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Résumé Writing for Education Students. Résumé Formatting Your contact information should be at the top of your résumé in a “header” and your name should.

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1 Résumé Writing for Education Students

2 Résumé Formatting Your contact information should be at the top of your résumé in a “header” and your name should be bigger than any of the other font sizes throughout your résumé. Stick to bullet points. Avoid wordy paragraphs. Use 1 in. margins on the top and bottom and ¾ in. on each side. Be consistent with font (Times New Roman or Arial), font sizes, spacing, and layout. Avoid including pictures or lots of colors. Try to even out the content on the page so the white space is limited. Most résumés for soon-to-be graduates should only be 1 page.

3 Education Résumé Example Joe Teacher 3564 Somelittle Road Anywhere, CA 91234 (555) 666-7777 OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Social Science teaching position at the secondary level at Gunnison High School. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in History, Western State Colorado University (WSCU), Gunnison, CO Expected May 20XX Secondary Education Licensure, State of Colorado SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: ● Well-developed research and curriculum planning skills ● Background in technology supported curriculum ● 3 years of experience working with multi-cultural instruction ● Extensive practical hands-on knowledge working with parents in conference settings ● Strong understanding of providing emotional support to students ● Motivated and enthusiastic about developing IEPs and accommodations within lesson plans ● Fluent in Spanish ● Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Dreamweaver, ACT’s Discover RELATED TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Student Teaching: Student Teacher—Grade 9, Gunnison High School, Gunnison, CO Jan.20XX-May 20XX Teaching Assistant Positions: Grade 10, Crested Butte Community School, Crested Butte, CO Sept. 20XX-Dec. 20XX Grade 7, Gunnison Community School, Gunnison, CO Jan. 20XX–May 20XX Academic Tutor: Grades 9-12, Gunnison High School, Gunnison, CO Sept. 20 XX -Dec. 20XX ADDITONAL EXPERIENCE: Camp Counselor Camp for the Arts, Durango, CO May 20XX -Aug. 20XX Academic Peer Advisor Residence Life, WSCU, Gunnison, CO Aug. 20XX -May 20XX CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Senator Student Government, WSCU, Gunnison, CO Aug. 20XX -May 20XX Orientation Leader Campus Life, WSCU, Gunnison, CO May 20XX-Jun. 20XX This is just one example of a résumé catered towards the education field. Notice that “Related Teaching Experience” can incorporate any positions you have had that deal with teaching, not just your field experience hours for Western.

4 Résumé Content Cater your résumé to the position you are seeking. –If a school district is seeking an individual with specific endorsements, certifications and/or training, make sure you mention those on your résumé. –It is more difficult to cater your résumé towards specific positions at a job fair, but it is still possible if you do your research ahead of time. An “Objective” is completely optional and will depend on if you are using it for a specific position or if you are trying to attain a teaching position at a Fair. Using action verbs strengthens your résumé.

5 Action Verbs Here is an example of weak verb usage on a résumé: ●Helped teach students about science concepts. Here is an example of how to strengthen the phrase: ●Developed comprehensive Earth Science Light Unit incorporating 5 lesson plans, accommodations for ESL students, and pre and post-assessments. What not to do! The words “helped” and “teach” are weak and overused. The verb “developed” provides a stronger visual for the reader on what you actually did.

6 List of Education Related Action Verbs: Achieve Acquire Address Analyze Assess Assist Author Build Calculate Chart Collaborate College Compile Conceptualize Conclude Construct Contribute Correct Create Cultivate Define Demonstrate Design Determine Develop Diagram Direct Discover Distribute Document Edit Enhance Estimate Evaluate Examine Explain Explore Extract Formalize Formulate Fine Frame Gather Generate Identify Inform Improve Innovate Inspire Install Instruct Interpret Introduce Invent investigate Originate Perceive Perform Pinpoint Pioneer Plan Present Produce Prove Publish Purchase Refine Reorganize Report Replace Research Restructure Revamp Review Revise Revitalize Solve Stage Streamline Structure Study Survey Test Translate Tutor Utilize Write

7 Résumé Content Continued… What counts as “Related Experience”: –Volunteer Positions (example: Partners Mentor) –Work Positions (example: Paid Tutor, Teacher’s Aid, Coach, Camp Counselor, Substitute Teaching) –Coursework at Western (example: Student Teaching/Residency, Independent Study, etc.) Make sure if you list one of these examples as “Experience”, you include: title, organization/school name, location (just city, state), and dates (month and year) you held the position.

8 Teaching Résumé Checklist: F IVE S ECOND R EVIEW : Is your resume inviting or off-putting? It is neat, clean, and pleasing to the eye White space—not too much or too little Even margins—not too narrow or too wide F IVE M INUTE R EVIEW : Does the information you included invite the reader to learn more? OVERALL: 1 inch margins on top, bottom and sides. Left and right margins can be ¾ inch at the smallest 11 to 12 point type—Arial or other sans serif type is clearest for smaller than12 point Consistent headings, bold use, punctuation and spacing Typestyle is consistent and not mixed with another Format - your choice, but should be easy to read and consistent No errors or misspellings No artwork, fancy type or colored ink

9 Teaching Résumé Checklist Continued: F IVE M INUTE R EVIEW Continued : HEADINGS: Education and Relevant Teaching Experience (or similar, in order) Other possible headings: Honors, Awards, Affiliations, Key Qualifications, Multicultural Experience or Additional Work Experience (Other headings that describe and market YOU!) CONTENT: Begin with verb, present tense for now, or past tense if you no longer in that position (“I” is implied) Include information relevant to position that highlights your skills Demonstrate proficiency with specific information Include information on areas of interest to school districts such as languages, diversity experience, flexibility, classroom management, use of assessment to inform instruction, Common Core and other standards, teamwork, and communication with parents, co-workers and students—use the job announcement as a guide Make it quick and easy for the employer to see how you meet the specific job requirements/qualifications Describe your experience, skills, and knowledge related to the position Include unpaid & paid volunteer, internship and classroom experiences Include details that make you stand out from other applicants Avoid using personal pronouns & eliminate articles (“a”, “an” & “the”) Avoid jargon & abbreviations (states are an exception) not commonly understood

10 Contact Western’s Career Services for your résumé review Taylor Hall 302A ● 970-943-7056 ●

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