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The Team Communication  Team members should check in daily with the group by either contributing to the discussion board or Google docs.  Team members.

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2 The Team

3 Communication  Team members should check in daily with the group by either contributing to the discussion board or Google docs.  Team members should read discussion threads before they post, so every member is ‘heard.’  If a team member is going to be away for a few days and unable to check in or contribute they must let the members know ahead of time so they can work out appropriate accommodations.  As the team members work together, they should all begin to know more about each other. They should become increasingly aware of each other’s background, culture, and life so that they can understand each other better. Respect  All ideas of team members should be considered and tried; respecting all member’s input and opinions even if the team isn’t in complete agreement.  If disagreement arises, negative language will not be tolerated.  If disagreements occurs or others problems arise, discuss the issues, not the team member(s).  Probe ideas; ask questions in order to clarify suggested ideas or opinions of fellow team members.  Do not criticize other team members; listen to and give positive feedback.  Remember, negativity discourages creativity. Work Ethic  Team members should hold themselves accountable; they should take responsibility for completing their specific tasks on time and to the best of their ability.  Team members should make all attempts to turn in their assignment(s) early; or at least on time.  Team members should not hesitate to ask for help if a problem arises. It is more important for a member to be honest about a  difficulty rather than hoping it will work out in the end. Purple Team Group Norms Purple Team Group Norms

4 Rachel Fiorentino-Executive Role Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  Implements plans and makes sure that they are carried out  Manages organization of team  Researches and formulates business policies and structure  Making sure that the business runs according to the Write On! Mission and Vision Statement Nisha Kataria-Conceptual Design Role Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  Research the needs and desires of customers  Communicating with team during different phases of the design process  Creating conceptual designs of cards based on research and team ideas  Making sure that card designs adhere to the Write On! Mission and Vision Statement Jessica Ugstad-Technical Communications Role Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  Organizing, writing and editing of team documents, business and marketing materials  Digitally producing card lines from conceptual designs  Making sure that card designs and business practices are appropriate and ethically sound  Creating brand identity consistent with the Write On! Mission and Vision Statement Purple Team Roles and Responsibilities Purple Team Roles and Responsibilities

5 Summary: Team Purple was able to create this project with very little barriers or challenges. Proactive planning was an important part of the process that set the course for success for each team member. Our team discussion board started with conversations about our individual expectations, leadership styles and opened up a forum to find out a little about each other. Determining a leader with very little knowledge of each other could have been a huge challenge, yet those first exchanges were vital to beginning to understand each other’s work ethic, communication style, strengths, personality and experiences that related to the task at hand. Jessica and Rachel tended to be the initiators and organizers of assignments, while Nisha focused on adding creative input maintaining the teams focus on the cultural characteristics of our business and product. Challenges:  The loss of our fourth team member who failed to post by the first deadline made us a team of three.  Finding time for communication on an individual basis was not difficult, however, we all had completely different times that we were able to do coursework. As a result, we ran into a few periods of waiting for responses or input from other team members.  We experienced some gaps in communication over absences and discussion board posting due dates. Reflections:  It would have been more efficient to have chosen a weekly chat time prior to the Wednesday and Sunday deadlines in order to give feedback and coordinate our work.  Our team would have been more organized if we had used the SMART format for the entire project so that everyone had a clear idea of when each step was due preventing added stress.. Organizational and Leadership Challenges

6 The Business

7 10-Year Strategic Plan Mission and Vision Statement At Write On! we strive to connect people by:  Creating greeting cards that express the college experience for all students, traditional or non-traditional, from around the world.  Creating greeting cards that value the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds while connecting customers to traditions, themes and beauty from around the globe.  Becoming a valuable company that is the greeting card leader in college campus bookstores offering unique products with global themes.  Reducing our environmental impact by producing greeting cards using only 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks.  Giving back to the community by donating 10% of all sales to Roots & Shoots  Supporting a creative work environment that nurtures innovative ideas.  Maintaining a direct connection to the growing needs of our customers with a special focus on customer input via our company website. Organizational Goals  To create a business that is both profitable and able to grow substantially over a 10-year time period.  To create a business whose main focus is on customer satisfaction.  Creating a product that is environmentally friendly and gives back to the community.  Creating a product that connects people to cultures and traditions from around the world encouraging diversity and unity among all global citizens.

8 Strategies for Reaching Goals Profit and Growth  To have Write On! products sold in every Arizona based college and university bookstore within 6 years.  To expand the Write On! distribution and marketing into at least 10% of all other PAC 12, Big 10 and SEC universities and colleges within 10 years. Customer Satisfaction  To give customers a variety of greeting card categories that address a wide spectrum of special events, daily activities, disciplines and experiences using imagery and symbolism with cultural significance and relatable messages to convey humor, wisdom and encouragement.  To create cards that convey the diversity of the student body attending universities or colleges today including: students who are full- time, part-time or online; students who live on or off campus; foreign exchange students; students who are returning to college; students with families, jobs or other responsibilities; and students with a combination of these characteristics.  To create cards with imagery and messages that are ethical, diverse and non-discriminatory and that reflect the social evolution of students as part of a global community. Environmental Impact  Creating Write On! greeting cards using 100% recycled paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified giving the customer the assurance that they are getting a product that comes from recycled wood or fiber from well managed forests.  Using vegetable based inks which are not petroleum based so they do not contribute to environmental pollution.  Donating 10% of all sales to Roots & Shoots (, a non-profit organization founded by Jane Goodall and implemented around the world. This program engages and inspires children to create change in their communities and the world by recycling, gardening, participating in community service and animal preservation. Action Plan Profit and Growth  Begin with market researching the three main university bookstores and student body histories in Arizona: Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.  For the first year, focus on a marketing strategy of the needs of each student university’s body, utilizing interdisciplinary team research, and keeping consistent with the Write On! Mission Statement, goals and strategies. With this information a portfolio can be created containing available products that are specific to the needs of those three universities.

9 Action Plan/Profit and Growth-continued  Get Write On! products into all three bookstores building up to a minimum of 8 categories each and a total of 100 cards per location within 2-3 years while simultaneously creating a reputation that is respected and distinct above all other brands.  Adjust and expand the interdisciplinary market research and marketing strategy to other viable colleges and university bookstores in Arizona, such as those located on community colleges, building up to a minimum of 8 categories each and a total of 100 cards per location within 6 years.  Continue to expand Write On! company into at least 10% of all other PAC 12, Big 10 and SEC universities and colleges within 10 years using adapted versions of the previously mentioned interdisciplinary research and marketing strategies taking into consideration the evolving trends and needs of the consumer. Customer Satisfaction  Write On! will utilize interdisciplinary teams in order to conduct in-depth research about the needs and experiences of students specific to each university or college. These teams will be comprised of employees from each department of Write On!; from conceptual design to marketing and distribution. This will ensure a product that utilizes all perspectives within the company, based upon the researched needs of the consumer, in order to create a more satisfactory product.  Write On! will create an online service that works directly with customers giving them the ability to share their own ideas for creating new cards, allowing them the ability to give feedback about our company and our products and the ability to participate in ongoing discussions that pertain to real issues dealing with diversity on college and university campuses as well as their experiences as global citizens. Environmental Impact  Write On! will research companies that are FSC certified in order to purchase and use paper that is environmentally sustainable.  Write On! will research a product line of vegetable based inks in order to provide a product with a lower environmental impact.  Write On! will create a logo design that encapsulates our promise to provide recycled and environmentally friendly products.  Write On! will add additional information for customers on the cards pertaining to our dedication to the environment and our 10% donation of proceeds to Roots & Shoots. Monitoring of Plan Implementation  Throughout the 10-year strategic plan, executives will conduct weekly team meetings where the successes, challenges or barriers  within their specific departments are addressed in order to collaborate on new ideas and solutions to problems.  Throughout the 10-year strategic plan, executives will conduct monthly meetings that will address the financial situations within the business. It is at this time that re-evaluations of marketing strategies will occur as needed based upon profit projections.


11 Executive and Managerial Descriptions and Responsibilities Executive and Managerial Descriptions and Responsibilities Executive Department Jessica Ugstad Technical/Communication-Develop and manage a team responsible for creating and maintaining corporate image and brand identity consistent with the Write On! strategic goals across all communications platforms Responsibilities Include:  Developing a strong command of the Write On! product line and customer requirements across multiple industries  Working with the executive team to develop a plan to ensure a strong corporate image and branding consistency Writing/Editing-Completing, editing and publishing corporate documents used for marketing, research, contracts and proposals Responsibilities Include:  Collaboration with graphics producer on the design and implementation of innovative graphics for daily production Digital Production-Producing all technical publications Responsibilities Include:  Development of a website  Possible development of iOS and Droid apps that will promote mobile gift card giving Ethics-Assuring adherence to a green work ethic Responsibilities Include:  Maintaining positive working relations with manufacturers of FSC certified paper and vegetable based inks  Actively participating in events and support of Roots & Shoots  Commitment to consistent quality assurance  Analysis, quality check and reporting  Identify employee relations, concerns and work with the organization to resolve issues and foster a positive employee/employer relationship by offering alternative solutions. Managerial Department Technical/Web Development-Designs internet and intranet sites that accurately reflect the Write On! organization's goals, objectives and identity. Responsibilities Include:  Provides strategic direction and concept development for online projects, including web graphics and banner ads, from concept to implementation using design software and authoring tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Director and ImageReady Manufacturing-Insures the Write On! brand fidelity is maintained by all manufacturers and publishers that are occasionally used to supplement the in-house publishing Responsibilities Include:  Choosing manufacturers and publishers  Quality assurance checks Legal-Protecting the Write On! brand Responsibilities Include:  Working closely with the LaFollette Law Firm as needed or new corporate endeavors and copyright protection Community Outreach-Relationships with our local and global community Responsibilities Include:  Assists in developing and implementing marketing and advertising strategy  Actively participating in events and support of Roots & Shoots Commitment to consistent quality assurance

12 Executive Department Nisha Katarina Conceptual Design-Develop a strong command of the Write On! product line and customer requirements across multiple campuses and student cultures Responsibilities Include:  Developing a plan to ensure a strong corporate image and branding consistency throughout the company Customer Needs/Desires-Plan, develop and implement broad range of qualitative and quantitative research projects that will provide critical customer and market insights to Write On! Responsibilities Include:  Analyze precise requirements of internal partners so as to recommend appropriate research methodology  Research design and implementation (including choice of methodology/tools, questionnaire/discussion guide development, sample design and procurement)  Combine statistical and/or analytic expertise with business knowledge to derive meaningful relationships, conclusions and recommendations from research data. Provide ‘value-add’ consultation to client Conceptual Development-Producing creative prototypes representative of the Write On! mission, vision and card line values. Illustrates complex concepts and communications in print and interactive media with respect to layout, color, use of type size and style, and related aesthetic. Responsibilities Include:  Producing accurate, high quality graphic design for prototypes of cards  Producing quality catalogs, presentations, advertisements, packaging, and trade show exhibits. Managerial Department Production-Producing the final printed materials Copy Center duties will include, laminating equipment, etc. Responsibilities Include:  Operating a variety of multifunctional equipment used in the production of printed materials, such as photocopiers, coil and tape bindery machines, punch press, fax machines, scanners  Maintaining accurate records for billing purposes and tracking usage by department Conceptual Design-Producing, researching and developing new concepts for current and potential card lines Responsibilities Include:  Researching trends for possible card line implementation  Produce prototypes Distribution-Develop all assigned accounts relative to sales volume, market share, product distribution, space allocation, and customer service Responsibilities Include:  Provide excellent service to assigned accounts; create and maintain goodwill with all customers  Processing orders and fulfill any products that need to be shipped  Corresponding with subscription agencies to fill customer requests Marketing Sales-Marketing the Write On! brand to college campus book- stores Responsibilities Include:  Maintains files and knowledge of competitive programs and products  Identify opportunities consistent with the objectives, priorities and strategies of assigned customers

13 Executive Department Rachel Fiorentino Organizational Structure-Managing relationships with partners; ensure that they receive value-added analysis Responsibilities Include:  Organize and present findings in a way that is understandable and useful to partners at executive levels within the company  Evaluating and analyzing the structure of Write On! to maximize effectiveness, communication and ROI  Manage all employee relations functions, organizational design, monitor and manage employee performance, and develop and maintain succession plans Policy/Procedure Development-Developing policies and procedures as Write On! grows that will support growth, consistency and commitment to the Write On! brand Responsibilities Include:  Developing policies and procedures to present to the executive team Project Initiation/Implementation-Create and oversee the initiation phase of advertising, training, publishing and program development Responsibilities Include:  Identifies and develop new revenue possibilities and distribution  Project planning, steering and implementation Managerial Department Human Relations/Administrative Staff-Hiring and training of employees. Responsibilities Include:  Oversees field and in-house training of employees, agents and distributors  Implement and support HR initiatives and programs  Directly manages the administrative staff Accounts Payable/Receivable-Monitors and maintains daily accounts receivable, accounts payables, write-offs, etc. Responsibilities Include:  Maintains effective budgetary control of sales expenses  Develops methods to improve operating efficiency and reduce department cost, by managing business  Office vendors and complying with outsourcing policies and procedures Payroll-Reviews and submits punch detail, overtime approvals, payroll adjustments, etc. Responsibilities Include:  Processing Personnel Action Requests to include  Salary changes, bonuses, terminations, benefits, etc.  Set up garnishments to include, child support orders, tax levies, etc.  Generate manual checks timely and accurately  Ensure all payroll checks are distributed  Researches and resolves payroll related inquiries from employees and management Contracts-Writing, reviewing and assisting in the negotiation of Write On! vendor contracts. Responsibilities Include:  Create and manage the paper and electronic Contract Library inclusive of: writing and maintaining the currency of contracts overviews, Project Change forms (PCFs) and other relevant contractual documentation

14 The Cards

15 Home Away From Home This card category uses culturally relevant symbols and holidays to connect students to homes and families that are far away. Front/Back Inside Left/Right

16 Campus Life This card category focuses on the daily life of students on campus such as wishing good luck on an exam, greeting new students, roommate drama and classroom activities. Front/Back Inside Left/Right

17 LGBTQI This card category focuses on students in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex communities by celebrating pride related holidays, friendship, love and encouragement. Front/Back Inside Left/Right

18 Non-Traditional Students This card category focuses on non-traditional students whether they have families or full-time jobs, are attending online, part-time or going back to school for the second time. Inside Left/Right Front/Back

19 Health and Healing This category focuses on the overall health of students by wishing them well if they are ill, sending good thoughts for a bright day or just sending a note to make a friend smile. Front/Back Inside Left/Right

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