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Podcasting with a Purpose: Possibilities for Library Instruction Rachael Clemens, Cal State Fullerton Computers.

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1 Podcasting with a Purpose: Possibilities for Library Instruction Rachael Clemens, Cal State Fullerton Computers in Libraries April 2007

2 Itemized List of Presentation Description of my pilot project Mechanics of these podcasts Evaluation tool and feedback Budget: time & money Questions / suggestions from you

3 Podcasting Pilot Project Objective: Determine feasibility of delivering library instruction to students via audio/video podcast

4 Podcasting Pilot Project Study Group: –Voluntary participation of students in 5 sections of NURS 505 (n = 43 graduate students) Methods: –Initial survey of nursing faculty to identify research expectations –Create instruction podcasts –60% attend face-to-face library instruction session –40% offered online module complement only –Evaluation tool administered to both groups at end of semester –Survey of participating students

5 Nursing Faculty Survey Responses How do you expect your students to learn to effectively utilize library resources and services? 72%Arrange library instruction session 36%I (instructor) point them to certain library resources 27%Refer students to hospital library 18%I (instructor) guide students in class - satisfactory 9%Not applicable to my class 9%Expect students to get basics at orientation 0 Library is fairly intuitive and I expect students to figure out as part of learning experience

6 Nursing Faculty Survey Responses If you teach primarily graduate students, please rate the average library skill level of your students as they begin the term 0Very high 45%Adept enough to figure it out on their own 54%Struggling but ask for help 0Struggling but don’t ask for help 0Too low to be successful in the class

7 Nursing Faculty Survey Responses In terms of library skills, what do you feel is important for your students to know in order to be successful in their coursework? 100%Searching databases such as Cinahl and Cochrane 90% Determining the difference between peer-reviewed and non- scholarly material 90%Evaluating websites 81%Tracking down the full-text of an article 81%Citing sources appropriately in APA format 72%Using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) 18%Differentiating a systematic review from an overview article

8 Podcasts – Module Topics 1.Welcome 2.What is Peer- Review? 3.CINAHL 4.PubMed 5.Cochrane Library 6.Getting the Full-text 7.Citing in APA 8. Using Interlibrary Loan 9. Finding Books 10. Evaluating Webpages 11. Services for Distance Education Students 12. Using RefWorks

9 Podcasts Creation Tasks Determine & organize content Write script Create PPT slides (capture screens, minimal text) Practice Record (my office, FDC, campus studios) Edit, redo, edit more Post on website, add RSS, submit to iTunes


11 Podcasting Tools Capture + Edit: Audio Only + microphone Free audio capture + edit = output as MP3, WAV Add additional audio tracks QuickTimePro (from Apple $30) + microphone Audio capture, very limited edit, output as MP4*, WAV Sound Recorder + microphone Easy to use – can open in PPT, Word and start recording – output as WAV Bundled in MS XP: Programs>Accessories>Entertainment Digital recorder (handheld or lapel $70) output as WAV or MP3                    

12 Podcasting Tools Capture + Edit: Audio & Video Camtasia Studio 4.0 From $300 Screen movements Nice editing tools, output as MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV QuickTimePro (from Apple $30) Use this to transform AVI or MOV file into MP4 format Digital camcorder May still need QuickTimePro to export as MP4 MediaSite (Sonic Foundry) High-end media presentation technology Webcast / streaming (expensive) (converter to MP4) Screen shot next slide Screen shot 3 rd slide Screen shot 2nd slide

13 Camtasia 4

14 QuickTime Pro

15 Mediasite

16 Budget ToolPurposeCost MS OfficePPT, Word Camtasia & Snag-It Screen and audio capture; Snag-It has nice annotation features 200 WebhostingHost your podcasts and other material USB MicrophoneCapture audio40 Digital RecorderCapture audio while not tied to machine35 - 150 Digital cameraImages of library, people250 Webcam or Video recorder Add interview, lecture, tour, talking head 30 - 350 iPod, PSP, Zune, or other, and speakers To see what your users will experience – also valuable for promotion and training 150 - 450

17 Time Budget Overhead  Identify a specific project to pilot  Background discussions  Make connections with people and support  Proposals (funding, permissions)  Identify available equipment/software (in library or other partners)  Mechanical details – practice with tools, hosting details/parameters Few weeks (ongoing)

18 Time: 6-Minute Audio-Only Podcast Determine objectives2 h Craft content3 h Write script2 h Record (and re-record)2 h Edit and Save as MP32 h Write/update XML code for episode.5 – 3 h Add to webpage/blog1 h Upload.5 TOTAL15.5 h

19 Time: 6-Minute Video+Audio Podcast Determine objectives2 h Craft content, screen captures, PPT6 h Write script2 h Record (and re-record)3 h Edit and Save as.MOV or MP44 h Write/update XML code for episode.5 – 3 h Add to webpage/blog1 h Upload.5 TOTAL21.5 h

20 Evaluation Tool In-class timed literature search –Database choices –Search terms –Identify appropriate published clinical trials –Mechanics of obtaining full-text –Citation format

21 Evaluation Tool Test Results Face-to-Face Session (n=26) Online-Only Options (n=17) Average Score 59.0652.99 Score Range 35 – 88.527 – 85.5

22 Survey Results Did instruction help you? Definitely68%23% Somewhat27%31% I already knew enough5%31% No, not enough015%

23 Survey Results Delivery preference based upon your learning style and schedule Face-to-Face55%7% Online-Only4%15% Either18%39% Both2339%

24 Survey Results How many modules did you access? All62% 3 - 515% 1 - 223% None0

25 Survey Results Which formats did you try? MediaSite (streaming)70% Vodcast (audio + video)65% MP3 (audio-only)0

26 Survey Results Did you subscribe to the podcast? 100% NO Do you have access to a portable media player (e.g. iPod, PSP, ZUNE) 31% YES (all iPod)

27 Survey Results AgeAVG = 34AVG = 45 Gender73% Female92% Female

28 Survey Results Interest in Web 2.0 Tools? (blogs, Wikis, podcasts) Interested – need guidance63%77% No interest23% Already using or expert14%0

29 “I believe that the podcast is beneficial to many students and should be an option” “Library session was very helpful. I learn the most with in class instruction.”

30 “I enjoyed many aspects of the in-class session, but being able to access online refreshers would be helpful to address specific issues during independent study time. If brief, problem-specific tutorials were available for common research related issues, I would probably access them.”

31 Questions / Suggestions?

32 Thoughts on podcasting Assist students with making the transition from the recreational use of technology to academic use of technology Net Gen Students: Learning, Technology and Libraries Joan K. Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information JISC/CNI Conference, July 7, 2006 Maybe academics need to get up to speed on the recreational use of technology Rachael Clemens, snide comment

33 Rachael Clemens, Cal State Fullerton

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