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Building A Vision of Learning for the Future David Carter Executive Principal John Cabot Academy and Bristol Brunel Academy.

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1 Building A Vision of Learning for the Future David Carter Executive Principal John Cabot Academy and Bristol Brunel Academy

2 What do we want a building to achieve? Outstanding Environment for 21C Learning Outstanding Results at KS3, GCSE and Post 16 A safe, secure and protective environment Scope for remodelling space in the future Greater emphasis on learning than teaching Be a vehicle for Independent Learning Be as far away as possible from the 1970s school that I attended (and mine opened as new in 1971!)

3 So How does this Happen? Start with an Educational Vision –Personalised Learning –Every Child Matters and Inclusion –E Learning –Adult-Student Relationships –Managing the Space What Blocks this? –Out of Date Visions –Compliance and Control more important than Learning and Success –Square boxes and solid walls –One Size Fits All

4 Why BBA is the most Intelligent Building I have ever worked in It is the school we want to be not the one we are Students, Staff and Leaders expressed their vision –Safe –High Visibility –No Dark Corners –Bright Colours –Natural Sunlight We have integrated adult and student space Flexible Learning Spaces Educational Shopping Mall Communication could not be easier

5 The Concept Wide Corridors Wide staircases in the heart of the building not at the end of corridors Visibility throughout the whole school Height and Depth Colour Natural Light




9 Student Engagement is Ignored at Your Peril!! Student Voice-”Wall of Wishes” New Uniform Student Council and Student Prefects Budget for Student Council from Savings on low level damage Student Ambassadors conducting press conferences and open mornings Student arrive earlier and earlier…and stay later and later






15 What is a “Break Out” Space? What are they breaking out of? Lets call it a “Break In” Space!


17 Why do students care so much about lockers? Personal Space and Identity


19 Why do you need high Visibility? Informal and Passive supervision Low Level incidents do not get ignored so big ones tend not to follow Mentoring and Coaching can be seen and must therefore be important Why should “tellings off” be private-it’s good for students to see there are consequences Why do teachers have offices but support staff not? Who says?


21 A building is only as good as the systems within it High Quality Imaginative and Effective Leadership

22 What Systems make BBA work? Learning Mentors YACS and YAMS Learning Families Personalised Inclusion Centre 3 Lunchtimes-no one leaves the site-one floor at a time 3 x 100 Minute Lessons per day Early finish Friday gets next week set up Tannoy System Visible Leadership Team

23 Making a Difference Through Partnership How do 2 schools become 1?

24 Benefits of the Partnership Shared School Trips –Prague in February –Less cover Managed Student “fresh starts” without the Bureaucracy Year 11 Revision Conferences Thursday is PL Option Day for Year 10 Students

25 Teacher Partnerships and Skills Sharing Career Development Shared Training Opportunities and Delivery Joint marking and moderation of coursework Teachers Benefits of the Partnership

26 Curriculum Development –Importing of successful courses –Joint planning of new programmes –Workload reduction MLE and VLE –Shared electronic resources to create the virtual school Securing of post 16 courses with traditional small numbers Teaching & Learning

27 Benefits of the Partnership Leadership Liaison is very powerful –Joint targets makes improvement everyone’s responsibility Governor role across 2 Academies One set of policies & procedures 3 rd School in Federation has a model to follow Economies of Scale –Finance Director –HR and Legal Advice –Joint Appointments –Language Assistants Leadership

28 Where are we Heading between now and September 2009? Results & Standards –2008-JCA 85% and BBA 50% –2009-JCA 90% and BBA 60% Curriculum, Teaching and Learning –A Federated Curriculum –Time shifts to pedagogy and planning with preparation shared across 2 schools –A shared VI Form –Diplomas across the partnership Staff Development and Opportunities –Contracts for some staff with the partnership rather than a single school Parents –Apply to the federation and happy for their child to go to either (or both ?) Academies The Federation –Partner School 3 for 2009

29 So to Conclude… My Learning so Far… –Build School that look like….The Emirates Stadium, The Lords Cricket Ground Media Centre, The Eden Project, Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona, The Holocaust Memorial in Philadelphia, Hi-Tech High in San Diego, The new Tate, The Millennium Centre in Cardiff, or @ Bristol –PLEASE DON’T BUILD THE SCHOOL WE WENT TO!! –If you do, you will help us to produce inspired learners, inspirational teachers in out of this world environments

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