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RESUMES Presented by Graham Bottrel, Director of Career & Transfer Services Harcum College THE PURPOSE: TO GET THE INTERVIEW!

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2 RESUMES Presented by Graham Bottrel, Director of Career & Transfer Services Harcum College THE PURPOSE: TO GET THE INTERVIEW!

3 Your resume will be a reflection of you...  A poorly composed resume will be perceived as a potentially poor employee (no matter how good you really are).  A well-written resume can put you in the running for an interview. It’s all how you convey yourself on paper!!!

4 A resume in itself is not right or wrong; it’s the visual aspect of the resume combined with meeting the qualifications of the position which makes it successful. Are you presenting yourself as an organized, consistent, motivated person in your resume? Do your skills, experience, and education match what the employer is seeking? Ask Yourself…

5 You can determine if you have a successful resume by asking yourself: Am I getting calls for interviews? If You Are Not Getting Callbacks … 3. You could be barking up the wrong tree. 1. You are not marketing yourself well. 2. Others have a stronger skill set or education.

6 -Should look neat, concise, and be easy to read. -Typically, a resume should only be 1 page. -Include relevant information only. -Use only white or off-white paper for resume. -Use action verbs; be sure to use proper tense. -Ensure all words are spelled correctly. -Font: size of 10-12, type: Arial, Times New Roman

7 Reverse Chronological -Focus is on work history and dates. Functional -Organizes all information by most recent to least recent date. -Organizes information by skills (ie. Clinical, Laboratory, etc). -Focus is on skills, abilities, and education.

8 Reverse Chronological Commonly used by new grads Functional -Changing career path/field with an extensive work history. -Appear to be over-qualified. -Continuous work history in your field. -Varied work experience. -Progressed up and are looking for a career advancement. -Recent experience in the field. -Gaps in employment. DON’T USE IF… -Switching fields -Frequently changed jobs. -Stable work history.

9  Identifying Information  Career Objective  Education  Coursework  Experience  Skills  Summary of Qualifications  Activities/Honors  Professional Associations  References Categories are often separated through the use of BOLD, italic, or underline. This makes it easier to locate specific information. Some categories are required for a resume while others are optional.

10 Make sure to include all of the following information: Complete name (No nicknames!!!) Phone number where someone can always locate you. Change your answering machine message if necessary to project a professional image. Permanent mailing address E-mail address (use a professional email address such as your name. For example:

11 An objective helps the reader understand the purpose of your resume. Actually Used On A Resume: To obtain a position where I can use excellent skills to promote company and personal growth, and also where I can inspire and enable all individuals to realize their full potential. A Commonly Used Example: A position as an EFDA. A Better Career Objective: An EFDA position in a small office where I can utilize strong patient care and technical skills. Try to make your objective specific to the job to which you are applying. A career objective should contain the position, the industry setting, and a brief skill.

12 Include the name of the institution, dates of attendance (month/year format), graduation date (or expected graduation date), and program. List any other degrees with your most recent institution first. Harcum College Bryn Mawr, PA Associates of Science in Expanded Functions Dental Assisting May 2009 or Harcum College, Bryn Mawr, PA Associates of Science in Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Expected Graduation:06/11

13 Toys R Us Mays Landing, NJ Customer Service Associate September 2006-Present Maintain merchandise inventory and enter data into tracking system Handle customer inquiries about floor merchandise Communicate clearly with customers to ensure exceptional service Explain all warranties and options to all customers This section should list your work experiences in reverse chronological order. You should include a brief description of your responsibilities including any accomplishments. Every line should start with an action word. Remember, if you are not longer employed at that company, each job responsibility should start with a past tense action verb… ie: Assisted patients with ……

14 This section should include coursework which relates to the position. Do not list every course; only those that would make you a stronger candidate. Use a 1 or 2 column format. Dental Anatomy Dental Radiology Preventative Oral Health Services I & II Harcum 101? Introduction to Psychology?

15 This is an optional category where you can list your collegiate (and other)activities and honors in this section. Dean’s List - Harcum College, 2007-2008.

16 This optional section can include technical or interpersonal skills. You can list computer skills, lab techniques, time management, leadership skills, and any foreign languages. An example (but not limited to): Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel Spoken Languages: Fluent in Spanish, German

17 Every statement made in your summary section should be backed up with proof in your resume. This section can include skills, experience, and education. To make a resume stand out from the other 200 applicants, you can tailor this section to match your skills to those in the job posting. 20 weeks of clinical experience in various settings Trained in all aspects of Dentrix office software CPR certified Ability to work in a fast-paced, hectic environment while effectively providing quality customer service

18 Do You Belong To Any EFDA/Dental Assistant Associations? You will want to include the following information: The name of the Association, the word “Member”, dates

19 If you plan to use a Reference category, do not list out actual references. Instead, keep your reference information on a separate sheet. “References Upon Request” may be listed at the bottom of your resume.

20  Review Handouts

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