1 Continuous connection to positioning electronic Control over position Reduced Costs for safety components (external power contractors) less space required in the machine 24V..35V DC 24V 24V..35V DC

21 21 Flexibility – Software Tool IclA Easy Field bus interface for software update & diagnostics Commissioning-Software: Look & Feel

22 22 Flexibility – Connection Technologies Two different connection technologies are available: Industrial Connectors: Generally used in specialised machines and small production runs Wire to Board Connector: Generally used in serial machines in with cable harnesses

23 23 IclA® IFA – The Dynamic AC-servo AC Servo Motor based Closed-Loop controlled drive system High dynamic characteristics High resolution encoder Options: Holding brake Planetary gearbox  For processes which require dynamic accelerations, high speed and exact resolution Max. Torque:0.40... 0.72 Nm Max. Speed:6000 – 11.000 rpm

24 24 IFA News 2005: new winding variants: /... 3D IFA61: IFA62:

25 25 IclA® IFE – The Reliable Format Adjuster Electronically commutated – EC Motor Closed-Loop controlled drive system Absolute position feedback High detent torque Options: Spurwheel gearboxes or Planetary gearboxes  For automatic format adjustment – with minimum setup times Max. Torque:0,24 Nm Max. Speed:4.800 rpm Detent Torque: 0,08 Nm

26 26 IclA® IFS – The Strong, Precise Stepper Stepper Motor based High torque - no need for gearbox Excellent constant velocity characteristics High-resolution positioning Options: Planetary gearboxes Encoder with index pulse Holding Brake  For short range positioning IFS6x:Max. Torque:0.45... 1.5 Nm Max. Speed: 2000 rpm IFS9x:Max. Torque:2... 6 Nm Max. Speed:1000 rpm

27 27 IxS9x news: Optional Holding brake Technical Data: Protection Class (unit)IP54 EMC Cl. B acc. EN55022 Holding Torque M H :6Nm Electrical pick-up power:22W Make Time (release brake):40ms Break Time (close brake):20 ms Moment of inertia:0.2 (kgcm²) Weight:1,8kg

28 28 IclA N065 New Format setting IclA (Update of IclA D065) Fieldbus: CANopen DS 402 Planed Market Launch: 1. Quarter 2006 Replacement of D065 ASAP 4 gearbox option: Spurwheel Wormgearbox Planetary gearbox Angular planetary gearbox

29 29 Application – CD/DVD production cell Application Requirements: dynamic acceleration, speed, easy integration Solution: IclA IFA with AC-Servo Benefits with IclA: Reduced production space (approx. 10%) Increased productivity (approx. 20%) Field bus: CANopen

30 30 Application – CNC furniture machine Application requirements: Replacement of manual settings (hand wheels) Fast product changes Save position after switching Solution: IclA IFE with EC-Motor Benefits with IclA: Reduction of change over time High detent torque – no brake or gearbox required No referencing required Field bus: CANopen

31 31 Application – PCB Machines Application Requirement: Automated Precision Positioning (camera) Repeatable printing quality Field bus communication (8 different drives) Easy integration Solution: IclA IFS - Stepper Benefits with IclA: Reduction in size (footprint) “Plug and Play” – no tuning required Precise positioning Field bus: CANopen

32 32 Applications – References Printing Wood and Furniture Paper Handling Labelling Textile Electronics Medical technology Material Working: Rubber, Plastic Metal, Wood, Paper...

33 33 Perspective IclA ® - Product Range (1) IclA Ixx: Safety Functionality „Power Removal“ >> released in 2005 Internal Power Supply >> released in 2005 Fieldbus – CANopen DS402 >> Next Generation IclA Ixx – Beginn of 2008 DeviceNet on demand!

34 34 Perspective IclA ® - Product Range (2) IFA – AC-Servo Medium Power: >> Beginn of 2007 Absolute multiturn encoder >> Mid 2006 IFE/N06x – DC-Brushless Power Extension for IFE >> in 2006 Wormgear for IFE >> in 2006 Power Extension for N06x >> on FTS-Basis from today IFS - Stepper ATEX certification for IFS 6x >> 2. Quarter 2006

35 35 Conclusion: Main benefits of Berger Lahr IclA ® Integrated Intelligence at the application: Positioning Electronics, Power Electronics, Safety Function, Internal Power Supply High Flexibility and Availability by modular variant configuration for easy integration and individual demands Interference Resistance by internal motor wiring and high failure detection field bus Little wiring(field bus + power supply). Significant reduction in costs and installation Significant reduction in control cabinet space No climatisation of control cabinet Significant reduction in floor space

36 36 for your attention Thanks

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