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Swanshurst School Swanshurst School Assessment Policy.

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1 Swanshurst School Swanshurst School Assessment Policy

2 Swanshurst School Introduction This policy describes all aspects of assessment recording and reporting It is the overarching document that brings together the policy and procedures which exist to ensure progress for all students

3 Swanshurst School Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at Swanshurst. We believe that, for students to make progress, we and they need to know where they are and where they are going to. This is the journey which each individual undertakes from 11-19 in our school In response to this we strive to integrate all aspects of teaching and learning, formative and summative assessments, recording, reporting and target setting Outcomes of assessment inform departmental planning Setting challenging targets and assessing progress towards them is fundamental to the whole improvement cycle

4 Swanshurst School We believe that students, teachers and parents should always be aware of the current position, next steps and ultimate targets. Any interventions taking place to address faltering progress should be planned in conjunction with all parties concerned, and monitored and recorded openly We believe that teachers should employ and share clear assessment criteria and should encourage a claiming culture with the students Assessment by APP tests, externally set coursework tasks and other departmentally standardised tests contribute to the summative termly awarded level or grade which is communicated with parents online (in line with current government guidelines) and via a printed report

5 Swanshurst School Actively involving all pupils in their own learning, providing opportunities for pupils to assess themselves and understand how they are learning and progressing, can boost motivation and confidence At Swanshurst we believe that AfL is one of the most powerful ways of improving learning and raising standards AfL should be part of effective planning of teaching and learning strategies that address the diverse needs of different groups of learners AfL should acknowledge the barriers to learning that some of them encounter Purpose of Assessment

6 Swanshurst School Assessment for learning is the process of using classroom assessment to improve learning Assessment of Learning is the measurement of what pupils can do Definitions

7 Swanshurst School Policy into Practice

8 Swanshurst School Establish base-line data and set targets in line with national expectations Depts plan challenging schemes of work with whole school assessment points Short term objectives set and shared with pupils. Continual assessment and evidence gathering Standardised assessments carried out leading to termly level or grade. Inputted into e portal Progress checked against expected in tracker. Comments and targets written and inputted Monitoring of data by HODs,HOYs LLMs and achievement coordinators Students make expected progress or Interventions for supporting students not making expected progress. Assessment Cycle (Click coloured boxes for more info)

9 Swanshurst School Base Line Data Information from primary schools including: KS2 SATs SEN G&T EAL FSM Other verbal feedback MIDYIS test and departmental base line testing Back

10 Swanshurst School Departmental Assessment Policy Each department will plan schemes of work where individual lesson plans have highlighted opportunities for assessment Lesson plans will incorporate opportunities for team,reflective,independent and creative learning (TRICs) Every teacher will employ a range of assessment techniques to test the learning Every teacher will address misconceptions and reshape tasks and explanations in order to improve learning. Each department will have a marking policy addressing its specific curriculum needs Each department will map out assessment points throughout the year in advance. HODs will have detailed knowledge of how assessments are standardised, marked and moderated. These maps will be held by all staff in teacher planners and reviewed regularly. Back

11 Swanshurst School Target Setting Forecast levels set in year 7 for end of year and end of key stage Forecast grades set in KS4 based on KS2/3 levels using predictive software SEN targets set on an individual basis Post 16 forecast grades based on prior attainment and LAT forecasts

12 Swanshurst School Termly assessment All departments will set standardised tests such as; APPs in English, maths, science and ICT at KS3 and as others become available Range and content tests Externally set coursework tasks and controlled assessments Homework tasks, weekly and extended learning projects Back

13 Swanshurst School Reporting Summative assessment data put into e portal by subject teachers termly Displayed automatically in secure area graphically and colour coded to indicate; On target to achieve, slightly below, cause for concern Comments written explaining any discrepancies between current position and expected position. Targets are set in conjunction with students whenever possible For KS4 and 5 There are 2 grades relating to progress which are the “working at” and the “expected “ grades. Working at means current level of progress and expected means the outcome expected at the end of the course. There is an attitudinal grade :acceptable or unacceptable. Back

14 Swanshurst School Monitoring When red in a subject the class teacher, HoD, HoY and leadership line manager will investigate as appropriate and strategies devised Achievement coordinators identify multiple red students as “globally red” and investigate and coordinate a strategy Back

15 Swanshurst School Interventions Staff; CPD and performance management targets used to help and motivate Groups; Use of TAs, observations, team teaching to elucidate problems and correct them Individuals; interviews with subject staff, dept reports, parents involved Globally red; Zone involvement ;special group work in attendance, behaviour etc. Referral to external agencies, LLM /HOY as mentor/monitor Back

16 Swanshurst School Supporting the Policy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Dedicating training days, staff meetings and briefings where good practice is shared, twilight CPD, ITT training, NQT training, coaching, paired observations etc, all used to develop staff expertise in: AFL Moderation Report writing Use of secure area Technology

17 Swanshurst School Supporting the Policy Self Evaluation – departments evaluate their performance in assessment and examinations – reviewing and then setting targets for improvement Self Evaluation – school reviews year groups on a regular basis and identifies underperforming sub groups where they exist eg FSM, ethnicity etc. interventions planned by achievement coordinators and monitored

18 Swanshurst School Supporting the Policy Self Evaluation – school’s performance in external examinations is reviewed taking into account raiseonline /LAT, FFT and LA data Targets for improvement set and aligned to performance management. Where groups are underperforming strategies are developed

19 Swanshurst School Secure area: School data is fed into secure area and analysed Will continue to develop new features to display performance, communicate and manage interactions between staff, students and parents Supporting the Policy

20 Swanshurst School Monitoring and Evaluation This policy should be carefully monitored and regularly evaluated and reviewed annually (October 2010) under the direction of the headteacher and governing body

21 Review undertaken February 2011 L. McCabe Swanshurst School

22 Amendments February 2011 Each year group is reviewed by studying the secure area data on a termly basis. Students in danger of underachieving are identified by HOY and DHOY Target groups produced and achievement mentors allocated Strategies devised and put onto Z balls in secure areas Outcomes recorded and successes celebrated Swanshurst School.

23 Amendments Asessmenyt m\apping added to Swanshurst School

24 Amendments Asessment mapping added to dept. policies Raising achievement strategies changed to dept. monitoring on secure area. Position statements written termly by class teachers, highlighting pupils underachievement and interventions and HODs and discussed with Leadership line managers Whole school support pupils identified

25 Reviewed:July 2014 Reviewed by:L McCabe Date of Next Review:July 2015 Swanshurst School

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