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Ivy Advising (Starfish)

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1 Ivy Advising (Starfish)
Front Desk Ivy Advising (Starfish)

2 Objectives In this training you will learn:
How Starfish supports Ivy Techs’ initiative to build a comprehensive advising program model What are the alerts students get How do they access Ivy Advising Advising services How to find who a student’s advisor is What is advising What a student needs for advising How to help a Student Make an appointment

3 Ivy Tech Program Goals & Objectives
College-wide academic advising technology system that interfaces with existing systems Consistent, Comprehensive solution Enhance the value of Academic Advising Services Proactive approaches to minimize students being in academic jeoprody Advising

4 When is a new student ready for Academic Advising?
Has the student applied? Does the student have transfer credit? Did they provide us with their transcript Has the student completed orientation? Has the student completed assessment? If they answer yes to these questions… They are ready to see an academic advisor Advising

5 Things that happen in an Advising Appointment
New Students: Explain Campus Connect Explain curriculum Explain Placement Explain accessing Ivy Advising Explain resources on campus Explain how to read a syllabus Plan their Academic Completion Plan Advising can happen individually or in Groups. All regions do some form of group advising starting this Spring

6 Current Student – Advising Services
Students see advisors for: Help with planning their Academic Completion Plan This is their plan for the courses they are taking and the schedule for when they are taking them. This plan is their guide to the courses required for their degree or educational goal Help with study skills, academic success, test taking, etc. Help with where to go for other campus resources Students should see an advisor BEFORE the registration opens for each term. Students should register EARLY

7 Current Students – Advising Appointments
Connect students to campus resources Edit/revise Academic Completion Plan Discuss Career Goals/majors Assist with Academic Barriers Create Academic and Career Goals Connect students to resources

8 Who is the Student’s advisor
You or the student can find this information on Campus Connect Or within Banner – the screen is SGAADVR – The student only sees Campus Connect Or you can find their advisor or advisor/s within Ivy Advising Advising

9 Starfish Solutions Future Early Warning & Student Tracking System
Feedback on students can be manually recorded when observed or through periodic surveys. Recommendations can be communicated to the student. Appropriate personnel are informed of tracking items raised and cleared. Close the loop with faculty when progress is made. Educational Support Networking System Each student has personal My Success Network of instructors and staff. Online scheduling for in-person meetings – both individual and group appointments. Appointment confirmation by . Documentation of contact with students through private and shared notes. Service catalog of available campus support resources.

10 Starfish at Ivy Tech Integrates with existing Ivy Tech Systems
Banner Blackboard Has a summary of student information Includes a place to mark notes Provides the students and staff with information on their appointments, ACP, etc.

11 Starfish Super Users at Ivy Tech
Regional Director of Advising also = Super User! Train and encourage use of Starfish among instructors and advisors - act as champions for the project Assist in testing Starfish configuration and revising training materials Manage regional advising activities in Starfish Advise students Brainstorm solutions and improvements as part of steering committee Share knowledge and gather feedback Report issues and help troubleshoot

12 Starfish – Advisor roles
Faculty Advisors, Assigned Advisors, Advising Center and Regional Directors of Advising can: Set up profile and office/service hours Manage alerts, document activities and communicate with students Manage assigned cases and provide advising services to students Connect students to other available services Review student information based on role Create and document appointments Create and Automate Individual Academic Plan

13 Starfish – Administration
Deans and Chairs Monitor alerts Review case information for their programs/campuses Review student information Central Administration Monitor and manage alert workflow Review case information across the institution Manage Steering committee Collect feedback and make decisions about Starfish configuration Develop Metrics and Reports

14 Starfish – Student All students who are Starfish users can:
Review flags/kudos raised and respond Find and connect to recommended /available services Set up a profile and communications preferences Make and Track appointments with instructors or others in their ‘success network’ Review Individual academic plans (IAP) and Academic Completion Plan in future

15 Login to Starfish

16 Starfish Dashboard Advising

17 Profile – Institutional Profile

18 Starfish Dashboard Advising

19 Starfish Navigation Advising

20 My Students Advising

21 Student View

22 New Info Tab

23 Courses Tab with Course expanded

24 Ivy Tech Tracking Items
Flag Name Description Three or More Active Flags Raised when the student has 3 or more active flags (clears itself when the number of active flags is below 3) Dropped Class Raised when the student drops a course in Banner Withdrawn from Class Raised when faculty drop a student for non-attendance Change in Program Raised when a student's program is changed in Banner Academic Concern Raised when the student has failed to meet multiple objectives within the course. For example tests, assignments, and/or attendance/participation Attendance/ Participation Concern Raised when the learning is being affected by the absence or participation Low Grades Raise this flag when the student has low grades. Student does not regularly turn in coursework and has a low grade average in the class. Instructor should indicate if this also means the student is in danger of failing the course Missing/Late Assignments Raise this flag when the student has missed assignments or turned work in late General Concern Raise this flag to identify an issue with the student that may not easily fit another category. The student will not see this flag Academic Plan Concern Plan is off track or they don't have a plan Kudo - Showing Improvement Kudo - Positive Academic Performance

25 Starfish Student Welcome Page

26 Student View – Dashboard

27 Key Message for Advisors
Manage and prioritize students in need of services to reach the most critical needs first Promote use of existing services and increase positive interactions with students Make it easier for advising staff to share information and manage student cases Overview of instructor activities as well as Advising workflow/activities Show the end to end case (flag is raised, advising manages the case to closure) Comments/FERPA considerations

28 Resources Presentations
Quick Reference Guide (InstrAdv- GettingStartedGuide 2012.docx) Tracking Items Reference Guide Online training module on HR Portal Training Manual

29 Find Your Students List
Click Students in the top frame navigation. Search for a student by… Typing the student’s name into the Search field Choosing your Connection to them To organize your students list by tracking item, select the Tracking tab. You can sort the list by tracking item name and/or status. You can resolve or comment on tracking items from here. To resolve multiple tracking items at once from the Tracking tab: Check off the boxes to the right of the items you want to resolve, then click the Resolve button at the top.

30 View a student folder From your Students list, click the hyperlink of a student’s name. This brings you to the student’s folder. Depending on your level of access, you will find information on… Appointments (past/upcoming) Grades (past/current) Notes (you added/shared with you) Tracking Items (raised/cleared) From the student folder you can… Raise a tracking item Add a note Anywhere you see a student’s name as a hyperlink will take you to their student folder.

31 Starfish Dashboard Advising

32 Student Making an Appointment

33 Appointments Main Page

34 Add an Appointment Advising

35 iCal for Appointment

36 Review an upcoming appointment detail

37 Find Available Appointments

38 Support Questions? How deep should you go? You should be able to
provide students with general information. If you find yourself going deeper into academic advising – you should seek out an academic advisor to assist the student. Advising

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