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Washington State and The Alliance for Quality Career Pathway (AQCP) Review of AQCP Beta Framework WEC 10/24/2013.

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1 Washington State and The Alliance for Quality Career Pathway (AQCP) Review of AQCP Beta Framework WEC 10/24/2013

2 The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways The goal is to provide a common understanding of high- quality career pathway systems and programs, regardless of the targeted industry, occupation, or credentials; the targeted population; or the design of the career pathways or programs. The final product will be a customizable framework of criteria, indicators, metrics and a self-assessment tool that can be used to  Enhance the quality of existing career pathway efforts  Develop high-quality new career pathway efforts; and  Inform evaluation(s) of career pathway efforts. 2

3 The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways National effort funded by the Joyce Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation; CLASP is the lead and facilitator 10 Alliance States: AR, CA, IL, KY, MA, MN, OR, VA, WA, WI National Advisory Group of ~15 national organizations and experts including NYEC, JFF, NSC, CORD, CEWD, Working Poor Families Project, Abt Associates, ConnectEd, and adult education and CTE state directors. Reporting to interagency team of federal agencies: DOL ETA, DOE OVAE, HHS, DOT and National Governors Association 3

4 CP Alliance Teams CP Alliance Traveling Team Tina Bloomer, Policy Research Associate, SBCTC Jon Kerr, Adult Basic Education Director, SBCTC Paula Boyum, VP of Economic and Workforce Development, Bellevue College Rod Taylor, Associate Dean for Technical Education, Spokane Community College CP Alliance Home Team In formation Representatives of WDC’s, WTECB, CTC’s 4

5 Two Parts of the Framework: Criteria/Indicators + Metrics 5

6 Working Definition of “Career Pathways” Career Pathways: An aligned education and employment system approach to connecting progressive levels of basic skills and postsecondary education, training, and support services in specific sectors or occupations in a way that optimizes the progress and success of individuals – including those with limited skills and experiences – in securing marketable credentials, family-supporting employment, and further education and employment opportunities. 6

7 7

8 Framework Field Testing and Review 10 states are “field testing” the beta framework by 1.Mapping metrics to career pathways and identifying necessary reporting systems and data elements 2.Conducting test data runs using the AQCP beta metrics 3.Identifying the utility and uses of the AQCP framework 8

9 Key Criteria for Quality Career Pathways Partner commitment to shared vision & strategy Engagement of employers & labor partners Partners identify and provide resources Implementation of supportive policies Adoption of evidence-based best practices Use data and shared measures 9

10 Sample Criteria & Indicators Criteria: local/regional partners engage multiple employers and labor partners to support, shape and utilize the career pathways system Indicators:  Employer and labor partners jointly develop career pathways programs with public and non-profit partners to ensure that the local/regional partnership is attuned to industry demand  Employers and labor partners support participant involvement and progression in career pathways through their policies and practices 10

11 Sample Interim Education & Training Metrics % participants who gain one or more educational levels % of participants who completed a college level math or English course completion % participants who accumulated 12 semester or 15 quarterly college courses in pathway coursework 11

12 Sample Outcome Metrics % participants who obtained an occupational license, industry certification or apprenticeship % exiters who are employed in the first full quarter after pathway exit 12

13 WA State Review of Framework Oct. 21 review session of framework & metrics  SBCTC CEOs of Seattle and Spokane WDCs  WTECB  OSPI  CTC’s Input will be sent to CLASP as part of beta review 13

14 State Uses of Framework Minnesota’s most recent RFP for FastTRAC career pathway bridge grantees includes a requirement that the grantees self-assess their career pathway systems using the AQCP criteria for local/regional systems. CLASP will be working with the state agency folks on what this will look like in practice for the grantees. Illinois has included the AQCP metrics in their WDQI (Workforce Data Quality Initiative) set of metrics. This initiative spans across several state agencies; since the AQCP CP beta metrics do as well, this was a great fit. A major metropolitan region is interested in using the framework as a strategic planning document for their policy agenda. This is exciting because this would expand the use of the framework from simply criteria/indicators for self-evaluation into a strategic planning document. 14

15 Key Considerations Would the AQCP framework have value to the national career pathway efforts? Would this tool be of value to Washington State’s career pathway initiatives? Would there be value in customizing it and implementing it as a state? If so, what are the next steps to implementation in Washington? 15

16 Potential Implications for States/CTCs Integrated into federal/state/local grants and funding Expanded performance based funding Increased requirements to work with partners Increase need for improved data systems 16

17 Engagement of WEC - suggested next steps: WEC Career Pathways committee review of input from WA State home team and others as determined and draft recommendations on implementation of AQCP framework in WA State CTC’s Survey WEC membership for input Submit recommendations to Instruction Commission/SBCTC 17

18 Questions

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