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M AXIMUS A CADEMY Intensive Training Course For All Major Competitive Exams and Campus Interviews By Professors and Professionals To enroll and register.

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1 M AXIMUS A CADEMY Intensive Training Course For All Major Competitive Exams and Campus Interviews By Professors and Professionals To enroll and register visit

2 I NTENSIVE T RAINING C OURSE F OR A LL M AJOR C OMPETITIVE E XAMS AND C AMPUS I NTERVIEWS UPSC - Prelims (GS & CSAT) UPSC - Main (GS & Optional Papers) SSC IBPS CWE - Bank SO/PO/Clerk IBPS CWE - RRB SBI PO/Clerk and RBI Exam L.I.C. and G.I.C AO / Assistant Exam CDS, NDA RRB - Railway Recruitment Board Exam CA - CPT CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT Campus Recruitment Training - IT Companies - Infosys, TCS, Wipro, CTS etc.,

3 E XECUTIVE S UMMARY To get a Dream Job or to do Higher Education in a Government or reputed private organization / Institution will be a goal for most of the students. Today, for sure there are more number of job opportunities in Government Organizations, Banks and Financial Services, FMCG companies, IT Companies, MNCs, Engineering Groups, Automobile Companies, Infrastructures, Telecom Services, etc., On the other hand, there exists huge competition with growing count of graduates in our country.

4 E XECUTIVE S UMMARY Globally, organizations use a few standard techniques to evaluate the candidates. These include Written Aptitude Tests (Technical and Non-Technical), Descriptive Writing, Psychometric tests, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. A thorough and systematic preparation is the best way to ensure good performance in these selection processes and thus get a dream job or an entry in reputed educational institutions. It needs right attitude, great perseverance, hard work and a professional assistance to make it happen.

5 M ARKET O UTLOOK Fortunately, the professional assistance is offered by ‘N’ number of Training Institutes in and around Chennai. Unfortunately, the success rate in South India is low as the Training Programs offered by most of Training Institutes lack effectiveness. In spite of being ambitious and civil service oriented, students fail to crack these exams. Why the Training Programs lack effectiveness in most of the Training Institutes ? Mentors - Training Institutes operating in large scale find it tough to source well experienced and good mentors as they are less in numbers in the market. It makes no sense even if you study in a Big Training Institute but your - Mentor is not easily accessible Mentor needs clarity in concepts Mentor delivery of lecture is not satisfactory Ultimately, the mentor and his accessibility matters. “At times, Small is Beautiful.”

6 M ARKET O UTLOOK Study Materials - Most of them even cut short the Curriculum and offer Substandard Study Materials to complete the training in a short period. Few content developers simply Cut-Copy-Paste the content from standard textbooks ignoring the flow of information and clarity of the concept. Duration - Generally, If you are smart, you can crack most of the Competitive Exams in less than six months. Else, you need couple of months more. But, just 2 Months of training makes no difference even if you are a genius.

7 M ARKET O UTLOOK Batch Size - Highly commercial coaching centers run the show with a huge batch size of 100 - 300 students in a class. In such atmosphere, resolving doubts and brief discussions to put clarity on the concepts are seldom done individually. Finally, the outcome is only few students are benefited out of the training and rest end nowhere. Price - Most of Training Institutes spend lot of money in advertisements. To break even they charge heavy fees for the Training Programs up to Rs.1,00,000. In turn, people who are economically backward find it really difficult to get training for most of the competitive exams in India. Discrimination aches.

8 MAXIMUS ACADEMY - B EST E DUCATION @ B EST P RICE We have tailored our course with great efforts to enhance the aptitude and soft skills of the students to crack most of the Competitive Exams in India and to excel in Campus Interviews Mentor - Classes will be handled by Professors and Professionals only Study Materials - Students will be trained based on Well-Researched and Authentic Study Materials only Duration - 4 Months Batch size - 50 students only Price - Starts from 4000/- Membership - Lifetime (Tests, Doubts and Discussions till you get posted in the Government Job) Notification - Regular notification of All Major Competitive Exams

9 S TUDY M ATERIALS Students will be trained based on Well-Researched and Authentic Study Materials. It ensures comprehensive coverage of all concepts in detail, exposures to solved examples, short-cuts and strategies for improving performance. The study materials include - 1. Quantitative Aptitude and Data Analysis and Interpretation - Arun Sharma / Abhijith Guha / Tyra / Dr. R.S.Aggarwal 2. Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning - Dr. R.S.Aggarwal / Edgar Thorpe

10 S TUDY M ATERIALS 3. General English (Objective) - GRE Barron’s / Wren and Martin / Raymond Murphy / Objective English (Tata McGraw Hill Publication) 4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs Daily Newspaper - “The Hindu” Business Newspaper - “Economic Times” Monthly Magazine - “Competition Success Review” along with “General Knowledge” edition / “Pratiyogita Darpan” Year Book (Latest) - “Manorama / CSR Year Book” Web Links 5. A hand book on general awareness with special reference to Banking Industry and Indian Economy

11 S TUDY M ATERIALS 6. A hand book on Business and Effective Writing 7. A hand book on Computer Awareness 8. A question bank (inclusive of all major competitive exams) with a sample of 20 question papers (with solutions) 9. A hand book on “How to improve Interview and Group Discussion Skills?”

12 C OURSEWORK 1. Q UANTITATIVE A PTITUDE a. A RITHMETICAL A BILITY Numbers - H.C.F. and L.C.M. of Numbers - Decimal Fractions - Simplification - Square Roots and Cube Roots - Average - Problems on Numbers - Problems on Ages - Surds and Indices - Percentage - Profit and Loss - Ratio and Proportion - Partnership - Chain Rule - Time and Work - Pipes and Cisterns - Time and Distance - Problems on Trains - Boats and Streams - Allegation or Mixture - Simple Interest - Compound Interest - Logarithms - Area - Volume and Surface Areas - Races and Games of Skill - Calendar - Clocks - Stocks and Shares - Permutations and Combinations - Probability - True Discount - Banker’s Discount - Heights and Distances - Odd Man Out and Series - Geometry - Trigonometry - Co-ordinate Geometry. b. Speed Maths Vedic Mathematics (Shortcuts)

13 C OURSEWORK c. D ATA A NALYSIS A ND I NTERPRETATION Numerical Data Tables - Cartesian (Line) Graph - Bar Charts - Pie Charts - Case let Form - Mix Diagrams - Geometrical Diagrams and Other Forms of Data Representation 2. R EASONING a. V ERBAL R EASONING Series Completion - Analogy - Classification - Coding - Decoding - Blood Relations - Puzzle Test - Sequential Output Tracing -. Direction Sense Test - Logical Venn Diagrams - Alphabet Test - Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle - Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test - Mathematical Operations - Logical Sequence of Words - Arithmetical Reasoning - Inserting The Missing character – b. Data Sufficiency - Eligibility Test - Assertion and Reason - Situation Reaction Test - Verification of Truth of the Statement

14 C OURSEWORK c. N ON -V ERBAL R EASONING Series - Analogy - Classification - Analytical Reasoning - Mirror Images - Water Images - Spotting Out The Embedded Figures - Completion of Incomplete Pattern - Figure Matrix - Paper Folding - Paper Cutting - Rule Detection - Grouping of Identical Figures - Cubes and Dice - Dot Situation - Construction of Squares and Triangles - Figure Formation & Analysis d. L OGICAL R EASONING Logic - Statement Arguments - Statement Assumptions - Statement Courses of Action - Statement Conclusions - Deriving Conclusions from Passages - Theme Detection - Cause and Effect Reasoning

15 C OURSEWORK 3. G ENERAL E NGLISH (O BJECTIVE ) Vocabulary Usage - Synonyms - Antonyms - Vocabulary Test - Double Synonyms - Homonyms - One Word Substitution - Reading Comprehension Ability - Comprehension I - Comprehension II - Theme Detection - Deriving Conclusions from Passages - Selecting words/Phrases - Sentence Completion - Passage Completion - Choosing the Appropriate Filler - Error Detection - Common Errors - How to Avoid Them? - Spotting Errors - Sentence Improvement - Passage Correction - Choosing the Correct/Incorrect Sentence - Rearrangement - Reconstruction of Sentences - Rearrangement of Sentences in a Paragraph - Reconstruction of Paragraphs - Rearrangement of Jumbles Parts - Word Formation - General Usage - Idioms and Phrases - Active and Passive Voice - Direct and Indirect Speech - Transformation - Spelling Test

16 C OURSEWORK 4. G ENERAL S TUDIES Current events of national and international importance - History of India and Indian National Movement - Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World - Indian Polity and Governance - Constitution, Political System, Panchayat Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues - Economic and Social Development - Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives - General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio- diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization - General Science 5. G ENERAL K NOWLEDGE A ND C URRENT A FFAIRS 6. G ENERAL A WARENESS - B ANKING I NDUSTRY

17 C OURSEWORK 7. C OMPUTER A WARENESS 8. B USINESS A ND E FFECTIVE W RITING - Essay Writing - Short and Long Article writing - Story Writing - Paragraph Writing - Letter Writing - Short Messages - Short and Long Report Writing - Resume Writing

18 C OURSEWORK 9. G ROUP D ISCUSSIONS - GD (Basics) - Mock GDs - Debates - Team Presentations - Group Task 10. I NTERVIEWS - Interview (Basics) - Frequently Asked Questions - Mock Interviews - Evaluation 11. P SYCHOMETRIC T ESTS - Administration - Self evaluation - Feedback 12. T EAM B UILDING and M ANAGEMENT E XERCISES to improve Interpersonal Skills 13. Intensive training will be offered in all the topics mentioned above in detail. T ESTS AND D ISCUSSIONS will be scheduled every week (In Total, 12 Class Tests and 10 Mock Tests). We will evaluate the performance of each and every student periodically and help them to overcome the challenges.

19 P EDAGOGY - A NTICIPATED M ETHODS In the first step, students will be exposed to the basic concepts and problem solving techniques of a topic. Once students have gained mastery over the fundamentals, they will graduate to the intelligent level. Finally, students will be exposed to the genius level problem. This process will not only strengthen the knowledge of the subject but also hone their analytical skills, giving them an edge over the other students. In competitive exams, it's not just about being correct, it's about getting it correct within the stipulated time. Hence, Accuracy Development Tests are an integral part of the teaching module. Students will be made to test waters through a battery of tests of increasing difficulty. This will ensure that they are confident enough to be ready for the final frontier.

20 P EDAGOGY - A NTICIPATED M ETHODS Personality development modules are specially designed to help students to overcome any weakness in oral communication, so that they are able to perform better during Group Discussions and Interviews. To ensure that students don't lag behind in the general awareness section of the exams, special modules are designed regarding general knowledge with up-to-date topics. The one-to-one mentoring, goal setting and stress management sessions which are conducted by expert counselors.

21 P EDAGOGY - A NTICIPATED S CHEDULE The course duration is 4 Months with a limited Batch Size up to 50 students only. Days / Batches Weekdays Weekends ABC Monday 8:00 am - 10:00 am 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Saturday6:45 pm - 8:15 pm Tuesday 8:00 am - 10:00 am 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Wednesday 8:00 am - 10:00 am 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Sunday 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Thursday 8:00 am - 10:00 am 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm Friday 8:00 am - 10:00 am6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

22 P EDAGOGY - A NTICIPATED S CHEDULE Course Training - Duration in hours Quantitative Aptitude Arithmetical Ability- 24 hours Data Analysis and Interpretation-06 hours Reasoning Verbal Reasoning-10 hours Non-Verbal Reasoning-04 hours Logical Reasoning-10 hours General English (Objective)-16 hours Effective Writing-04 hours Business Writing-04 hours General Studies-40 hours General Knowledge and Current Affairs-04 hours General awareness with special reference to Banking Industry and Indian Economy-04 hours Computer Awareness-04 hours

23 P EDAGOGY - A NTICIPATED S CHEDULE Interviews- 04 hours Group Discussions-04 hours Psychometric Tests-04 hours Team Building and Management Exercises - 04 hours Tests and Discussions Class Tests and Discussions (12 Tests)-24 hours Mock Tests (10 Tests)-30 hours ---------------- 200+ hours

24 UPSC - IAS (Main Exam - GS) Rs.15,000 UPSC - IAS (Main Exam - Optional Papers) Rs.10,000 UPSC - IAS (Preliminary Exam - GS & CSAT) Rs.12,000 UPSC - IAS (Preliminary Exam - CSAT) Rs.6,000 SSC Rs.10,000 Defence NDA, CDS, NA, CBI CAPF & Sub-Inspector of Police Rs.10,000 RRB Railway Recruitment Board Exams Rs.10,000 Bank IBPS - CWE (RRB, SO, PO/MT, Clerk, etc.,) Rs.4,000 Insurance GIC & LIC (AAO) Rs.4,000 CRT Campus Recruitment Training Rs.4,000 PSUs Rs.10,000 GRE Rs.10,000 CAT Rs.8,000 GMAT Rs.10,000 MAT Rs.4,000 CA - CPT Rs.4,000 O UR S ERVICES - P RICE L IST

25 JEE (Main & Advance) Rs.40,000 SAT Rs.50,000 NTSE Rs.10,000 PSA Rs.10,000 English Spoken English / Basic Grammar Rs.2,000 PDP Personality Development Programme & Soft Skills Training* Consulting Management, Education & Job Consulting* Projects Research / Project (UG & PG) Guidance* Counseling Career / Psychological Counseling for students* Meditation Yoga & Meditation* Tuitions Tutoring for all UG & PG Subjects Tuitions Free Maths Tuitions (School Level) - Up to XII Standard (For economically backward students)

26 C ONTACT U S M AXIMUS A CADEMY Our Office Address - New #22 / Old # 1D Thiru - Vi - Ka 1 st Street, Villivakkam Chennai - 600 049 (Near Villivakkam Masjid-E Rahmaniah) Mobile Number - +91 - 9500727120 Email Address - For more details visit us @ To enroll and register visit

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