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Transfer Students 2015 Welcome to Buffalo State!.

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1 Transfer Students 2015 Welcome to Buffalo State!

2 Your General Education program is Intellectual Foundations 2014: IF14 General Education requirements for ALL incoming students but first….

3 How Many Credits Can I Transfer? Maximum of 88 total transfer credits From 2 and/or 4 year institutions OR From 4 year institution Maximum of 66 credits from two-year institutions Maximum 15 credits each from proprietary schools, non-collegiate institutions Such as ITT Tech, etc.

4 Transcripts for ALL Transfer Students Associates degree must be verified by Admissions office – Has your most recent transcript (showing degree) been sent to Admissions? – Are ALL of your transfer courses showing in Degree Works? – If not, contact Admissions in Moot 110 Be sure to send to Admissions your High School transcript to verify Foreign Language

5 What is a G.E.T.A.? G.E.T.A. = General Education Transcript Addendum – Applies only to transfer students—sent by another SUNY institution to show which trustees’ requirements are finished If Admissions has received the G.E.T.A., some IF14 requirements will be noted as fulfilled on the DW audit sheet Understanding the G.E.T.A. can help you avoid taking unneeded coursework For questions or concerns, contact the Admissions office or e- mail

6 Completed AA or AS Degree? Transfer students with AA, AS,* BA, BS degrees must: earn 30 credits in at least seven of the following ten SUNY-GER subject areas and competencies. – Areas: Basic Communication (required), Mathematics (required), American History, Other World Civilizations, Foreign Language, Social Sciences, Humanities, The Arts, Natural Sciences, Western Civilization – Competencies: Critical Thinking (required) and Information Management (required). Every degree and major at Buffalo State includes courses that fulfill the competencies requirement. satisfy the SUNY Buffalo State diversity requirement via course completion or transfer course equivalency. *But not AAS

7 Our Emphasis Today Understanding college and graduation requirements so you don’t take unnecessary coursework How to read your Degree Works (DW) audit sheet Technical details about how to access DW can be addressed with the OLs later this afternoon.

8 Log in to DW From the Registrar’s web site: From MYBUFFSTATE Toolbox:

9 IF14 Requirements al-foundations-2014 Web page above summarizes requirements Degree Works (DW) is a degree audit system DW audit sheet helps you and your adviser keep track of the courses required to graduate

10 Degree Works summarizes Three primary categories of courses: – IF14 courses – Major and minor courses Some majors and minors have elective courses within them – All-college electives = everything else

11 Summaries at the Top of DW Audit Sheet General Requirements Minimum 120 credits to graduate Minimum 32 credits campus residency (taken at Buffalo State) Upper-Division 33 credits (next slide) Must maintain minimum 2.0 GPA cumulative and in the major – Some majors have higher minimums

12 Upper-Division: 33 Credits Upper division courses are generally 300 or 400 level – Foreign Language 201 and 202 count as UD if taken at BSC, although not required for degree All students must complete a minimum of 33 credits of upper division courses If a course from a two-year school transfers in as 300/400 level, it is considered upper division Most students, but NOT all, get enough UD credits in major

13 IF14: English Composition Basic Written and Oral Communication  CWP 101 (3 credits) – must earn a minimum grade of C  CWP 102 (3 credits) – must earn a minimum grade of C Check DW audit sheet to see if you have an exemption AP course High SAT score Send your HS transcript to Admissions for this purpose If you get a grade less than C, must retake the course – Questions? Contact College Writing Program, TWIN 100

14 IF14: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning One of the following courses:  ECO 305 Statistics for Economics  MAT 103 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  MAT 114 Functions and Modeling  MAT 122 Elementary Math from an Advanced S tandpoint  MAT 126 Calculus  MAT 161 Calculus I  MAT 311 Introduction to Probability and Statistics  PHI 107 Introduction to Mathematical Logic Requirement may be met through: Credit-bearing (AP) coursework—evaluated by Admissions from student- submitted HS information Equivalent transfer course or GETA

15 IF14: Cognate Foundations Need 3 credits in each of four categories:  Arts  Humanities  Natural Science  Social Science ONLY designated courses count See IF14 quad-fold pamphlet & online list Must be outside the major prefix* E.g., PSY major cannot use PSY 101 for Social Science *More info:

16 IF14: Foundations of Civilizations  American History  3 credits  Western Civilization  3 credits  Non-Western Civilization  3 credits These courses can satisfy major or minor requirements

17 IF14: Diversity One course from the designated list (3 credits) “Double dip” means that a course satisfies two or more requirements – Example: SOC 240 counts both as Diversity and Social Science Cognate Foundations – But it’s still only 3 credits Diversity courses can be double-dipped with ANY other requirement (major, minor, IF14, etc.)

18 IF14: Global Engagement Select one of four options* Can satisfy major/minor requirements 1.Study one foreign language – Requirement of proficiency at the 102 level, that can be satisfied with high school proficiency (One year in HS = one semester here) – MUST send HS transcript to Admissions for this purpose 2.Take a proficiency test 3.Cultural immersion through study abroad 4.Global engagement through specific service- learning experiences *See the IF14 web site for full details

19 General Tips See your adviser regularly! Read your Buffalo State e-mail! Always get proof of advisement! – Signed advisement slip from your adviser – Notes in DW audit sheet made by adviser For most IF14 requirements, you need only a category, not a specific course, e.g., Specific CourseIF14 Category PHI 101Humanities, IF14 CHE 100Natural Science, IF14 Thus, if the specific course is closed, you can search in Banner for another course in the same category (Banner Advanced Search Attribute Type* box) * see next slide


21 Financial Aid basics Students must be accepted into a major no later than 60 credits Financial aid is threatened (& may be lost) when – a student is not full-time (12 credits or more) – classes are not completed (E, F, W, I, U) – GPA is below 2.0 Financial Aid rules are different for state (TAP) and federal aid More information:

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