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BIS 1 Orientation Jeremy Hayes Year Coordinator BIS1.

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1 BIS 1 Orientation Jeremy Hayes Year Coordinator BIS1

2 No need to take this down Slides available at: On homepage follow the “IS1102 Principles of Programming” link

3 What is BIS? 4 Year Degree Programme 6 Month Placement in 3 rd Year Mix of Business and IS subjects

4 What will I be studying in BIS1? IS1101 - Introduction to MIS and Introduction to SAD Techniques (10 credits) IS1102 - Principles of Programming (10) IS1103 - Technology including Internet Development (10) AC1113 - Principles of Accounting (5 credits) AC1114 - Introduction to Management Accounting (5) EC1202 - Economics of Business I (5) AP2012 - Psychological Aspects of Behaviour in Organisations (5) ST1023 - Introduction to Business Statistics (5) MG1004 - Introduction to Management and Organisation OR MG1903 - Introduction to Marketing (both 5 credits)

5 What are labs, tutorials and practicals and how many hours am I going to have? 12 hours week lectures + (roughly) 14 hrs of tutorials 6 IS practicals (in the labs) ▫2 hrs per IS subject ▫IS tutorials begin Oct 5 th ▫Class split in two (alphabetical) groups Tutorials in Stats, Economics, Financial and Man Accounting, and Mgmt/Mktg

6 Where are the labs? 1 st Year Lab is B.02 (O’Rahilly Building Basement) ▫72 machines Swipe Card is your College ID Need Logon/Password BISmail Email Address (NB) Session with BIS Technical Staff in First Week of college (I’ll let you know where/when that week) ▫You may purchase print quota for year so bring €10 with you

7 Top Tips 1.Attend 2.Get Involved (clubs, societies, sport, charity…) 3.Do your coursework 4.Be mindful of your CV 5.Enjoy yourselves

8 How do I become a ‘class rep’? Class Representatives ▫4 in total ▫Have Social and Academic Functions ▫Will be elected sometime in first week ▫Nominate yourself – classmates vote. Mentoring ▫ Mentors will be assigned in the coming weeks ▫ You must contact your mentor for a short meeting after he/she has been assigned to you

9 What else do I need to know about BIS? Coffee Mornings ▫Weekly meetings with groups of students over coffee BIS Society ▫Officer Elections in March BIS Cup ▫November ▫9-a-side Male + Female Competitions BIS Ball ▫January BIS Seminar Series ▫Throughout 2 nd term

10 How does the Grading System work in UCC? Based on aggregate score across all modules (i.e. all your marks are added together) divided by 1200 1st Class Honours (1H) = >840(/1200) Upper 2 nd Class Honours (2H1) = > 720 Lower 2 nd Class Honours (2H2) = >600 3 rd Class Honours (3H) = >540 Pass = >480

11 What does it mean when someone says they ‘compensated’ in an exam? If your aggregate score is >480 …And you don’t get less than 30% in any module …And you don’t get less than 40% in more than 10 credits (i.e. Two 5 credit subjects or One 10 credit subjects)…. You can pass by compensation

12 If you are going to play the game, you should know the rules… Marks and Standards ▫Regulations concerning modules uideexams-covpage.shtml uideexams-covpage.shtml andards/ andards/ Book of modules ▫Information concerning individual modules Choose “Management Information Systems” from the dropdown list to view IS modules

13 Book of Modules

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